Monday, July 2, 2012


We've gone up to Park City and enjoyed the Alpine Slide a few times with the family. The kids had wanted to go back, and this year we decided we'd try the similar offerings at Snowbird. Kolby and Clay's family had gone the previous week and said it was fun. We bought the day pass (even with a $10 off coupon, it was still about as expensive as Lagoon ... and even though it was up in the mountains, it was still HOT). 

We rode the alpine slide, the mountain glider, and took to the tram to the top of the mountain. Cooper wanted to touch snow, and there was a little patch that he and Daddy hiked to. There was also a ropes course (Gray said Colton was pretty nervous on it), rock climbing, bouncing and even a mechanical bull (which was pretty funny to watch). The kids loved seeing the little potguts run across the trail and would point them out every time they saw one.

I'm not sure when/if we'll go back, but it's a fun family memory ... and of course, a MUVEE!

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