Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maga, Cousins & Trains

Colton and Cooper were invited to Maga's for a cousin weekend. The boys actually had a birthday party on Friday afternoon (which I had thought was on Saturday), so they left a little later than originally planned. Thank you SO much to Maga for coming and picking them up! They were so excited to go.  Friday night they went swimming, and then back to the house to watch movies and talk all night. In the morning, the kids helped Maga make German pancakes ...

Then it was adventure time, 
Maga and Ana took all the munchkins to a train museum nearby. 

 There was a little track, 
trains the kids could ride on, 
and little carts that they could pedal by hand. 

 Tons of fun for the little ones!
Thanks Maga!

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