Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mountain Mikes & Merry Go Rounds

After the boys came home from their various adventures, we went to Mountain Mikes for some pizza ... yes, even JEN eats the pizza at Mountain Mikes, as long as it is just the white sauce with cheese. The little boys love the cheesy breadsticks, Keaton wants just plain cheese pizza, Gray and the older boys added a little meat (pepperoni and sausage) to theirs. Mountain Mikes also has a few arcade games and the little boys ALWAYS ask "do you have any quarters?" ... Gray picked up a ROLL of quarters! The little boys were very happy with that.

 Gray also added a little Red Bull 

 Just outside of Mountain Mikes, is a Shaved Ice station. 
The boys asked, and Daddy indulged.

 There was a Merry-Go-Round just outside too ... 
and we still had some of those quarters!

 Landon and Callahan and checking to see if there is a weight limit listed ...

... there wasn't, so Callahan jumped on for a ride too!

We're happy to be all together again!

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