Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Break in Basketball

Summer basketball has come to an end ... the final games were on August 4 ... so today, there was NO basketball! A Saturday without basketball? In fact, there is actually a BIG break until Fall starts (almost six weeks!) I guess I'll just have to blog about it to get my fix.

This was a bit of a rough season for Keaton ... he was on his same team as Winter and Spring, although we lost a couple boys, gained True, a friend from school. They had 7 wins, 3 losses ... and Keaton took the losses HARD.  I made muvees of a couple of his games ... Game 1Game 7

Callahan kept busy with two leagues ... his team played at Gene Fullmer, a tougher season than we actually expected. They won all the games but the last one (we were missing Jared, we needed him!). Luis and Stockton took the summer off. Generally I jogged the track during the games, but as this league combined with Taylorsville, I did pull out the video camera when the games were at that location.  Game 5

Callahan's Nitrous team played in the Dimple Dell Summer League. It was a shorter season, just six games, I missed the final game, but got the other five on video ... you can see a recap of that season HERE. It was a challenging league, there were eight teams, and the middle six teams were all really well matched.

So Fall Ball doesn't start until Mid-September. Callahan's teams are probably going to do Dimple Dell again, as well as a Superleague in Murray. Keaton will play at Gene Fullmer again. The high school will hold try outs for the AAU High School Prep League, and both Callahan and Keaton will probably end up on a team for that, so it should be a busy season. But for now?  It's a basketball break.

I was thinking of putting Cooper in Fall Ball, but his anxiety is acting up again ...

*** UPDATE ... Callahan and Keaton ended up trying out for the Copper Hills Youth Basketball teams, and both made the top teams for their grades. So no Gene Fullmer after all (a first for our family) ... of course, then this basketball BREAK ended up being a LOT BIGGER for Callahan, when he broke his food mid-September and was out of commission for the rest of the year!

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