Sunday, July 31, 2016

Father's Day 2016

 Father's Day ...

It's also the annual Westra gathering at Scott and Amy's house. This year ... sans Scott and Amy, who were in Switzerland for a work trip! Their kids stepped up and hosted though. I also thought we'd be missing the Blackham bunch, as it was the scheduled Seattle vacation. But Grayson decided to pull the plug on it as his Meniere's has been acting up, and he's had so much pinched nerve pain. I was pretty happy to have him around on Father's Day though. I would have missed him tons!

As we headed to the party, Grayson pulled out a slack line kit. He had purchased it months ago (maybe even a year or two?) and we'd never gotten around to putting it up. There were two trees in the backyard that were perfect. It was a hit with the kids!

It was fun to visit ... Shane and Alicia were even in town from California, and Jensens had made the trip (they usually do, but not always). So other than our missing missionaries, Callahan working, Mckenna and Spencer back East ... and of course Scott and Amy, we had a pretty full house.

 There was some frog kissing 
(okay, it's a toad from under the tramp).

... and some baby throwing.
(There MAY have been some photoshopping of this photo). 

So happy Father's Day to THIS guy!
I can't believe I didn't take pictures of HIM on the big day. He'd bought himself a smoker, and was getting the bacon ready, so no breakfast in bed for him today. Keaton did step up and make the waffles (usually Grayson's job). See that HUGE wood cutting board? That's what I got him for Father's Day (after he sent me a link to it in an email earlier). I did good didn't I? He's pretty happy every time he uses it ... which is pretty dang often!  It's true. Gray started smoking!
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