Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Edition - 2017

We didn't get around to decorating eggs this year ... not actual eggs anyway. 
I made some sugar cookies in egg shape, 
and frosting them counts as decorating, right?

 I don't eat hard boiled eggs ... but I DO eat these!
And Reeses eggs, M&M eggs ... I don't care for Cadbury though.

Easter was pretty underwhelming. Callahan was out of town playing basketball (Idaho tournament) and Kolby&Jami had been in town (big breakfast get-together yesterday) but before Kolby headed out (flying separately from the family to a work location) he and Gray made breakfast plans Sunday morning (Easter morning). I put the buckets out Saturday night and told the kids not to look through them, but then said, what the hey ... I did grab a picture Easter morning though.  Everyone was SO Egg-cited don't you think? ;)
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