Sunday, August 19, 2012

Counting Candles (August/Sept Birthdays)

It was a Blackham Birthday Bash! We gathered together to celebrate four "end of August, beginning of September" birthdays. We went up to Maga's house, went swimming in the community pool, ate a little french dip, then of course had cake! I had picked up the traditional chocolate cake from Sam's Club ... we all really miss the chocolate shavings that used to adorn the sides (now it's just sprinkles). There had been a cake miscommunication (Maga had bought a large sheet cake too), but my boys insisted on eating the one I brought. It's a favorite!  (Just glance through past birthday posts and you will see it over and over and over again!)
Courtney was first up (with the first birthday, August 20) 
... Maga insists on putting ALL the candles on the cake! 

Landon's birthday is actually the last one (Sept.7), but for the ease of the candles, we decided to go in descending order (we probably should have started with Cooper, the smallest number, and added candles. It would have been easier than taking them off). In addition to insisting on having the actual number of candles to represent the birthday number, at Maga's house each individual gets their own candle lighting (17 for Landon) and "Happy Birthday" song (no group singing for the Blackham clan!)  Uncle Clay always adds interesting harmonies to the singing, and interesting poses to the pictures!

 Keaton was up next (August 31) with 12 candles.

... then Cooper (August 28) with nine candles.

I actually brought home Maga's cake, and took it to the Westra-side celebration the next day. There are a lot of other birthdays on this side of the family too (Taylee, Rella, Uncle Chris ... extended cousins Jason, Nikki and Caroline were also there to celebrate) ... we just sang ONE time, did we even get out candles? I can't remember, I don't think so. I neglected to get any pictures, I should have!

... one year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to you!

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