Wednesday, March 30, 2011

King Kong Krispie

Have you seen these? Grayson brought one home the other day ... I called it the KING KONG KRISPIE. We just looked at it for a couple of days before we finally broke it open to eat. Some members of the family would carefully cut off small slices (or, as in the picture below, cut it into an "L" for "Landon"), others would just grab and tear off chunks.
Too much of a good thing? I have to admit I was very happy when it (and the temptation) were finally gone. Yummy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Clothes

That's probably NOT the picture you would expect with the post title of "Sunday Clothes" ... but those ARE what Colton is wearing every Sunday when he's not at church. We've moved to the later (1:00) schedule, and the other boys just tend to stay in their pjs until it's time to get dressed for church. Not Colton. Colton never stays in his jammies in the morning. The moment he's up, he's dressed. And his FAVORITE outfit? The one to the left. When Cooper became obsessed with basketball, I bought several jerseys I found at local thrift stores for both little boys. For a while there, Colton wanted to wear this purple Jazz jersey EVERY SINGLE DAY, along with the purplish shorts. As it was still winter, not really short-wearing season, we compromised and I told him he could wear this outfit every Sunday (as we're basically staying home and inside all day). And after I got after him a couple of times for inappropriate socks to church (florescent green ones or other bright colors), a pair of white socks with gray tops became "the Sunday socks", and the only socks that will do on a Sunday (seriously, there have been tears when we can't find these socks). This morning, Colton's clothes were sitting in the dryer, as I hadn't quite gotten around to putting them away yesterday. He had to come wake me early Sunday morning to pull his clothes out and sort them, until we found his "Sunday Clothes" (he had actually gotten dressed in something else, because like I said, he just can NOT stay in jammies, even though he LOVES his jammies too (there's a post about that here) ... but as we found these, he changed clothes ... then changed into actual church clothes a little later, then back into these until it was time for his jammies again). It's funny how kids get their "favorites"!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Basketball Begins (Again)

Basketball season begins again. We actually had a break of several weeks in-between the Junior Jazz season and Spring basketball at Gene Fullmer. Unlike Junior Jazz, which has games for all ages, the off-seasons at the rec center are just for 3rd-8th grade boys, and with all the other sports going on (baseball, soccer, flag football, etc.) there usually isn't as much participation, so the grades are combined (3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th) and sometimes, there have still only been four or five teams in each league. In the past years, all games have been played at the rec center, so I had thought I wouldn't have any conflicts between Keaton and Callahan's games, as they couldn't play at the same time ... but not the case this Spring. There were SO many kids signed up (10 teams in each of the leagues, which isn't much compared to Junior Jazz, but it is for off-season rec ball). So Keaton's games are played in the mornings at Joel P Middle School, and Callahan's games will be played in the mornings at Gene Fullmer (based on the past three years, I had totally expected all his games to be in the afternoon). This does complicate Saturday mornings (throw in soccer starting soon for the two little boys and it will be pretty crazy!). Luckily, this first day, I was able to attend both games. I've included the highlights from Keaton's game below (it's just 50 seconds long, but I LOVE his reaction to a shot at the end, it makes me laugh every time!), and you can follow Callahan's season on the Hoop Dreams blog (first game is posted there).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Banana Bread

Bananas ... I love to have them on hand for a quick (and healthy) snack, but they go bad so quickly! Sometimes I'll freeze them for smoothies, other times ... banana bread! I grew up with this recipe and it's a family favorite. My mom would always add nuts to the mix, but as we have allergies in our family, we leave them out.

1/3 Cup Milk
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1/2 Cup Butter or Margarine
1 Cup Sugar
2 Eggs
1 Cup Mashed Banana
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
2 Cups Flour
1/2 Cup Chopped Walnuts (optional)
Raw Sugar (for topping)

Combine the milk and lemon juice and set them aside (the milk will curdle). Cream the butter and sugar together. Add the eggs, mashed banana and milk. Add the dry ingredients and mix until blended. Pour into a greased loaf pan. Sprinkle raw sugar across the top. Bake at 350 degrees for 60-70 minutes. Also makes great banana muffins (bake for about 15 minutes).

The raw sugar topping of course is optional too, but for such a small addition, I think it really adds to both the appearance and the taste (and the calories of course, but if you're eating this, you're probably not TOO concerned with the extra calories, as this is NOT a low cal dish to start with). I love the banana bread toasted with a little more butter on it ... I do try to keep myself to one slice. The recipe is easily doubled (or tripled or quadrupled ... I just mash up my bananas to see how much I have and then go from there deciding on how big a batch to make). I do often have extra ... so if anyone local expresses an interest, I'll try to drop off a loaf next time I make a big batch *Ü*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Musical Chairs

Carpool Colton
Every weekday just before 3:00, we head out to the middle school to collect Landon and the carpool kids. Generally, we bring home four additional kids, filling up the car completely for the ride home. Colton always STARTS out in his carseat in the corner ... but he's never in that seat when we pull into our driveway. Sometimes the "musical chairs" starts at the school ... when one of the kids didn't show for the drive home. Colton hops out of his carseat, and into Cooper's booster seat just opposite (see arrow #2). Once we get into the neighborhood and drop off the first couple kids, then he moves up to the open chair (arrow #3), when we drop off the last non-Blackham, Colton moves again (see arrow #4) ... every day ... musical chairs!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pens, Markers and Scissors, Oh My

Kitchen Chaos Under Control
Silly post ... but this drawer doesn't often look quite this organized. It's one of the top drawers in the kitchen, where pencils, pens, scissors ... and LOTS of other stuff simply gets swept inside. I had gotten a bit frustrated with not being able to find a working pen or pair of scissors ... or not even being able to close (or open) the drawer. So I spent some time going through it all, testing pens, sharpening pencils, sorting everything and placing them back. As is often the case, this drawer lead to another drawer, which lead to some other shelves, boxes and containers. I had the kids testing their markers and pulling out broken crayons. After several hours of sorting and such, we got everything put back away. On the surface, it didn't look like much got done, but when I open this drawer, I feel happier than before. And who knows how long it will last ... so that's why I took a picture and did this blog post *Ü*

Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Grade Guys

Thursday night we went to Parent/Teacher conferences over at the elementary school. All three teachers raved about the Blackham boys *Ü* It's always nice to hear. Friday, Colton and I went to the school for the Honor Roll Assembly, in which all three boys earned the award.
To help break things up, they had one program for the younger kids (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) and then another for the older kids (4th-6th grade ... the older kids actually went first). As we have boys in BOTH groups, we got to stay for both. Luckily, I had thought ahead to bring some little activities for Colton (and company) ... sticker hidden pictures are always a favorite!
Keep up the good work Blackham boys!


We didn't get flu shots this year ... maybe we should have! Colton tested positive for the flu (and strep) back in January and then just a couple weeks later, he got an ear infection ... he actually seemed much worse with the ear infection! Poor kid. I was grateful that with all the germs, no one else in the family seemed to be coming down with anything ...

Then Callahan started coughing and not feeling great ... he still went to basketball practice on Tuesday (it takes a LOT for Callahan to miss anything basketball!). Wednesday morning though, he was SICK ... I let him stay home from school, and he didn't move from the couch ALL day. He didn't seem that sick really ... he just slept the entire day. I was going to let him go to his basketball game that night, he got up and got dressed ... broke out into a sweat and went completely white. He didn't make it to his game (and the team ended up losing that night, which ended the season, so sad!) Poor Callahan was DOWN for days (a solid week, missed four days of school). The picture above was on Sunday, Dad thought he was ok to go to church ... but just getting dressed wore the kid out! He slept through all the meetings. One of the hardest parts of the sickness, was that nothing tasted good. I don't think the kid ate much of anything for that entire week (and I was quite the short order cook, ready to give him ANYTHING that appealed to him). Keaton also wasn't feeling well and missed three days of school. Hopefully we're all going to stay healthy for a while now!

In the sick spirit, my sister-in-law shared this YouTube video on her blog. I thought it was funny (and my boys gathered around me laughing as we watched it together seemed to agree). So I thought I'd post it here too ...


Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Pat's Picts

Happy St. Patrick's Day! My boys got up and got dressed in the traditional GREEN attire. You can't see it, but they have green underwear and socks too! They were happy to find GOLD (chocolate coins) left by a leprechaun!

Last year after St. Patrick's Day, I found this cute shirt (the one Landon is wearing). I am glad that after an entire year we actually remembered we had it, and were able to locate it! Callahan pulled out the old green soccer socks and big green glasses to complete his outfit.
He's trying to do an Irish Jig ...

Keaton tried on a different hat and some green star sunglasses ... the kids had found some shamrock shades in an Oriental Trading Co catalog (see below) but I didn't get around to placing an order this year ... maybe you'll see them NEXT year!
And for a fun little activity,
you could print out this hidden picture puzzle.
My kids love them!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Reader?

I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. I specifically recall the introduction to chapter books in the second grade. In third grade, the books read to us by the teacher became fast favorites. I loved one in particular ... "Sonny Elephant" ... I would check it out of the school library to read over and over again. When I moved on to middle school and high school, I would still have my younger brothers check it out for me so I could read it again. It was an older book (published in 1930 I think), so I couldn't just go pick it up at a bookstore. One day my mom attended a book sale at the elementary school, and there for sale, was the book ... she seemed to remember that one of the kids liked it, so she picked it up. I now have it in my personal library.

My love for reading was actually a bit of a problem. My mother would sometimes have to take my books and tell me to go outside and play! As I got a little older, I realized the only self-control I had was NOT picking up a book in the first place (once I started ... I had to finish!). As I entered my high school years, I wouldn't allow myself to read books not on a required reading list. I was SO happy when "Pride and Prejudice" was actually something I was supposed to read. It is another all time favorite book!

I still love reading. I have garnered a little more self-control as I've gotten older though. I CAN set a book aside when other things need doing ... and with work and then motherhood, there are always things that need doing (so it can take me a while to get through a book ... even the "Hunger Games" series!). But as a mother, I looked forward to sharing my love of reading with my children.

Unfortunately ... my kids did NOT seem to pick up my love of reading. Now being all BOYS ... I figured they probably wouldn't be interested in some of my favorite stories ... Baby Island, Anne of Green Gables, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Island of the Blue Dolphins, ahhh memories. But I had loved plenty of "boy" books too ... The Great Brain series, Henry Huggins, The Forgotten Door, Indian in the Cupboard, Summer of the Monkeys, the list goes on. While my nieces and nephews seemed to adore books and loved being read to, my kids ... did not. We did still read bedtime stories, and the boys had some favorites, but any book reading seemed to be because of MY suggestion, or for a school requirement.

I've really struggled trying to get the boys to read. The schools require it, and I keep hoping that maybe something will click. I've tried all sorts of books, I've tried reading with them, I've tried audiobooks. It's a constant battle (especially with Landon). I've read a lot of the books myself, to see what's out there, and so that I can discuss them with the kids (and quiz them a little, make sure they actually have been reading when they say they have been reading). I've actually gotten quite a bit of reading in just trying to find books I think might appeal... that, and keeping up with Callahan.

Callahan has always been really good at doing what he is supposed to do. So if his teacher requires 20 minutes of reading a night, he does 20 minutes of reading a night. In the past few months however, he has actually been getting into the books! It's been exciting to see. He really seemed to enjoy the "Percy Jackson" series (five books). The same author has started two new series and Callahan is excited about those ("The Lost Hero" in the photo at the top is one). Just to share a CUTE Callahan comment *Ü* ... while reading the Percy Jackson series he once said "I am a demi-god, my true father is ... Michael Jordan, the Basketball King". I found it funny!

So I do have hope ... but I'm buckling down on the kids again. Setting up reading charts to track the progress (hopefully NOT showing the dismal lack thereof!). With Landon, once again I'm going to try some audiobooks ... let him listen on his Ipod while following along with the written word. Callahan has just started "The Hunger Games" series, and I have ordered him "The Red Pyramid" and I hope he might try "The Ranger's Apprentice" series (I've read the first two books and quite liked them). Keaton is sticking with the "classics" such as "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "Captain Underpants". Cooper is diligent in reading the short stories he brings home from school every day. I try to have him read his books to Colton, rather than just to himself. I've also just initiated a new strategy, of having Landon read a chapter book to Cooper and Colton each night ... killing two birds with one stone; getting Landon to read more, and introducing Cooper to books that might be a little too hard for him on his own (they started "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" last night ... maybe the "Magic Treehouse" series next?)

Wish me luck ... what are your kids reading?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's About Time

Ah ... Daylight Savings ... it seems really early this year. I know that it used to be several weeks later in the year (in April, around Conference time). While I'm never ready to lose an hour, this year I was really not looking forward to it. I was enjoying the gradual light into the bedroom, helping me wake up in the mornings. Now I'll need to get up in the dark. I did NOT mind it getting dark early in the evenings, for it forced friends to go home and brought the kids inside for dinner and homework. Now, they are going to want to stay out playing until 8:00.

There were a couple of times in years past that I actually looked forward to the change. I remember having a young baby who would not sleep through the night ... with the time change, now the baby slept until 6:00, rather than 5:00 If you can't change the baby, change the clock! *Ü*

I don't know about you, but it always seems like there are a few clocks that just do NOT get least they are "correct" half of the time. I do love that so many of the electronics today update automatically though. And for those clocks we do have to change manually, the "spring forward" is usually easier, as the "fall back" often requires me to cycle through all the numbers rather than just going backwards. The little boys were very impressed with the change of the analog clock, watching the hands actually move as they were adjusted.

I hadn't gotten around to changing the clock in the little boy's room. I sent them to bed Sunday night and I saw Cooper glance at the clock (he has been quite obsessed with time of late, always verifying what time it is, pointing out the slight differences between the various clocks ... he'll look at the clock and say "7:40, it doesn't SEEM like 7:40", I'll ask him what time it does seem like and he responds "oh, 7:52 I think") ... I knew he was going to point out that it wasn't even 8:00 yet ... I quickly pulled the clock down, and moved the hands to almost 9:00 ... bedtime!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peanut Butter Bars

It's been a while since I posted a recipe ... and it's been quite a while since I made these yummy peanut butter bars. Although I now remember why I don't make these PB Bars ... because I then EAT these peanut butter bars! These are NOT low-calorie treats. I actually took all the ingredients and calculated the calories one time... I really didn't want to know! But, Landon has been asking for these for quite a while, and they are easy to whip up. They are basically homemade Reeses. So despite my known lack of willpower, Landon and I made a batch last night. Now Landon PROMISED he would eat these, that they would be gone quickly ... but now he's at school and these are sitting in the refrigerator calling to me ... maybe if I write about them, I won't eat them ... maybe ...

To make, take five graham crackers (a full cracker with the four sections). Put them in a ziploc bag and crush them with a rolling pin. You could use a food processor too, but it's actually quite fun (and a great way for the kids to help). Melt one square of margarine (1/2 cup), add two cups powdered sugar, one cup peanut butter, and your cracker crumbs. Stir until combined. Press the mixture into an 8X8 pan. Melt chocolate (I just use semi-sweet chocolate chips, you could use milk chocolate or probably even dark chocolate if you prefer that) and spread it over the top. Refrigerate until set (although for ease in separating the squares, you may want to make your cuts before the chocolate hardens).

I wonder if there will be any left by the time Landon gets home from school ...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

School Pictures

So ... Maga (Grandma) was over the other day and noticed Callahan's school picture hanging on our refrigerator. She requested a copy of it, and the school pictures for the other boys. I didn't have one of Landon ... we'd forgotten picture day at school and neglected to send in a payment, so I didn't have one of #1 son. I found the picture of Callahan and snipped off one of the wallet sizes for her. Then I found one of Keaton ... or I thought I did. Then I realized it was LAST year's picture. I found the current one and compared them (shown below) and thought how similar they were. The same head tilt, the same smile ... of course there was a little change, but not that much ...
Then I pulled out Cooper's current picture and his one from last year ... WOW ... what a difference a year made in THIS child! You almost can't tell it's the same kid, he's grown and changed SO much. Why, he was still a baby last year (in kindergarten) ... this year, in first grade, he's definitely a little boy ...
What will the coming years bring?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Junior Jazz 2011

Well ... basketball season has come to an end ... sort of ... Callahan and Keaton are planning on playing in the spring (Cooper will be doing soccer), but we have a few weeks before that starts up again. Landon worked as a ref, reffing one of Cooper's games and one of Callahan's games. I think Cooper's team was undefeated ... they don't really keep score for the younger kids. Keaton's team had a decent run 5 wins and 3 losses. Callahan's Junior Jazz team was undefeated. His Superleague Utes team only lost once during the season, then had an early end as they lost on the tournament (in a game that Callahan missed as he was sick, and two other teammates were also out). I actually created a blog devoted to basketball, featuring game recaps and videos ... Hoop Dreams ... I shared all the videos there and shared a couple here as the season started. Here's my favorites from the season ...

Cooper and Company

Keaton and Company

Callahan's Championship Junior Jazz Game

Callahan's Superleague

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Doings (March2011)

Being BLOG entries ... posts are in reverse chronological order. If you want to read the posts in order start at the bottom and go up *Ü*

0331 (Thursday) Colton played with Regan in the morning, then came home with a sliver in his finger. Mom had to perform a little "surgery" ... the he went to a playdate at Randon's house. Apparently there were several kids there. It was a beautiful day outside, mid 60s ... the kids kept saying how HOT it was. It was nice to open the windows and get some fresh air throughout the house.  Keaton had scouts ... he isn't happy with scouts right now. Gray had planned on a derby in the evening and was going to take Colton ... but he had the date down wrong (May31, not March). Gray still took Colton out, dropping off our tax stuff and then going to Wendys.

0330 (Wednesday) Mom and Colton went to Barnes and Noble (had a giftcard that was going to expire) and then to the bank to deposit some checks and a lot of loose coins (they have a counter there). Then Colton got to go to Bryce's house for a playdate, he was SO excited! Cooper had his first soccer practice at 6:15 over at the soccer park. It was pretty cool, but the kids were warm enough with all their running around. First game is on Saturday. Dad and the older boys had scouts. Keaton's scouts have been moved to Thursdays.

0329 (Tuesday) Without preschool in the mornings, Colton has to go with Mom on errands. Today they went to Smiths, Walgreens, BigLots, Blockbuster, and finished with some crazy bread from Little Caesars. Then Randon came over for a playdate. The usual carpools, then Landon left with Dad for a derby. Callahan tended the two little boys while Mom took Keaton to basketball practice.

0328 (Monday) After the boys left for school, Colton played most of the morning with Reagan. We left a little early to pick up Landon, stopping at the bread store (love picking up bread for under $1, and some snack cakes and mini donuts too), dropped off books at the library. Grandma and Grandpa were going out to dinner with D&D and invited everyone along, so Mom and Dad went. Grandma and Grandpa came over to play some games and have a Skookie afterward. Callahan had basketball practice, but made it home in time for Skookie.

0327 (Sunday) Sunday Circles. So funny how the kids always fight over the "first" waffle ... actually, it's NOT funny, it can often ruin the morning. Today wasn't bad thank goodness. Gray had to run into the office, so we ended up heading to church without him. Landon was on bread duty, and it wasn't a good morning for that, as I only had one white loaf, but I did have an extra Grandma Sycomore wheat loaf, so we had to use that. Toasted cheese sandwiches after church, homemade oreos for the Sunday treat.

0326 (Saturday) Keaton had a 9:00 game, Gray and the older boys had Scouting for Food. Bailey came over to babysit the little boys. The other team was a hard one, with a kid whose actually been playing up in Callahan's league (6th grade). Keaton made a good showing with some steals and fast breaks, a nice two pointer and a great three pointer to tie up the game (although the other team came back to win). It was probably the hardest team they'll have to face this season. Gray and Keaton left for a derby. Landon tended as Mom took Callahan to his game. In the habit of making muvees, Mom manned the video camera rather than jogging the track. Callahan's team demolished the other team. When Dad and Keaton got back from the derby, we all went out to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. The kids usually fill up on the rolls, they are often full by the time the entrées come. We did just order ONE chicken tenders kids meal for both little boys to share (it was more than enough), but I think Callahan could have skipped a meal completely and just had some of my steak and potato (I didn't eat all mine, he didn't eat all his).

0325 (Friday) Landon didn't have school today as the quarter ended. Gray has been wanting to take a boy into work, but I guess today wasn't that day. Mom went to the store, then picked up the kids from school. Spaghetti dinner.

0324 (Thursday) Overcast and gloomy day. No preschool today or for the next few weeks as the teacher went to France for a mission reunion. Randon still came over for a playdate after his school. Gray originally had a derby scheduled for today, but they decided to postpone due to BYU playing in the NCAA tonight. We couldn't see the game though, as we just have basic cable. BYU lost in OT. Jazz lost in OT too.

0323 (Wednesday) Invited Jeffery over for a playdate with Colton. The usual carpools. Traffic on 7800 was bad, Mom decided to flip around and go the alternate way to Columbia. The Xbox came back today. Callahan had basketball practice at Skye Park at 5:00. Mom dropped CandS off then went to the library before going back to wait for them. She should have walked the park, but she was tired and it was cool and windy, so she stayed in the car and read one of the new books she had just picked up. Back in time for Court of Honor. Dad was setting up, taking all the pop and cookies be bought the other night. Mom and the little boys even went.

0322 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool then a playdate at Randon's house. Dad and Callahan did a derby, Mom took Keaton to basketball practice. Landon tended the two little ones.

0321 (Monday) The boys had school ...Landon's quarter ends this week! Addie and Will came out for a playdate. Mom made banana bread and lasagna for dinner. Callahan had basketball practice in the evening (at the church, he got a ride). Dad went to Maceys for scout stuff, Mom went to Sam'sClub for other stuff.

0320 (Sunday) Sunday Circles. I lead the music in primary ... I think I'm ok sticking to staying behind the piano. Sunday setbacks ... very sad bad day. 

0319 (Saturday) Not a lot on deck today. The little boys anxiously awaited their brothers coming home. Trips in to the store and the library. The guys got back safe (and smokey ... need to do laundry now ... the dryer has been SO squeaky lately, makes it miserable though). Did some blogging ... trying to push books again. Gray got a nap in, Callahan went to play at Stockton's house. Landon went to a dance in the evening (out by Sunset Ridge Middle School) ... it would be so nice if he could get friends to go too, and carpool. French Dip for Dinner. Late night.

0318 (Friday) Friday French Toast. Altercation with Landon in the morning :(  Makes for a sad start to the day. Headed over to the school for the honor roll assembly, one at 9:30 (Callahan and Keaton) and 10:30 (for Cooper). Colton was quite DONE. Proud of our boys though. Early out for the Columbia kids, the middle school carpool. Gray and the boys left for their scout camp and Landon and the little ones and I just had a quiet evening at home.

0317 (Thursday) Happy St. Patrick's Day. Last year, after the holiday, Mom had picked up a cute green shirt for Landon. Luckily we were able to remember and find it after a year. We pulled out the green hats and some green rubber bracelets. Callahan found the green soccer socks and wore them with shorts. I took pictures of all the boys and there was some gold coin candy to enjoy. The boys left for school. Mom went to Smiths (let's not run out of milk again!). We had Randon over for a playdate, then the school carpools. Parent/Teacher conferences in the evening. The teachers all gushed about the boys, they are all doing great. At home, the boys packed for a scouting overnighter tomorrow.

0316 (Wednesday) Callahan had an early ortho appointment, so as soon as the other boys were off to their carpool, we went to the ortho office. As Colton and Mom waited, they saw a little table and chairs, and bookshelf marked "Eliza's Library" ... this is a program set up by Mom's cousin Nikki for her little girl. It was a nice little setup. After the appointment, they dropped Callahan off at school and then Mom dropped Colton at Randon's house for a playdate for a few hours.It was a cool, overcast and windy day, and RAIN came in the evening hours. Dad and the older boys had scouts. Mom ran to the library to pick up some holds and grabbed a pizza on the way home.

0315 (Tuesday) Colton had preschool, but not his usual playdate as the other preschool had spring break and Randon already had plans for the day. After preschool, Mom and Colton went to the store, then picked up the kids from school. Nice warm day today (about 65 degrees). Dad and Keaton went to Pack Meeting.

0314 (Monday) Pie Day (3.14) ...Got the boys off to school then Mom and Colton went to Smiths for some milk. Then Colton had a playdate at cousin Addie's house. Mom picked him up a couple hours later, then grabbed Landon and the middle school carpool. Those two boys played "Mario" while Mom went to pick up the Columbia carpool. A bit of an overcast day, but the kids were still playing outside a lot. Basketball, baseball and soccer. Dad was home a little early from work and played catch with the little boys. Mom made chicken pillows for dinner. Should have had PIE for dessert ... but Landon made Otis.

0313 (Sunday) Daylight Savings today ... it seems a little early. It used to be later in April, which Mom prefers. While it's always hard to "spring forward" and lose an hour, it will still be dark in the mornings (and the light helps Mom wake up) and will stay light later, so the kids will want to stay outside playing until 8:00. When it got dark early, at least friends went home and kids came inside. We did Sunday Circles, Mom placed an order for more waffle mix as we are almost out. At church, it was Callahan's first time passing the Sacrament. Gray had a lesson. It was a sugar filled day! Landon requested Lemon Jello Cake for the Sunday treat, but we also had Girl Scout Cookies (and broke open some Keebler ones to compare), and we opened the HUGE rice krispie treat Dad had brought home the other day. And once again ... we ran out of milk! Mom knew we were low on Saturday night but she wasn't feeling good enough to go get more then. Bummer! The boys played a little baseball with Dad.

0312 (Saturday) Gray ran up to Davis County for a little work. Callahan had a scout activity, cleaning the church then going up to Hill Air Force Base. Mom forgot to pack him a lunch, so she had to run home and quickly pack one for him. Mom went on a straightening spree, hitting Middle Earth (which, while it does look "better" is still bad) and two of the kitchen drawers. Colton had a birthday party at Randon's house in the afternoon, he was SO excited and said it was so fun. Landon went and hung out with friends in the evening.

0311 (Friday) We were completely out of milk this morning! That rarely happens. So we couldn't do our usual Friday French Toast. Mom was planning on making some for dinner (she and Colton went to the store during the day for more milk and such) but then Daddy got home early and Mom and Dad went on a date (the movie "King's Speech"). It was another nice day, lots of kids playing basketball. Daddy even played a little ball with the boys! Daddy also brought home some Girl Scout Cookies ... yum! Cooper had a birthday party at Ben's house (next door).

0310 (Thursday) Keaton went back to school today. Colton had preschool, then we had Randon over for a playdate. It was a nice, sunny day, got up into the 60s ...

0309 (Wednesday) Keaton still stayed home from school, although he didn't seem too sick. He did still stay on the couch most of the day. Funny, simply having a brother home (even though he didn't DO anything) seemed to keep Colton entertained. Colton colored, watched Keaton play video games and watched tv and was satisfied. I ran to Target to get my prescription refilled and grab a couple things (bread, SunnyD). So no scouts for Keaton. Callahan, Landon and Gray had their young mens meeting (talked about safety, had fruity 'freshments after). Tacos for dinner, but Keaton was very upset as it wasn't as he remembered it.

0308 (Tuesday) Callahan went to school today (Keaton didn't). I really expected to get a call from Cal saying he needed to come home, but he made it through the day! He even went to his basketball practice/party and played. I thought his body would be weak after a week of being sick, but Callahan said he won in lightening and the free throw contest. It's so nice to have him "back" ...Colton had preschool. I ran to Target for my prescription and a little shopping. Usually we host the playdate, but with Keaton home sick, Colton went to Randon's instead. Gray and Landon went to a derby in the evening.

0307 (Monday) Callahan still stayed home from school ... and Keaton too. I went ahead and ran him to the doctor, but his strep and flu test did come back negative. He is running a fever, has the cough ... and he complains more than Callahan ... I've been quite the short order cook, trying to make ANYTHING that would appeal to Callahan, as he hasn't eaten much of anything for days. Landon has been requesting peanut butter bars, so I did finally make those today ... other than falling to temptation there, I did good eating and exercise-wise, NEED to as weight is way up.

0306 (Sunday) Callahan was horsing around with Landon, so Gray thought he was good enough to do Fast Offerings. Callahan actually got dressed, but I really didn't want him going out in the cold. He hasn't been able to be up for more than 10 minutes in the past six days, I really didn't think walking and standing in the cold for an hour would be a good thing. Gray conceded and said he could stay home, Callahan dropped on the couch and immediately fell asleep. He's old enough to stay alone, but he did wake weird a couple times, so I stayed home for the first two meetings, then went and played the piano while Gray stayed home with him. I even decided to run him into the KidsCare - his lungs were clear, not other physical problems, they said probably just a couple more days of rest. They didn't do a strep test or flu test ... I guess I wish I'd waited and just gone to the pediatrician in the morning (cheaper!)

0305 (Saturday) No pow-wow this week ... so everyone got to sleep in a little. No basketball either! Weird. Gray went into work for a bit. Callahan's still laying down most of the day. He did try his party, Mom stayed to bring him home when he tired. They watched the DVD of all the games, had pizza and treats. Callahan hasn't eaten much of anything for days. He's hungry, but nothings sounds good or tastes good.

0304 (Friday) We woke to a very cool house (about 64 degrees). The furnace wasn't working. Gray was able to get it going for a bit, but then it shut off again. He called to have someone come look at it. Callahan went to school today but it was short lived, as he texted me to come get him (he was lucky I got that text! He should call!) We got the Xbox sent out for repair (we didn't worry about figuring our why the last repair wasn't showing, as the new problem was covered under the original warranty). French toast for breakfast, French Dip for dinner.

0303 (Thursday) Callahan stayed home from school again. He didn't seem as bad as yesterday, still laying down all day, but playing games and watching tv rather than sleeping. Colton had preschool then went to Randon's for a playdate. Grayson had a derby, Keaton went to help.

0302 (Wednesday) Callahan woke coughing so badly he threw up. He also seemed to have a fever and just didn't look good at all, so I let him stay home from school. He pretty much slept the entire day. I took Colton and dropped of Callahan's West Hills registration and then stopped at the library to pick up some DVDs and hit storytime. Colton was NOT impressed with storytime and wanted to go. Keaton had a rough evening, not wanting to go to scouts (as usual). He was in tears when he left ... and when he returned.Callahan had his basketball game in the evening and I was going to let him go if he felt up to it. He dressed for it and broke out into such a sweat ... it wasn't going to happen. The team was also missing Stockton and Cody, and without them, they weren't able to get the win (we'd beaten this team when we played them before). Thus ends basketball season. Feels incomplete. Hopefully we can get together for a party or something.

0301 (Tuesday) Got the boys off to school, Colton to preschool. I ran to several stores (Dunford, Kmart, bread store, Walgreens, Dollar store and DI) ... made it back just in time to pick up preschool. Had Randon over for a playdate. Went to the elementary school early (and the back way as they are doing construction again) to get Callahan home for basketball practice ... we waited, but no ride. We called and they weren't going, so I hurried and drove Callahan to practice. It was at the smaller church (not as much room to walk) but ended up chatting with one of the other parents the whole time anyway. Got home late enough that it would have been hard to make it to Landon's PT conference ... which he said wasn't ready anyway, so we bagged it. These student-lead ones are just talking to our own kid rather than a teacher anyway, and he's doing all right with grades.  So it was just an evening at home ...
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