Monday, August 6, 2012

Time to Trek

During the past couple months, quite a bit of time has been devoted to trek preparation. There was a fireside, multiple lists, forms to be signed, bags ... or rather buckets to be packed, etc. It was eight years ago that Grayson went on our stake trek. He didn't just go on it, but rather was in charge of it, being Stake Young Men's President. He'd also gone on trek almost 30 years ago, when he was a boy of 14 (Gray and I grew up in the same stake, I was 13 at the time and too young for trek, but my brother Chris and my sister Wendy went on the same trek Grayson did at that time). 

Now, it was Landon's turn. He hadn't expressed a word of complaint and actually seemed somewhat excited for the experience. I took him shopping at DI and  found him a couple of shirts and pants that would work. Dad had an old pair of hiking boots ... and the "Stinky Pete" hat that Grayson had worn eight years went on trek again, this time atop Landon's head.

I made asked Landon to write a bit about his experience ... "The last week has been pretty rough, dirty, and tiring.. but still awesome! I've been at Trek for this last week. The first day, we got to meet our families and have a longer day of walking. The second day was probably the toughest for us all, it was so dusty.. We all got very dirty. And we also walked more on that day than the rest. The third day was, by far, the best. It was my favorite, very spiritual. We had the Women's Pull, our solo time, and our family testimony meeting. The final day, we had to pack up, and only had to walk a little bit to where the buses were. It's so nice to be all clean."

If you know me, you know I'm a pedometer person ... Landon has actually taken to wearing one this past summer as well. He also wore it on trek ... these were his numbers
  • Wednesday 23719 total steps (16071 aerobic)
  • Thursday 33468 total steps (22797 aerobic)
  • Friday 25993 total steps (14671 aerobic)
  • Saturday 15000 for the morning ... then the bus ride home
Landon said HIS family was the BEST family ... and that one of the leaders had commented they were also the best LOOKING family *Ü* Everyone received a "link" with straps they could wear as a bracelet. When Landon got home, he converted it into a paracord bracelet (with this family's colors).

... our testimony meeting following trek went over by 30+ minutes! As we were the first meeting of the day, the bishopric finally had to call it, as the next ward was arriving and needed the chapel. It sounded like it was a great experience for the youth ... and adults. As I dropped Landon off on Wednesday I was surprised at how many of the adults (going as Aunts/Uncles, food or medical crews) were from our ward.

I hope to get some additional pictures, I'll update when/if I do ...

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