Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Hidden Head

Landon took ceramics last year (gotta get through those "arts" credits somehow) and one of his creations was this HEAD ... it's supposed to be a basketball player, I forget which one. Anyway, for the past several weeks, this HEAD has been making unexpected appearances all over the house.  Open a cupboard ... yikes, there it is! A drawer ... aack! Pull back the blankets on my bed, surprise! Turn on the Ipod ... I have a new screen saver staring back (actually, I pulled that one on Landon ... he took a better picture and pulled it on his brothers).  For the first few times, I let out an obligatory scream each time the HEAD stared back surprising me. The boys? They would laugh and laugh and laugh. Seriously though, Landon would get creative! In the shower! In the car! I put it in his backpack once, but the weight actually gave it away. Right now, I've hidden the head (not to surprise the boys, but just to keep it away from them) ... until I think of a new place to put it to startle one of them!


1 comment:

  1. Classic! Better yet, keep it hidden until the kids get married, then give it to their wives and let them do the hiding...


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