Friday, April 14, 2017

Daddy's Duckies (Take Two)

 Flashback Friday ... this post will be backdated to 2016.
Last year (2015), Grayson instigated the great egg experiment. He bought an incubator and procured some Mallard eggs. You can read all about our experience (Daddy's Duckies) with Andy, Joe, Alex and Pedro (changed to Pedra, as she was a girl). The ducks were gone at the end of the season, having flown the coop (literally). 

As Spring rolled around ... once again, Gray got out the incubator and acquired eggs. Like the first year, we'd enjoy "candling" the eggs to check on the development of the babies inside. It was a Sunday when we first saw the signs of hatching. Three of the eggs were rocking and had little holes. We had a family get-together and came home to a duckling!

He would be the only one.

We don't know what happened. Why the two eggs that had started the hatching process weren't able to finish. It happens, but it was really hard to take emotionally. And like last year, we had ONE lonely baby duck.

That first day ... I kept the duckling by my side for much of the day.
If he couldn't have a duck sibling, I would do.
He'd follow me around. I had to watch my step!

Gray contacted the fellow we'd picked up the eggs from and asked if he had a couple newly hatched babies. He had a set of Mallards, black mutations. Five of them (one, the smallest, was brown). 

We introduced the new babies to Uno (which is what we'd named our little guy). While he hadn't liked being alone, he was very unsure about these new additions! It took him a bit to acclimate to them. 

They would spend most of the day in the brooder box. We'd take them outside in the morning and evening for a little fresh air and to let them run around and dig in the dirt. Then we'd fill up the bathtub and let them swim while one of us cleaned the brooder box. Boy can these little guys poop!

As mentioned in my Wild Duckies post ... we'd had a male and female duck hanging around the house for more than a month. Then, it was only the female we'd see around. She'd stop in for a bit once or twice during the day, eating some of the food I'd laid out, and taking a dip in the pool I'd set up for her. A couple of times when she'd stop by, we'd bring out the babies to watch the interaction. While she was always wary of us humans, she was intrigued enough by the babies that she came quite close. Uno was quite intimidated by her though.

Enjoying a little rest in the sun. 
Duckies got your back (literally). 

Then ... Momma duck showed up with THIRTEEN babies in tow! We never saw her nesting, but she must have been close by. Her little ones were SO little. They were a couple weeks behind our ducklings. They seemed so small compared to our big babies. 

As our hatchlings got a little older, we'd keep them outside for longer periods of time. With Momma and her crew hanging out in the backyard too, we'd keep our babies in the pen. Momma did NOT like it if our big babies got too close to her little ones. The big babies thought it was a little unfair though, that Momma and the babies had free range of the entire yard (and beyond) but they were confined.  We would let the big babies out when we could supervise, and then we'd leave them out for longer periods of time, even as we went back into the house. The big babies really tried to stay out of Momma Duck's way. We'd keep a window open, listening for a commotion and rush out to intervene if necessary. While having Momma and her babies around was so fun to observe, it was a bit of a relief when they left, and it was just us and our babies.

 Our babies loved to come nibble on toes and ears and clothing.

... but MEALWORMS were the favorite treat!

Our first year with our ducks, we'd put them back in the pen when we weren't around, and always put them in for the night. With Momma and her babies hanging out the backyard, unpenned ... we wondered if it was really necessary. Once the ducks had grown enough that we didn't feel magpies or a stray cat would be a problem, we let them free range in the entire backyard. (While Momma and babies would duck under the small opening at the fence gate, our babies never wanted to wander, although we did entice them out into the front yard a few times).

In addition to the emotion losing the two eggs in the beginning, we had an issue with Ally. Everything had been fine, then she started limping. It got worse and worse as she lost the ability to walk (she'd "wing walk" attempting to drag herself to the others) and when I'd pick her up and put her in the pool she seemed unable to use her left side, being lopsided in the water. Poor baby!  I took her to a vet (it's hard to find vets that treat ducks) and there was nothing broken or damaged. We had just been using a chicken feed, and were educated on the fact that ducks need niacin. The lack of this nutrient commonly manifests itself in leg problems in ducks. They recommended a feed specifically for waterfowl, and/or to supplement with Brewer's Yeast. I did some research online as well, and while it seemed like a longshot (she was in such bad shape) we started with the supplements and ... she recovered. It was our own little miracle. When she started to wobble across the yard again, it brought tears to our eyes.  She had always been the smallest, and this ordeal had seemed to stunt her growth (while the others got bigger she stayed small) but she soon caught up with her siblings in every way. Even flying across the yard.

Almost every evening ... it was ducky time with Daddy. Gray loved to just sit out there and watch them as they splashed or slept or preened. Of course there were plenty of treats too. Mealworms, goldfish and even some crickets. We'd dig in the garden unearthing worms and snails.

The ducks did start trying out their wings. They flew over the fence into the neighbor's backyard a couple times.

Then one morning ... instead of six duckies, there were only four. I checked the neighbor's yard, but they weren't there. It took a day or so and a couple walks to the canal ... but I found them there! Then two more left, then the final two. Four of them joined up at the canal (Uno, Ally, Jorge and Antonia). I saw Phillipa once, on her own and tried to get her to move upstream to meet up with the others, but she flew off. She could sure fly. We never caught sight of Miguel again.

At this point, I was walking to the canal every day. Usually twice a day. Had to check in on my duckies! I'd still bring them food. The waterfowl feed, cracked corn and other treats like watermelon, lettuce and bananas (Ally loved bananas). Sometimes I'd find them quickly, as they'd stay in about the same spot, other days I'd have to walk well over a mile before I'd find them. Once fun memory, I started walking down the canal and called out "hey ducky duckies" and the four of them came FLYING from further down the canal. 

With their distinctive coloring, I could always tell which ones were "our" ducks among the other wild ones that hung out at the canal. I mean Uno, with the traditional mallard colors was harder to tell apart, but we could because he'd be with the others. Near the end of the season, I didn't see him though. A couple times I'd only find Antonia and Ally (but Jorge did show up again the next day) ... until I didn't find them. Many of the ducks were leaving. The ducky days were over. Until next year.

Here's a little video ...

... and one more little video featuring the favorite food!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wild Duckies

Throwback Thursday - I'll backdate this post to 2016 :)
Last year we raised ducks (Daddy's Duckies 2015). As the three birds tested their wings at the end of the summer ... they flew away. We wondered if they would return (they had been spoiled with yummy treats, food and a pool), but we didn't see them again.

Spring of 2016, there was a pair of ducks hanging around. Now that's not unusual at all, at the canal, but we're about a quarter mile away. This pair was in the front yard (our home and a couple of the neighbors). I pulled out some of the feed from last year, and they seemed to like that. I filled up the pool in the back yard ... and they seemed to like that too. They'd stay for a couple hours each day. Eat some food, take a swim, then they would fly away to spend their time somewhere else. We wondered if it was one of OUR ducks from last year, coming "home" to roost.

One morning in early spring, I was sitting at the computer with the blinds open to the backyard when I saw Momma duck and 13 babies! THIRTEEN! They were so fun to watch. They would swim, eat, and gather under Momma ...

... even as they got a little bigger, Momma would still snuggle and shelter them. 

They would wander a bit. We'd come out in the morning and they would be gone. The first couple times, they had only made it to the next door neighbor's yard. Stopped at the window well, as a couple babies had fallen in. Keaton climbed down and rescued them (as I tried to protect HIM from Momma, being protective didn't understand we were trying to help). 

She was a very good Momma!

Swim Time!
This is the view right outside my bedroom window.

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It was mostly in the mornings when they would wander, although sometimes at dusk too. 
But then Momma would bring them back to the backyard.

One time though ... only 12 babies came back. The boys and I did a search of all the nearby window wells. Tried to listen for the chirp of a lost baby, but no luck. We have no idea what happened to it. If it got taken by a dog or cat, or there is a fairly open gutter grate that a baby could have easily fallen into. We were so sad!

Another time, around 4:00 in the morning Hubs and I were awakened by a commotion. Frantic quacking by Momma Duck. We ran out back in our PJs ... it was a cat! We chased it off. Momma had jumped into the safety of the pool, but there were only three babies with her! We knew that cat couldn't have made off with nine babies, so we got out flashlights and searched the yard and found them huddled in a far corner. Happily, all nine. We reunited them with Momma. One of the babies did look like it had been hurt. It walked with a limp for a while, but finally seemed to work it out.

One time I was watching the ducks out the window when ... Momma flew away! Ummm, Momma? You coming back? She did. I guess she just needed to stretch her wings. Then it happened pretty much every day. I then noticed that most of the time ... the Mr. had flown over calling to her. She would take off and join him for some big circles in the sky before she'd fly back into the backyard. The babies would just stay huddled together while she was gone (and we'd always try to keep an eye on them if we noticed she was gone. Chase off any magpies or other dangers). 

Then one morning ... the duckies were gone and they did NOT come back. I took several walks to the canal that day and the next, hoping to see that they had made it there safely. I was rewarded on one of my trips! There was Momma and her full dozen ducklings (while there are other momma/baby sets at the canal, in all the years we've been here, we've never seen a momma with a dozen ducklings, so we were pretty certain it was "our" family). 

I really thought I'd make more trips to the canal to check on them, but we had our own duckies in the backyard (ones we had hatched and were raising) so I was getting my ducky fix without the walk. At the end of the season, the boys and I were talking a walk along the canal when we saw a big group of ducks.

It looked like it could have been our wild backyard babies. Seemed to be a momma and quite a few babies, bigger now, but about the right size, allowing for growth in the time that had passed.

2016 will be remembered as the summer of the ducklings! 
We're glad you stayed with us for a while.

(stay tuned for a post about OUR babies!)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Exploring Mexico!

Where in the World is Grayson Blackham?
As Elder Blackham's mission to Mexico came to its conclusion, Grayson thought it would be great to go and pick Landon up. They could travel around for a bit, see the sites, explore the country, before heading home. Maga decided to go too, and the two of them took off.

... and, together again!
My men and Maga visited a bunch of different places, experimented with the cuisine,  and met quite a few friends and families Elder Blackham had worked with in his two years there. Grayson took a TON of pictures, and kept family back home updated on our doings via group text and Facebook. I uploaded the photos into an album (Blackham Mexico 2017). 

I've also included a few favorites below. 

... and then, it was time to head home.

by bus, from Puebla to Mexico City 

Then the flight home ...

We were waiting ...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Room Rearrange 2017

I've written a few "Room Rearrange" blog posts over the years. The front bedroom (the red one in the lower right corner in the picture above) has been through the most changes. It was the nursery when we moved in over 20 years ago (The Noah Nursery). In 2011, we let Landon move in (New, U of U). It was his room for several years, until he left on his mission in February of 2015. We did a HUGE room re-arrange then. Callahan moved into Landon's old room, the two little boys, who had been sharing the back upstairs bedroom moved downstairs (to the room Callahan and Keaton had been sharing) and Keaton moved up to their old bedroom (Callahan and Keaton getting their own rooms for the first time). 

But two years has sped by, and Landon is coming home from Mexico. What to do? Where would we put him? Downstairs, there was an extra bedroom. Unfinished when we originally built, it had been a storage room. When we completed the basement, the extra bedroom was my scrapbook room, the "Lego" room, an office for Gray ... but it had evolved into "Middle Earth" ... a dumping spot for everything and anything. But now it was time for it to be a bedroom.

I'll admit, the thought of clearing everything out was daunting! I knew it would take me a while, so I started a few months before Landon's return date. The picture below shows some of the situation ...

The top picture is the room in question ... and that is after I'd cleared out a bunch of stuff. The bottom picture is the family room ping pong table, covered and surrounded with said stuff. Many trips to donate to DI. Postings on the neighborhood site for anyone who wanted to pick up some of our discards. 

We ended up stealing the headboard and switching desks (and the chairs that went with them) from the front bedroom into Keaton's back bedroom. I found a new headboard for the upstairs room on KSL classifieds, and it came with a bed frame which came in handy as we bought a new twin bed for the basement. I picked up a new comforter, and gave it to Keaton, moving his old one into Callahan's new room. I grabbed a new comforter set for Landon's room (as the one there was several years old). Then we moved all of Callahan's stuff downstairs, leaving the upstairs bedroom, Landon's bedroom, ready and waiting.

Cleaning out the basement room , attempting to find spots to save the things I wanted to hang onto (I'm not ready to give up all my scrapbook stuff yet) caused me to clean out the food storage room, space in the shed outside, the game closet, the storage closet ... even upstairs, I made changes, re-arranges, to the two closets (coat closet and den closet). One thing just lead to another, but finally ...


whew ...

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Becoming a Blackham ... New Year's Day has become completely connected to the idea of Pammy's pastry wreath. It's a tradition going back 27 years! This flaky creation is a TON of work, but oh so yummy. At times, Maga has mentioned that maybe, just maybe, this will be the last year. They are just so time and labor intensive.

This year ... Uncle Clay made sure the tradition would continue!
Clayton is known for his homemade donuts, so I guess it shouldn't be such a stretch that he'd accept such an undertaking. I think he'd done a trial run earlier in the year, and they turned out perfectly to welcome in 2017.

Grayson is more than happy to keep up HIS tradition of eating said pastry wreath!  Callahan had to work (as always) and missed out on the gathering ... but I made sure I cut off a big piece and took it home to him. He said it was heaven.  So Maga could have had the year off (other than some overseeing) but I guess she couldn't quite give it up, and made some for her work ...

Lucky co-workers!

Now earlier, on New Year's Eve, we had our usual Grandparents and Games night (our own little tradition going on several years now). We had a late start this year, as Grayson had snagged great seats to the Jazz game downtown. He, the two little boys, and a friend of Colton (as Keaton nor Cal really wanted to go, friends win out over family for them ... but for Colton, a friend was better than a brother anyway! Game started at 6:00, so they were home by about 9:00.

Second row seats!
... and the Jazz won too!

As mentioned ... Callahan and Keaton were off with friends, but the two little boys, my folks and Gray and I played some Speed Rummikub (several games ... because Grandma said we couldn't quit until she won a game, and that took a while). Then a few rounds of Scattergories and then it was time for the countdown.

We played a couple games of Progressive Rummy after midnight, but called it quits before finishing (as the game, with seven hands can take a while) ... we'll  have to get together again and play more. Colton and Cooper didn't seem to have any trouble staying awake this year (they both fell asleep last year. Cooper woke up for the photo but Colton was out cold!)  Way past bedtime for Gray and I though!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Grayson Started Smoking!

Ribs Anyone?
It was back in May (2016). Gray had his trailer hooked to his truck and inside I saw ... a BBQ? I looked at him questioningly and he sheepishly replied "Happy Father's Day to Me?" It was a Yoder Smoker, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased that my husband has started smoking!

I did buy him that HUGE wooden cutting board for Father's Day (after he sent me the link for it) and both it and the smoker have gotten used a lot this past year.

Ribs are a family favorite! 
They are so tender, they literally fall off the bones!

... and Sunday morning smoked bacon. Yummy!

I guess I haven't grabbed a picture of the pulled pork. It's delicious! 
Grayson smoked a turkey (well, multiple turkeys) for Thanksgiving.
He's smoked a prime rib and tri-tip.

... and then there's brisket
 Inject that baby!

... and the finished product!

It's ALL Grayson ... but as brisket takes hours and hours, one Monday he put it on before he left in the morning, and then had me help wrap it mid-day (as I am home and he's hard at work). There was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, figuring out how long things take. There were a couple of times we were planning on dinner, only to have a stall, and the meat coming in hours late. There was a time or two it wasn't done until after 11:00 at night! But practice makes perfect, and Grayson's perfected things at this point ... and we've enjoyed his practice! He still likes to experiment with different spices and sauces and recipes. He'll browse youtube channels for smoking tips and tricks and sometimes he just goes out to the garage and sticks his head inside and sniffs. 

Mmmmm .... smells delicious!
Tastes that way too!

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