Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

With school starting back up, I say that "summer" is over. The long days with kids home all day. What did we do to fill the hours? Actually, it was a pretty laid back summer. The boys seemed pretty content to hang out at home playing with video games and friends. Colton, who is usually in NEED of friends was a little anti-social this summer. He also seemed to have an aversion to water (although we got him in a few times).  Here's my little summary of summer ...
  • SNOWBIRD: This was our "big" (expensive) activity this summer. It got it's own blog post here.
  • JUMP: We had a family month pass to JUMP at the start of summer and did get out several times. We went with the Gunderson Gang and the DiFran Family, and our bouncing buddies Bailey, Jacob and Travis got a month pass and came with us often too.
  • CLASSIC: We hit Classic and the kids had fun on the waterslides (photo below). The DiFran Family kept us company (we were missing Callahan).
  • SWIMMING: We didn't get much swimming in. We didn't hit KOPFC once (although Callahan went for a birthday party) and I neglected to get the little boys in swimming lessons. We did hit Maga's pool a couple of times, and Grandma and Grandpa's pool once. We didn't make it out to any of the local splash pads.
  • BASKETBALL: Callahan got a pass to Gene Fullmer and he spent a LOT of time there playing basketball with his buddies. I'd drop him off in the morning and he would stay for hours. Often I would pick up a carload of boys and take them from the rec center to their basketball practice at a local church. 
  • GAMES: Video games are always popular of course. Pokemon made a BIG comeback this summer. The Wii also got a lot of use ... the Xbox not so much. But it wasn't just video games. Travis introduced the boys to The Great Dalmudi (which they liked so much that Landon requested it for his birthday).  The was also "The Game of Mal" (which I really liked because one of the rules is NO SPEAKING ... all the other games could get really loud!), "SuperFrog" (which reminds me of a game I played with my high school gang) and Rat-A-Tat-Cat also made a big comeback. As always, there was basketball and soccer in the front yard, but Hand Ball was the new favorite. Gray introduced "Dodge Sponge" at a youth activity, and it was also played in our front yard.
  • So ... we didn't get to Lagoon again. July is just really, really HOT.  I signed up for the free bowling certificates, but we didn't make it in there either. The boys all went on their scout camps, Gray and the two older boys hit one final one at the end of summer, but we didn't get out camping as a family. No hikes either (just a few years ago, Gray and I went on a LOT, that was the summer of hikes!)

At Classic

Playing "SuperFrog"

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