Thursday, July 8, 2010

Itchy Bumps

Allergy issues are nothing new with kids 1, 3 and 5 ... but 2 and 4 (Callahan and Cooper) haven't really had problems. Callahan has had a couple reactions to salt water on his legs (once visiting the Great Salt Lake, and once at the ocean in California ... but then he did NOT have a problem with the waters off Oregon's beaches ...). Well ... it guess it was Cooper's turn. He came home from a friend's house itching his neck like crazy, and then these little bumps appeared all over. I asked him if he'd eaten anything, or touched anything unusual, but we really have NO idea what caused this. I gave him some antihistamine, both orally and topically and then watched him to make sure that there wasn't enough swelling on his neck that it effected his breathing ... and also to try and keep him from scratching! The bumps got worse and spread even more, but then they did fade with no real ill effects. We hope they don't come back.

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