Monday, January 2, 2012

Laughter ...

It is said that laughter is the best medicine ... there are many things make me smile. Often times I'd like to look back on something that made me laugh but it's lost in the shuffle. I thought I'd take a moment to save them all here in one central location so I could come back and laugh at my leisure. A collection for those inevitable days when one might need a pick me up ...  hopefully some of the items here will tickle your funny bone too *Ü*

  • Kid History:  Christmas2011 at the Westra party, we discussed putting on our annual nativity when my brother Shane said "Dave's AlwaYs the donKEY" ...and thus we were introduced to KidHistory. It was an immediate hit with our family. Just short, FUNNY "episodes" of one family's memories -- told by the kids, reenacted by the adults. Extremely Quotable!  Here's an newspaper article about it as well. 
  • Comedians: These Stand-Up guys make me giggle ...
  • Commercials: I don't know if making me laugh will make me buy the product ... but it will make me watch the commercial *Ü*
  • Star Wars Humor: I've seen SO much stuff floating around I had to make a page all it's own. Hopefully some of the stuff I've seen will come back around around (as I know there was more than what's here).
  • WordPlay: If you're in for a little lite reading.

**Update ... I discovered Pinterest, and it's a great way to complete a collection of funnies! There is so much out there to make you smile ... if you want to see what made ME smile, here's my LAUGHTER pinboard. I will update here some on my links, but for simple pictures and quotes, check out the link above.

Laugh and the world laughs with you ... *Ü*

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