Monday, August 29, 2011

Summary of Summer

Summer has come to an end ... looking back on the past six weeks, if I had to sum up summer, I think I would have to say July was for Jumping! Going to Jump 'N Bounce with friends was probably what Summer2011 will be remembered for. We went a LOT. We also discovered Fun 'N Motion and made a few trips there. We went to Classic for the first, but hopefully not last time. We did a few trips to the pool (Grandma's house, and once to KOPFC), bowling, the park ... but there was a lot we didn't do. No camping, no hikes, no Park City ... and no Lagoon, again :( The boys had their scout camps, and Landon and Callahan both got to go to Lagoon with school ... it was a good and busy summer.Aand of course PARACORD PASSION hit, can't forget about that! It was also the summer of jump ropes and hula hoops ...but not as much biking, as we had two bikes stolen from the bike rack in front of the house :(

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Sports ... Endings and Beginnings

It's been a while since I did a "Saturday Sports" post, which isn't to say we haven't been playing sports every Saturday, because we have (three or four games each week)! Game summaries and videos are on the HoopDreams blog. Here's a little catch-up and small peek forward ...

Summer basketball finished up ... both boys were playing UP an age division this season, which made for some tougher games. Callahan's team only won twice, but they had some great games and it was nice to see them be challenged. Keaton's team only lost twice (but those were blowouts). Keaton ended up playing on a second team, in his actual age group too (4th grade), so he often had two games (Callahan was jealous!). Both boys are signed up to play again in the fall of course, but we'll have a couple weeks off.

Fall soccer has started up. I had signed up both Cooper and Colton, in two different leagues (hoping to stagger the games somewhat, which was successful). Unfortunately, Cooper has decided he no longer likes soccer, so I'm not sure if he'll be finishing up his season. His anxiety is in overdrive (both about the weather, and breaking his arm again) and he just looks miserable, even though he scored a goal in the game (and that was playing only 10 minutes)! Colton loves soccer ... I'm coaching him again, and we have two of his school buddies on the team too. They've played two games so far, and won easily both times. As this season ends (it's a short one, only four weeks) Colton is also going to play on a team with his cousin Addie, with Uncle Clay as coach (maybe then I'll be able to get some video).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuck in the Shower

I think it's a bit ironic, that in the middle of Cooper's extreme weather worries (he hates the rain) ... he has decided he likes showers instead of baths. Colton has followed suit, so both my little ones are now taking showers. I'm not sure if it's easier than just sticking them in the bath together, but ... ok. They usually take their showers in the upstairs bathroom. They have both learned to turn the water on and off, so I don't have to help out too much. The bathroom is right off the kitchen however, so if we have company over, the kids don't feel there is enough privacy (as they usually dash out of the bathroom in just a towel). So one day, when there was someone over chatting with Daddy in the kitchen, Cooper tried taking a shower downstairs, followed by Colton afterward. I had to head out for some errands, so I told the older brothers to check on the little ones, making sure they didn't stay in too long wasting water. When I got back over an hour later ... Colton was crying and the bathroom was flooded. Apparently, being a different fixture than upstairs, Colton didn't know how to turn the water off. So he just stayed in. Every few minutes he'd let out a little yell, but it was a while before anyone investigated. Poor kid, he was quite overheated, the bathroom was all steamed up and there was water all over the floor. We asked him why he simply didn't just get out and come find someone ... I guess he didn't think of that!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bouncing Buddies

Not five minutes from our house, is a warehouse of inflatable fun. It's called Jump 'N Bounce. Last Spring, we bought a Groupon ($25 for a family month pass) and used it while the boys were off track ... Unfortunately, when Cooper broke his arm (playing soccer, not bouncing ... although Landon DID break his arm at this very location several years ago), it did impact our getting in very often (we still made it a few times). We found that bouncing is MUCH more fun with friends, so when Groupon offered the coupon dealio again, I talked a couple other families into buying a family pass as well. So summer was FULL of bouncing with buddies!

The Blackham Boys and the Gunderson Gang
(and Travis)
Callahan's best basketball buddy has two little brothers, not exactly the same ages and Cooper and Colton, but pretty dang close. This summer was actually the first time the little ones played together, but Colton was thrilled. He said "I made a new friend and he's just my size" ...

The Blackham Boys and the DiFrancesco Family
I'm trying to remember how many times we went jumping with these guys ... at least five times I think, and the kids still didn't get tired of each other (and I enjoyed chatting with their mom each time). We had multiple playdates after our bouncing sessions as well. I think the DiFrancesco's sweat as much as the Blackham boys!

The Blackham Boys and R&R
In the Spring, I had mentioned taking R&R with us ... then Cooper broke his arm. I didn't figure Ridley would want to go bouncing if Cooper couldn't. Now that the arm was better, I followed up on my promise and we had another day of bouncing with buddies (this day was CROWDED) ...

It was a Jumping July... we certainly made the most of our month pass!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Day at the "Beach"

Cousins Addie and Will were going to the beach and they invited the Blackham boys to come along ... did YOU know there was a BEACH in Herriman? I knew there was a beach at Daybreak ... Cooper and I had visited the docks there last year, but didn't know there was a similar man made "beach" just a little further SouthWest. It really wasn't far and it was a fun and inexpensive day out for the boys (well, three of them anyway, Landon and Keaton decided to stay home).

The reservoir wasn't very big, but there was enough sandy beach for everyone, and there were several canoes and kayaks out in the deeper water. I forgot my camera, but Callahan had his Ipod Touch so I got a few photos ... we should have gotten one with all the cousins together!

Sandman Cooper

Callahan's Castle

So a few people have asked for an address ...
here are the directions I was given ...
Head West on 13400 south
Turn left on Monarch Meadows Pkwy
(the McDonalds is at that intersection)
Monarch Meadows turns into 4800 South
Turn right onto Juniper Crest Rd.
Turn right onto Emmeline Dr.
Take the 1st left which is Ashland Ridge Dr.
The reservoir is at the top of Ashland Ridge Dr.

There wasn't really any shade, so you would want to bring your own. There was an individual there asking where you lived, but it seems for now the beach is open to all (unlike Daybreak, who is trying to limit theirs to residents only.)

After spending a couple hours at the beach, we grabbed some lunch and stopped at a park to eat. It had a splash pad, so the boys got in a little more water fun ... sans sand.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book of Mormon Chant

Many years ago, the kids in my parent's ward presented a unique version of Book of Mormon Stories during the annual primary program. My mom was so impressed she asked the music leader about it, and received this copy of "Book of Mormon Stories" ... it's just the regular version, with a descant added. The "new" portion is simply a listing of the books in the Book of Mormon. My mom passed the music on to me, and soon I was in a position to introduce it to our primary. It was an instant hit. It's been several years since I was chorister, but as I'm back in primary now (behind the piano) the song is often requested when the kids are asked for a favorite song. And you can't just sing "Book of Mormon Stories" ... you have to do the chant (split the room, one half doing the melody, the other half doing the chant, then switch).

Our kids have enjoyed it so much, as I was going through my things and found the sheet music, I thought I'd scan and share it for any others out there who might want to introduce it to their primary. I'm not sure who to credit with coming up with the chant, I don't mean to violate any copyright, if there's anyone who has more information on where this song is currently available for purchase I'd be happy to update the info here.

And just a note, while the music above shows a counter melody (it really is just a basic chant) ... I DID try to teach it but that really didn't work out. The kids sing the new words to the regular Book of Mormon melody, not the notes written in the music above, but it still sounds great.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weather Worries

Back in June, I did a blog post about Cooper's fascination with tornadoes... I should have known ... the fascination turned to fear, and it's been pretty extreme. For almost the entire month of July, Cooper has been afraid of wind, rain, even clouds ... and unfortunately, there have been a lot of all three!

I remember there was rain and wind on the 4th of July, but it wasn't an issue for him that day or any of the days before (there had been a LOT of rain in the spring). By the following Saturday (July9th) however, it WAS an issue, and had been all week long. We had to keep all the windows and blinds closed so Cooper couldn't see the leaves stirring in the breeze or the dark clouds in the sky. But with the transom windows throughout the house, he could still catch glimpses, so soon he was almost completely confined to his bedroom or the basement (with no such windows, blinds drawn tight). Actual storms (of which there seems to have been MANY) would cause him to shriek in terror ... I think he actually was using his own voice to drown out the noise of the rain. Hysterical ... some times that is the word that describes him. There is no reasoning with him, no logic ... I've tried distracting him with some success (tv, gameboy in hand, headphones with music blaring).

Every morning Cooper checks the forecast for West Jordan... and Salt Lake, Layton, St. George, Moab ... oops, there was a weather app on the Ipod touch. Weather questions and comments make up the majority of the conversation every single day, it's rather exhausting! My little boy who used to spend his days playing basketball, soccer, jumprope and hula hoop doesn't dare venture outside the house (often not even out of his room). On sunny days he'll seem ok, but I see him making furtive glances at the windows and sky. If a cloud covers the sun, you can see an instant change in his countenance.

Cooper has always been a bit fearful (ok, there has been a LOT to deal with). In previous posts I've mentioned his fear of water (baths and swimming), which he has overcome (yea, he's a little fishy!) I did a post about his fear of Tom Bergeron ... the host of America's Funniest Home Videos, even I have to admit that is a strange one. Cooper has always preferred the comfort of home, safe with Mom, rarely going to friend's homes and always the first to say "let's go home" when we do go out. Church (nursery & the start of primary) was a huge ordeal. He cried all through kindergarten orientation, but happily he did fine once school started. Now with soccer starting up again, he's SO afraid he'll break his arm again (we are all a little worried about that) but he LOVED soccer so, I don't want him to give it up... of course, soccer also requires you to be outside ...

Monday, August 1 ... there was a bit of a change. I'm not sure what caused it, but I'll take it! Cooper came and told me he LIKED the rain ... and he even went outside and "danced" in the rain a bit (and there was plenty of rain all throughout the day Monday to keep on testing him). Cooper even asked me "Are you the only one in our family who doesn't like the rain?" ????? ME? The only problem I have had with the rain of late is that it was tormenting my little boy!

The change hasn't been continued or complete. Again with rain today (enough with the summer storms already!) Cooper has been concerned and in tears. He says he's ok with rain ... but he doesn't like the sound as it hits the windows. He's still worried about wind, terrified of tornadoes and leery of lightening. He asked about earthquakes (let's NOT go there) ...

... he does LOVE rainbows though ...
I hope there's a rainbow for us at the end of this storm.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Camps

Scout Camp Keaton

Summer ... time for scout camps and youth conference. Landon's scout group had already completed their camp (check out "Back to Bear Lake" in the June posts), but as the younger boys were still in school through June, Keaton and Callahan's camps were scheduled for July.
  • Keaton was up first, July 11-12, just going up for the day... coming home SO dirty each afternoon.
  • Callahan was up next, Camp Steiner July 25-30. Grayson went up with him for the first couple days ... and ended up bringing Callahan back with him when he came home on Wednesday. They suspected altitude sickness - Callahan just wasn't doing well physically, and the two night were especially bad (he had one of his sleepwalking episodes too). Gray just thought it would be better to bring him home then to saddle the leaders with a sick kid for the remaining days. Back at home, he recovered pretty quickly.
  • Landon left for youth conference Wednesday morning (July 27-30). Grayson was only home from the scout camp for an hour or so, just enough time to shower, unpack and repack. He turned around and joined the group at Pineview. There was a lot of boating, swimming and fun.

I'd write a little more ... but I don't know THAT much about what went on. The kids aren't really that talkative about their experiences. I asked the boys to write about their camps in their journals. Callahan's entry (July27) was pretty good, but Landon's (July31) ... it's very "Landon". As Keaton's journal isn't here on the blog digitally, I scanned it in and included it below *Ü*

Monday, August 1, 2011

Classic Water Fun

You can see the bright blue waterslides from the freeway ... Classic Fun Center ... the kids had gone with friends a time or two, but I had never been there. When Groupon offered a waterslide fun pack for four, I decided to give it a try. Landon was gone to youth conference, so it was just the four boys. At first I wasn't sure it was going to take, they seemed a bit bored ... but then they took off! Up and down the four tube slides, sometimes with a mat, sometimes without. The bigger boys took the little ones the first time, then Colton and Cooper tried it on their own and did just fine. The big inflatable slides were fun too, and Colton and Cooper liked the kiddie pool as well. We did have a couple issues, Cooper was anxious about some dark clouds looming, and Colton took a tumble getting off one of the inflatables and got quite a bump on the head, but overall, the kids had a blast and are anxious to go again!

We just did the swimming today ... I tried to glance around at all the other things Classic has to offer (skating, bouncing, arcade, climbing, ball blasting and laser tag) and I hope we make it back. Callahan and Keaton were big helps to me keeping an eye on the little guys. Here's a muvee capturing the day's fun ...

Daily Doings (Aug2011)

0831 (Wednesday)  After I got the kids to school, I did go out shopping. Sometimes I'm hesitant to waste my "alone" time, as I usually can do most errands with Colton in tow, but if I don't get out in the mornings, sometimes I don't make it out at all. I dropped of Keaton's basketball signup at GeneFullmer and picked up some bread from the day old store. Then stopped at Walmart for some school supplies (as the kids bring home a list of "needed" items) and Callahan wanted to buy another Nerf gun. No calls from Cooper, I wondered if he would today as it was a little windy. After school, I had a meeting at the district with a counselor. Of course Cooper was very upset about having to go, just wanting to go to his room after school. We'll see where it leads, I'll know more on Friday. I stopped by MarvJensen on the way home and signed Colton up for soccer with Uncle Clay and Cousin Addie ... that season will start when ours ends. I hope Colton doesn't get sick of soccer! At home, we had ribs (Keaton's dinner request) and some lemon jello cake. Gray and the older boys had scouts. Colton and his little friends drew with sidewalk chalk ALL over the cinderblock fence (it was actually rather cute!) I had ordered a Nerf Gun set from Amazon, and really hoped it would make it here by his birthday ... it arrived at 9:30!

0830 (Tuesday) I'm dropping Callahan off at school now, it's pretty congested, but I take a reverse way home to avoid the worst of the traffic. Pickup isn't too bad, as I come a little late after many of the cars have cleared out already. Today, we got hit with a rainshower right as I left to pick up, I hoped Cooper would be ok, I didn't hear from him. I'm also dropping Brendan home, it's not exactly on the way, but oh well. Landon's been getting home a little late and I found out why today ... he's been walking home! It's probably 2.5 miles. The carpool situation is a little uncomfortable I guess ... being his former girlfriend :(  Not sure what to do, I really can't drive him TO school as it's the same time as Callahan's, but in the opposite direction, there is a bus home, but he seems unwilling to try it. Colton had a soccer game in the evening, we creamed the other team. I just have too many good little players! At least the other team did get one goal (we got at least 10)!

0829 (Monday) Good weather day, so Cooper didn't complain too much (he still does, as school is too long and too hard). I loved having a few solo hours! Even got some sun in. After kindergarten, Colton was invited to Randon's for a playdate. I ran some errands (Blockbuster, Post Office, Bank) and picked up an ice cream cake, checking with Fun N Motion that I could bring my own. After school, we headed over to Fun N Motion with Bailey and Jacob, and Tony and Marc met us there. I think the kids had fun, ironically both Keaton and Cooper said they don't really like laser tag that much! Cooper was the first done of course. Maga stopped by, so while she stayed to supervise, I quickly ran Coop home. The other kids stayed until the place closed at 9:00!

0828 (Sunday) Happy Birthday Cooper! There was a storm forecast for the afternoon and evening, and Cooper started stressing about it early. He worked himself into such a state that we had him stay home from church. They storm didn't even materialize!

0827 (Saturday) Cooper had a 10:00 soccer game, which he wasn't very interested in doing. I finally convinced him to try it, but he looked pretty miserable. I was too. He did play a bit, and even got a goal! I really hoped the excitement of everyone cheering for him might help him overcome his anxiety, but alas ... it didn't. At least it answered that question in my mind. While I'll probably keep asking him if he wants to play, I don't think I'll push him. It was team pictures, but he refused to stay, and I needed to get to the next game ... Callahan playing basketball at 11:00. I had arranged for him to get picked up so he wouldn't be late (as I was). They lost but our boys had a good game. Then Colton's soccer game was next (at 1:00), it went well. I sent Colton home with the neighbors and headed out to Keaton's game (again, had arranged a ride for him, as I was late, it started at 2:00). They also got beat, but it was pretty close. That finishes up basketball, for a couple weeks anyway, until Fall season starts. Colton's soccer will keep us busy, and hopefully Cooper will decide to try again too.

0826 (Friday) Cooper was actually ok going to school today. The weather looked good, it was a short day, and they were having a party to celebrate birthdays ... one being his! He took some treats to share.

0825 (Thursday) Cooper was still fairly upset this morning, we had to take two walks around the block before school started. Callahan had a half day and got a ride to school with a girl who used to live in the neighborhood (I don't think she does now, so I wasn't expecting to have any help with carpools ...). Landon also had an orientation at the high school. I actually re-arranged the Columbia kids carpool, so I'm no longer having to drive the kids to school (they go with Shaw's) and it was good today, as I needed to get Landon to school at 9:00. His day was only until 11:00, I picked him back up and we stopped at Dunford's for donuts and cinnamon bread. I picked up Callahan at 12:00. He got a call around 2:00 from his buddy Stockton, so I dropped him off there to hang out ... then the storm rolled in. It was a pretty good one. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind, dark skies ... I wondered if I should wait for the school to call or just head over. I didn't get a call immediately, I tried to wait but did end up calling the school and Cooper was in the office. I went in, he was talking with the school psychologist, he wasn't as out of control as yesterday. I suggested going back to class, saying I'd come sit (there was an hour left in the day). We did that and he was fine (I don't know how teachers do it, the class is a handfull! I corrected some papers while I waited). In the morning I talked to a counselor Courtney has talked to a lot about Addie, and I also got Cooper scheduled for an "intake" at the district level ... so we'll see where it goes from here.  Cooper and I took another walk in the evening. Gray was in the kitchen with a neighbor doing some work stuff, so Cooper took a shower downstairs. I went to pick up Callahan and we stopped at the store on the way back. At home there was a small situation. Colton had also decided to take a shower downstairs and he didn't know how to turn the water off, so he just stayed in the shower and stayed and stayed, crying ... Grayson finally heard him and investigated, saving poor Colton stuck in the shower! Unfortunately the water leaked all over the floor of the bathroom and into the carpet of the neighboring rooms.

0824 (Wednesday) Emotionally draining day today ... got a call from the school that I needed to come get Cooper. I had a couple things I wanted to try with him, not letting him just escape to the safety of his bedroom. I told him that all the time he SHOULD have been in school, we'd either be doing school work at home, or working in the yard (outside) and we did both. There was a lot of cloud cover, but he did ok outside with me pulling weeds. I made him come with me when we went back to the school to pick up the kids. It had turned a little storm (more wind, a few rain drops) when we got back, and I suggested Cooper come sit on the porch with me, but he was pretty hysterical. I tried to just have him sit with me inside and look out the window, but he fought physically to get away. I told him he could watch his show out in the kitchen area (which he avoids because of the windows), but not in his bedroom and he was SO mad at me! He had soccer practice in the evening, but he was not in the mood to even try it. Grayson and Landon's scouts went shopping and then came back to the house to cook up dinner. Cooper and I took a little walk around the neighborhood in the evening.

0823 (Tuesday) Colton's first day of Kindergarten. I drove the kids to see him off. I didn't feel overly emotional, even though he is my baby. Maybe it's that he's so ready, or that I'm on emotional overload with Cooper. I ran to Kohls and Walmart after and was unloading the car when the phone rang ... it was the school. Not Cooper, not Colton ... Keaton. He had fallen in gym and they thought maybe he had broken his wrist. I went in and collected him, but after laying a bit on the couch, he was able to move his wrist and felt fine. I made the three older boys help with weeding (they are WIMPS) and I got the lawn mowed. I was a little late picking up the kids, but they were ok (I had been a bit worried, especially with Keaton not there). I picked up pizza for an early Dominos Dinner. Gray and Callahan left for a derby. Keaton really wanted to go ... or rather really wanted to earn some money, but he had scouts. I had our team meeting and practice for Colton's soccer. I took Randon and Bradley, and even Cooper came voluntarily and played quite a bit. He expressed a desire for me to be his soccer coach ... hmmmm. Practice went fine, I don't know that we'll have a lot of practices, as there are two games a week (Tues/Sat).

0822 (Monday) It was pretty windy in the morning, and sure enough Cooper was freaking out. I took him outside and we took a little walk, then pulled weeds and got him calmed down enough to go to school. I did get a call around 10:30 with him sobbing, but they said I didn't need to come get him, that they were just having him touch base with me but were working with him there ... and he made it through the day. Yea!

0821 (Sunday) The dishwasher needed unloading, and I asked all four of the older boys ... but no one did it ... so I did it and did NOT make the usual Sunday Circles breakfast. Keaton took it very hard, was practically in hysterics. Grayson was also upset with the boys for not helping, so he confiscated all ipods. At least not having the big breakfast should help with my calorie count for the day. Cooper had a bit of a freak out at church, I told him I'd be on the piano, so he'd know where to find me, but he made it through his class. After church we went up to Maga's house. I even drove! I figure if I'm trying to get Cooper to work on his anxiety issues, I should work on mine. It wasn't too bad, but it was a Sunday with little traffic, good weather and daylight. Legacy Highway isn't a problem, and I'm better on 2-15 than I-15, but still, with freeway speed and merging and exits and such, I get nervous. I can say I've done it now though.  Dinner was french dip (which the boys said was better than mine) and then cake and ice cream, celebrating Courtney's birthday, and also going ahead and singing to the three Blackham boys. I let Grayson drive on the return trip.

0820 (Saturday) Gray and the two older boys were off early for a church service project which lasted a good portion of the day. I did some housecleaning, then had Bailey come over to babysit the little ones while I took Keaton to his first game (3rd/4th). It was an easy win. It was at Taylorsville, and this next game was at Gene Fullmer, so we had to leave after the 3rd quarter. The 5th/6th game was against Jacob's team, and they only had five players, missing two of their top kids, so again, Keaton's team won easily. Keaton did take a bad fall and hurt his knee pretty bad, but managed to get back in the game eventually. He got a ride home with Lavalee's, and Gray dropped Callahan off, as his game was up next. This was the a repeat, against the team we had won before, and we won again. I had the video camera plugged in as I knew the battery wouldn't last, but I was still a little surprised it made it through three games without overheating. Gray and I went to a movie in the early evening. I had bought the makings for french dip, but we left before I got it made .... so Landon made it for himself and the brothers.

0819 (Friday) So after the Nerf wars yesterday, the boys looked up the various guns and such available and asked me to take them to the store so they could buy some more. I needed to make a trip for groceries anyway, so we (Landon, Callahan and Colton and I) went to Walmart. We got a few guns (some with their own money, some for upcoming birthdays). While we were gone, I guess Cooper called from school. Instead of trying my cell phone next, they called Gray, and Gray talked Cooper down with a promise of blow gun if he made it through the day, which he did (although he had to spend recess in the office rather than outside). After school he seemed good, even helped pick up the toys on the lawn (so I could mow) and then did some basketball and jump rope. In the evening, C&K had basketball practice, they hitched a ride with Jacob at 6:00, so I only had to pick up Callahan at 8:00.

0818 (Thursday) Gray took Callahan into work with him today, just some office work for him to earn a little extra spending cash. At the end of the day they stopped at SmithAndEdwards and picked up four spools of paracord ($50 each!). Colton seemed a bit bored, so I invited his little friend Bryce over. Landon uncovered some Nerf Dart Gun sets I had picked up on clearance. They were just a good price, I thought maybe I'd give them as gifts ... but Landon wanted to use them, enough that he bought them off me ($10 each) and then he and the little kids had a big nerf war in the downstairs hallway. When the older boys were home, there was another war. All the barricades and such make it hard for ME to get through the hallway. I got a call from the school around 1:30 from Cooper, not feeling well. The weather really isn't bad, maybe a cloud or two, a touch of wind, but I guess that's enough. I decided to humor him today and brought him home, where of course he was fine. Thursday is usually date night but Gray came home exhausted and crashed.

0817 (Wednesday) I ran to SamsClub for milk and such, stopping at OldNavy, as Gray went shopping there on Saturday, and they didn't credit him his coupon or cashcoupons as advertised. I got in my cardio during the day. In the evening, Cooper had soccer practice which he didn't want to go to, but I wanted him too. He says he's been playing a little at recess ... will he get over his aversion? He did fine at practice although he said he didn't like it. Callahan went swimming with the scouts, Gray and Landon were the only ones at theirs, so they were back home early.

0816 (Tuesday) Cooper did much better at school today. It helped that it was a totally clear, non-windy day. Colton was a little bored, so I took him and Callahan bowling. Landon was invited of course, but didn't want to come. We got in our full two games and the boys played a little in the arcade. I got in cardio and weights. In the evening, I went over to Gene Fullmer for a coach's meeting (Colton's soccer) ... besides Randon and Bradley, there are a couple girls from the Spring team. Dark blue uniforms. I hope there aren't too many conflicts with Cooper's soccer (if he plays ... he did say he played at recess today) or Fall basketball ... Keaton had pack meeting, which we skipped last month in favor of basketball practice, so we did have him go to scouts, skipping practice. It was at the park, Grayson took the little boys and there were water games. They did a little blow dart in the basement after (Cooper LOVES blowdarts).

0815 (Monday) First day back to school. Landon had school pictures at the high school, but he went with Kayla and they were off very early. Cooper had a rough morning, with a breakdown before we even got off. Once at school, seeing all his friends he seemed ok. I had to come back at 10:00 for Colton's kindergarten assessment. I did talk to the office staff about Cooper (so they would be aware if he got too stressed) and also talked to the school counselor. It is probably time for some professional help for him :(  Colton and I stopped at Maceys on the way home, picked up a couple things they had been out of on our last visit. Spent some time in the food room getting everything straightened and put away. I did get a call from Cooper around 2:30, so I went to the school to talk to him. I got him to go back to class reluctantly, and told him I'd be there waiting right when school got out. It never really stormed, but there were some dark clouds (combined with recess and big windows in the classroom) that stressed him (although he didn't completely break down). I went back after school and met him at the doors (which confused Keaton and Jacob as the car was there but locked). First day down ... I picked up pizza for dinner (Callahan had been craving) and took Keaton to his basketball coaches house, as Steve wanted him to come see an AAU game they were playing (they are looking to Keaton joining the team). Gray came home and took a little nap after work, which made for a bad night of sleep (or lack thereof).

0814 (Sunday) Gray had planned on a bike ride and checking out the Tour of Utah, but with the rain, thought the trails would be too muddy. Cooper was quite concerned about the weather today ... I should have anticipated it more, as he didn't make it through church. Gray stayed home with him the last hour. The storm didn't really materialize ... until that night! Lightening, thunder, it was quite the storm. Luckily Cooper slept through it all (I didn't!)

0813 (Saturday) Gray had to work today. I had Callahan tend for Keaton's first game (at 10:00, Klint's 3rd/4th grade team). It was an easy win. We went home for just a bit, then I had Bailey over to babysit.  Callahan had a 12:00 game at Taylorsville, Keaton's game was at Gene Fullmer at 1:00. I dropped Keaton back off at Gene Fullmer. It was an hour early, but it was that or be late. Callahan's game was pretty exciting, they lost by one point! Keaton's game was good, still a pretty easy win. Landon made it home from his scout camp. Gray did a little shopping in the evening. We had ribs for dinner (Keaton's favorite).

0812 (Friday) So ... not a great night. I was feeling ok in the morning. Our annual "end of summer" breakfast had been scheduled for today, but that was before I knew Landon would be gone. And then with me not feeling 100%, and Keaton sleeping in until 10:30 (that was his last sleep in day ... school starts Monday) ... anyway, we didn't get out. We had plans to meet DiFrancesco's at Jump for one last day of bouncing. Cooper was having a tough day again, we didn't stay quite as long as in the past, but we certainly got our moneys worth with the month pass! We brought Tony and Marc home with us to play some more, and dropped them home after taking Callahan and Keaton to basketball practice at 6:00. We did have our belated French Toast Friday for dinner instead of breakfast. The little boys and I stopped at Blockbuster and Smiths on the way home. I went back at 8:00 to pick up the boys, then Gray and I watched a DVD.

0811 (Thursday) Callahan and I went to West Hills for our 9:00 appointment with the counselor to get his schedule. Then we walked around the school, finding all his classes and chatting with the vice principal. Then I dropped Callahan off at Brendan's birthday party at 11:00, they were going to ClassicFunCenter for the day. Colton had been invited to go to the zoo with Randon, but he thought that would be too much walking, so he just stayed home and took it easy. Landon left for a scouting trip with the Venture scouts (he wasn't technically old enough, but with his birthday coming up so close, they invited him). He'll be gone through Saturday. In the evening, Gray and I had our date night, the movie Captain America. there was a discrepancy in the time, so we ended up there an hour early. We got some food from Pizza Hut ... and then still had our popcorn and treats. I hadn't eaten much all day, and the overindulgence came back to haunt me around 2:00, as I threw up. Bleh.

0810 (Wednesday) Colton got invited to go to a movie and Kearn's waterpark with Randon ... we actually passed on the movie, but I did let him go swimming. Cooper was actually pretty upset about it, wanting to go too. I even considered taking him and any of the other boys who wanted to go, but then didn't think I was up for another day in the sun (after yesterday). Instead, I took Cooper bowling. The other boys were invited but they didn't want to go. With the "free" bowling coupons, it just cost $2 to rent shoes for Coop. It was really fun to play just the two of us (not as much waiting) and I actually did quite well (145). We had two games each, but Cooper was done after just one. He didn't even want to spend much time in the arcade ... he was worried about the weather, which was hard to understand because it was a beautiful day out. Frustrating. In the evening, he had soccer practice, which of course he didn't want to go to. It was being held at Terra Linda Elementary as there was a big soccer tournament going on at the fields. I tried to get Cooper interested in going, promising him we could play on the playground after, which he really wanted to do. He did end up going and did great at practice. He and Colton had fun playing after too. Gray and the boys had scouts.

0809 (Tuesday) I had contacted Courtney in the morning to see if Addie and Will wanted to come play. She was heading out to Herriman Beach (Herriman has a beach) and invited us to come along, so we did ... Callahan, Colton and Cooper anyway. It was just a small little lake, similar to the man-man reservoir at Daybreak. The sand was quite rough and there was no shade, but I think the boys had fun. On the way home we stopped at Wendys and then at a park to eat. The park had a splash pad, but the boys weren't too interested, maybe if we hadn't just come from water ... In the evening Keaton had basketball practice. Callahan went too. I dropped off the soccer signup for Colton (and Randon and Bradley). Jason was there and asked if I was going to coach again. I had not put that on the sign up, but as I walked the park I had a few brainstorms, and I think I would like to try it again, so, we'll see. I've been doing good eating, I'm not sure what has made the change, but it hasn't been as hard lately. I hope I can see a difference on the scale soon.

0808 (Monday) Took Landon to the high school at 9:00 to get driver's ed off his schedule as he took it in the summer. We had plans to hit Jump 'n Bounce in the morning, but DiFrancesco's had to cancel as Mara was sick in the night. I sent a text off to Gunderson's to see if they might be available, but Cole had been sick in the nick. As Jump just isn't near as fun without friends, we changed plans to Fun 'n Motion instead. Landon had been setting up plans with friends to go. I got frustrated with him as he refused to come with us, not wanting to go if his friends didn't go ... really? He'd rather sit home and do nothing then come play laser tag with his brothers? We left him, and just barely got checked in when he texts asking me to come pick him and his friends up (I thought they had a ride ... but apparently not). I left the little ones (which you aren't supposed to do) and went and picked them up, of course two of them weren't ready and DID get a ride over just a little later. Grrrrr. It didn't go as well today though, I don't know if there is a saturation point or what. The boys just seemed off and ornery. We did stay for three hours then I brought the little ones home. The older boys stayed until 6:00. At home I mowed the front lawn and got some cardio in and tried not to eat. I should have plenty of fat stores to sustain me. Didn't feel as bad as yesterday, when I really got the sugar shakes. I think I kept calories at about 1000, which I know isn't sustainable, but every once in a while I like to just see if I can. Spaghetti (and Colton's favorite noodles for him) for dinner. Got some cleaning in too. Gray and Landon did a weight workout.

0807 (Sunday) One last week before school starts back up. With the return to the routine, can I get back on track (was I ever really ON track?) with eating and up the exercise and get back to an acceptable weight? I've been unhappy with the view in the mirror or any pictures taken :(  Grayson went for a run with his new Garmin, then took Keaton (and an unwilling Callahan) on a hike (needed for scouts). We did the usual Sunday Circles for breakfast. I got some cardio in, a good day for a Sunday. Walked to and from church (x2), just played piano for the second hour. I was thinking of gingersnaps for the Sunday treat, but the boys wanted homemade oreos again, and they are actually easier and no leftovers (but also nothing to share, which was my plan). I did eat ... but kept calories at about 2100 I think.

0806 (Saturday) Cooper had his first soccer game at 9:00, and Keaton was playing with Klint's 3rd/4th team at 9:00. I took Cooper and Gray (and Callahan) went to Keaton's. Keaton's game went well ... Cooper's not so much. He started fine, but when the coach asked who wanted to come out, Cooper was the first to volunteer, and once out ... breakdown. He was in tears and near hysteria, saying he did NOT want to play anymore. I ended up bribing him, saying I'd take him to SubZero ... and he wanted that enough that he did go back in. The game was a tie, which Cooper was pretty happy about. There isn't a game for the next couple Saturdays, so we'll see if a little time, and going back to school (if the kids are playing at recess) makes any difference. Home for a bit, then off to Keaton's 5th/6th grade game at Taylorsville ... they got creamed. We had dropped Callahan off at Gene Fullmer before and picked him up after, as he wanted to watch the game going there. A stop at the drycleaners to pick up Dad's shirts, and home. Then it was time for SubZero ... all the boys got to go, not just Cooper. Then Callahan's game was at 4:00. Mason wasn't there, which usually means more playing time for Callahan (as they are the same position) but today, Callahan was in early foul trouble, very unusual for him. He had FOUR fouls in the first half, he was very down. Several of our boys were in foul trouble, two fouled out. It was a frustrating game because they didn't dare play. It was close, but the other team won. Back at home, Gray was cooking up a roast. I ran to the store to stock up on milk, bread, etc. Didn't get a lot of cardio in during the day (just 60 minutes) but my legs felt very tired!

0805 (Friday) I followed up on Cooper's soccer insurance (as we're getting bills from the ambulance wanting to get paid) and they STILL say they haven't received anything! I included all the paperwork with the original claim, then after waiting four weeks, sent in a fax ... I forwarded the faxed PDF via email. Between this and phone calls, I only got in 10 minutes cardio to start the day. I needed to go to West Hills to finalize Callahan's registration, and I stopped at the library on the way home. We hadn't been swimming in a while, so I took the kids out to Grandpa's pool, stopping at the doctor's office to pick up a copy of Callahan's immunization record, and grabbing a couple boogie boards on sale at Big5 ... which didn't last 10 minutes before Landon broke at the pool. It wasn't a great swim day, the boys seemed ornery and Cooper was awfully whiny. We had to get back home, as Keaton had a birthday party to go to at 3:00. I picked him up shortly before 6:00 and dropped both he and Callahan off at Gene Fullmer for basketball practice. Keaton got a ride home after with Jacob next door, but then we had to go back at 8:00 to pick up Callahan. I took the little boys and we went early to play at the park, and had Keaton recreate his cute letters that I had taken pictures of last week, but lost due to camera malfunction. Home again home again ....

0804 (Thursday) I had stopped by the gas station on the way home from soccer practice last night, as we needed gas for the lawn mower. I was able to get the lawn mowed this morning before the garbage trucks came to pick up the clippings. I told the kids we could go to Fun 'n Motion again today. I actually bought four more coupons from CityDeals, and had an extra, as Landon wanted a friend to come along. The older boys got the unlimited play, while I got a pizza and tokens for the little boys. The place wasn't very busy, so the attendant let Colton and Cooper do the laser maze, which they enjoyed. I ended up paying for a laser tag game for each of them to try (the jackets were HUGE on them) and I think next time the little boys will want the unlimited play too. We stayed for three hours, then I took the little boys home. The combined their tickets for a basketball with money printed on it. The older boys stayed another three hours before I finally went back to pick them up. In the evening, Gray and I tried out a new restaurant (Mark Anthonys) which I had purchased a Groupon for. I don't think we'll be going back there. It was a stormy night and Cooper was having a difficult time with it.

0803 (Wednesday) Didn't have a lot on deck for today. Gray wanted me to pick up donuts for the scouts tonight, so I stopped by Dunford and grabbed a couple boxes of seconds ... resisting buying any for our family (although a couple got eaten before evening). Dropped off Gray's drycleaning, forgetting Landon's shirt (dang it!). Trax was offering free rides on the train today, and I thought that might be fun to try, but the kids seemed pretty content playing, so we didn't get out. Landon even went to Eli's for a while. I got in some cardio and weights. Cooper had soccer practice in the evening. He's saying he doesn't want to play, I'm not sure if it's fear that he'll break his arm again, the weather, both ... I'm not sure how much to force him. I told him I wanted him to try at least one practice and one game and he agreed to that. He seemed to be having fun during the practice, but was still pretty adamant that he didn't want to continue to play :(

0802 (Tuesday) We met up with DiFrancesco's at Jump 'N Bounce ... one month pass is about perfect, I think the kids, while still enjoying it, are close to having their fill. In the evening, Keaton (and Callahan) went to Gene Fullmer for basketball practice. I walked the park.

0801 (Monday) Rainy morning ... Cooper seems to have had a complete turnaround regarding rain ... he says he LIKES it now ... not sure where this came from but I'll take it. There was still quite a bit of discussion about the rain (it was off and on all day today) but it was nice to not have him hiding downstairs all day.  I went to West Hills to see about Callahan's school registration. I think it will be ok, I'll need to go in next week to get him a schedule. I then went to West Jordan to turn in Landon's registration and try to get his driver's ed changed, but that will have to be another trip next week too. I hadn't really planned anything for the day, not knowing how long these errands would take (I was actually back pretty early). After being at Youth Conference, I think Landon was content to have a day to just sit around, the other kids seemed to keep busy too. Landon did a little shooting with a slingshot in back. I got in some cardio and weights and stopped at the store and library. Landon and Gray did a weight workout in the evening.
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