Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Keaton!

Happy Birthday to Keaton ... 10 years old ... Yes, there was just a birthday post for Cooper, and guess what ... there will be another one for Landon right around the corner. All three boys actually had Sept. 5 as their due date. Cooper and Keaton came before, and Landon later. I makes for a busy birthday week. But as I have really like both the chocolate cake (pictured above) and the white cake (in Cooper's birthday post below), with THREE birthdays, I do figure I'm justified in getting them both! The chocolate cake seemed to be the family favorite.

Lighting multiple candles can be a bit of a chore ... have you seen these "fast light" ones? It's a package of 10 ... so PERFECT for Keaton this year. You just light one ... and then they are all aflame! My boys love them! Here's a quick video (it's just a few seconds) *Ü*

For his actual birthday, Keaton took Airheads (candy) to school to share with friends, and we went out to SubZero for ice cream in the evening. He got a couple new caps (maybe you'll see something OTHER than the yellow big bird one on his head in future photos), Wii Sports Resort, a hacky sack, Legos and a Magic 8 Ball.

Often at the family parties, we pull out the scrapbooks, photo albums and family videos featuring the birthday boy. Keeping that tradition alive in blog format, here is a slide show of favorite photos from the last 10 years (you can also scroll through them here).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Seven candles on the cake. Happy birthday to Cooper! Each one of his brothers gave him a pack of basketball cards (his latest obsession) and then he ended up getting LOTS more packs too (don't ask). He also got a red light saber and some Legos.

The Bishop came and gave Cooper (&Colton)
a ride in his Mini Cooper.

The coming week, Cooper will also be STAR STUDENT in his first grade class. We made a little poster with photographs and pictures to let his class learn more about Cooper. He loves basketball, baseball and soccer. Cooper is a great artist (he colored the Spongebob picture). His latest favorite show is "Avatar" ... we glued on a pack of the basketball cards, and Mario fruit snacks (as Cooper loves both) ... and of course, ICE CREAM.

So ... Happy Birthday Cooper, hope you had a good one! We don't do "friend" parties every year, but we had a family celebration on the Blackham side this Sunday and will have one on the Westra side next Sunday. Yea ... more cake! To remember the last seven years, I put together a slide show of favorite photos featuring the birthday boy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

9th Grade

A little trivia about the photo below ... Landon is super tan from a recent return from scout camp and several trips to local pools (the pink wristband is from Cowabunga Bay, which he went to with friends on Tuesday) ... notice the big, braces-free smile ... and look to the left, to see the "Grayson" ghost in the window ... a repeat of a similar photo from last year ...
While the Columbia Kids went back to school a couple weeks ago, back to school for Landon was a little later (yesterday). Continuing with the Blackham tradition, I caught Landon and had him hold up NINE fingers, to create a picture portrait of which grade he would be entering into ... here's a flash from the past ...
He's gotten big, hasn't he?
What will I do for 11th and 12th grade ...
He won't have enough fingers!

So Landon is still going to Elkridge Middle School ... this was actually in question as there was a boundary change, and our neighborhood/elementary school now flows into a different middle school. Rather than shifting schools his final year, we applied and were approved for a permit to still attend. However, now there is no bus, so getting to and from school is much more of a hassle, and several friends did not get permits turned in and were forced to change schools.

So here's hoping for a good year. There is Science, Geography, Algebra, Language Arts, Technology, Spanish, PE and Seminary. Landon is really good about getting up and ready on his own, which as a mom, I appreciate SO much. He's also pretty good about doing homework and such ... sometimes I wish he would ask for a little help (Mom was an editor for a publication a little bit back ... maybe she should read through your essay?)

Some miscellaneous memories from MY ninth grade year ... the high school was doing "Annie" as their school play, and they needed some younger kids for the orphans (I was almost too tall!). We had practice everyday after school (this really helped ease the transition to high school as I had made many friends there during the musical rehearsals). I was on the track team, running the 200, 400 and 800 relay. I took type, and got a B- (my lowest grade EVER) the very first quarter that grades counted cumulatively. I wrote a song for the Reflections contest and went to District with it. I also performed it at 9th grade promotion. My friends and I would sometimes bring cold cereal and milk for our lunch (we thought we were SO funny). I wonder what memories will be made for Landon?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got Games?

I'm a sucker for games ... can you tell? Unfortunately, we don't play them as much as we could or should. During this past summer, as I instituted allowances, I tried to encourage their use saying that playing a board or card game would count one of the possible "jobs" each day. The kids would have to play different ones each day (not just the same one over and over). I just wanted these games to get some use, and figured playing them would foster some intellectual and social development. There was a lot of game playing over the summer. Monopoly is always a favorite (not MINE, but for the boys it is). Many games that hadn't been played in quite a while were rediscovered. Some games were played for the first time ... although there are still some in there that have never been played yet. The picture doesn't really even show all the various card games (which are in the big box there). Probably the ultimate family favorite is UNO, and the little boys can play on their own without any adult help. Colton will often approach other family members asking plaintively "you want to play UNO?". There is the basic game, and the variations. We have Uno Spin and Uno Attack, and I just recently picked up the ToyStory3 version (just the basic game with the familiar characters, one new card for a new twist). What are your family favorites?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scout Camp(s)

Summer had barely begun, when it was time for scout camp! First up, the 11-year old boys (that would be Callahan). They went up July 9-10. Just for the day on Thursday, and then overnight Friday to Saturday. Grayson was able to go up and join Callahan Friday and they got home early enough the next day that Callahan still made it to his basketball game (luckily it was later in the afternoon). Callahan's favorite activities at camp were shooting guns, archery, rock climbing and carving with his pocket knife ... that's what it's all about.

Next up was Keaton, the following Monday and Tuesday (July 12-13). I can't believe how DIRTY the kids get while up at camp! I didn't get much feedback from Keaton on camp activities ... his favorite part was the trading post, and purchasing a couple "flash" balls that crackle and make a smoke smell when cracked together. This was Keaton's last activity before he moved from Bears to the Webelos ...

At the very end of summer (the elementary kids had already gone back to school), the Varsity Scouts got out for their "camp" ... the quotations indicate that this was more FUN than scout function. The crew camped at Pineview Reservoir. It was actually pouring rain the morning as they got there, but then the weather cleared up allowing for the tubing and waterskiing (those are scout requirements, right?)

Grayson is one of the Varsity Scout leaders, so he and Landon were both gone August 19-21 for the camp. Gray took up our BIG tent and it was packed full of 14 and 15 year old boys. Landon said he didn't wear a shirt the entire time, and the sun on his shoulders seems to validate that.

Summer Basketball

Summer can be busy ... but not too busy for basketball! Callahan did miss one game for the trip to Seattle, but he was happy to have basketball all summer long. The team was pretty much the same as Spring Season, (Roland took the summer off, so Joey joined the team). Cody broke a finger and was out for much of the season (so Parker got LOTS of extra playing time). Gotta LOVE the ORANGE and black right? Maybe they should have saved the color scheme for fall, as the kids looked a little like jack-o-lanterns! We had a good season, there were a couple of teams that made the boys work for the win (and lose one during the season) ... but they came back for the final championship game and won the team that had beat us, taking FIRST place! The final game was the ONLY one where we had a full team together to snap our traditional team picture.

Summer Soccer (PreK)

For the past several seasons, Colton has attended many soccer games. He is such a good boy, sitting on the sidelines cheering his brothers on. This summer, it was finally his turn. Uncle Clay was coaching a team with Cousin Addie and asked if Colton would like to join them. Pre-K at Marv Jensen, early in the summer mornings, the Green Monkeys came to conquer. Colton missed the first game, as he was in Seattle, but the second game ... Colton was ready to play! He scored several goals. The next couple games were a little tougher, but then the Blackham Cousins came back in full force for the final game (although the other team managed to get several goals too ... the way kid soccer should be. Fun for all!) I took all the photos and videos from the season and condensed them into a three minute Muvee ... take a look *Ü*

Friday, August 20, 2010

More Misc Swim Stuff

For the past several years, swimming has been a big part of our summers. This year was no exception. The West Jordan Middle School Pool, the pool in my parents neighborhood, KOPFC, and a real favorite this year was the pool set up in our neighbor's backyard. Doesn't Cooper look relaxed? I thought I'd just take a moment to record some of the small swimming stuff we might not remember in future years:
  • Yellow Jackets: We picked up a couple yellow life jackets back when Landon and Callahan were young, and they have been in constant use ever since! These have truly been "lifesavers" ... because then Mom could take all five boys swimming, even by herself! But this year ... the little ones have probably spent as much time out of their jackets as in them, and Mom is actually comfortable with that.
  • Goggles: The boys LOVE their goggles. We bought new ones for Landon and Callahan last year, but the ones Keaton had been using broke, and the little boys didn't have their own yet. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find ones that fit, are comfortable, and actually keep the water out. We recommend sticking with "Speedo" brand. All the boys are set with their own individual goggles this year.
  • Swimsuits: The kids are often in and out of suits several times a day (especially the little ones). Cooper and Colton both have ... about 10 different swimsuits. Whereas most kids at swimming lessons would wear one (maybe two) suits during the course of the lessons, my boys would model a different one every day. Landon and Callahan have a few to choose from, but Keaton is picky ... only one works for him!
  • Towels: We've got several fun beach type towels. The "game" ones, that look like a checkerboard or Twister. We have the "Dead Man" towel (with a chalk outline of a body on it) ... but the kids always fought over who got the "Pokemon" towel (even the 14 year old!). Then I picked up a Phinneas and Ferb towel, and all the kids fought over that ... until I picked up a Toy Story 3 towel ... and then they all fought over that (yes, especially the 14 year old!). Except Callahan ... Callahan doesn't care about which towel he has.
  • The Drying Rack: You know the handrail common in hallways separating the stairs ... this is our drying rack. When the suits come off and the towels need to dry, everything gets spread out along the long railing ... you rarely see the actual wood during the summer season, there is always something spread out over it. And the banister at the end ... that is where the goggles hang.
  • Gadgets: And of course, the Blackham family wouldn't be complete without a couple of water gadgets, right? Grayson had requested an underwater Ipod shuffle holder/headphones, and I got him it last year for Christmas. Gray has yet to try it, but that hasn't stopped Landon from swiping it for his own personal use. We also have an underwater digital camera, which is great to get unique swimming shots (see below).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whistle While You Work

At our house, I haven't been great about the kids and "chores" ... I mean the kids do help out, unloading the dishwasher, emptying the garbage, tending little brothers, etc. Although they moan and groan and say I make them do more work then any of their friends, I really don't think that is true. Throughout the years we've tried different approaches to try and address "jobs" and providing incentive for the kids to work without complaining. Personally, I remember the "Star Chart" when I was growing up, a big spiral of stars, with BIG stars every 10-20 spaces. When we were good, did jobs, etc, we would move our little colored push pin a star. When we reached a big star, we received a prize (worth about $1). The very center big star was worth more. The Star Chart was more of a summer thing, so that it didn't lose effectiveness, although we did have to do jobs year round.

As a mom, I've tried a few different approaches. I made a chart similar to the above mentioned one, but I used a little clipart sun instead of stars. Instead of a push pin, I laminated mini photos and attached magnets to the back. We kept the chart on the fridge and the kids would get to move to the next "sunny" when they did something good. There were little clouds that would cover up the suns if the kids complained (and then the cloud would have to be removed before the kids go forward again). That worked for a while.

I made up some "Blackham Bucks" that the kids would earn for doing jobs and good behavior. Then we had a little store at the end of the month where the kids could buy things with their "money". It worked out ok...

This summer, I decided to try again. Aimed mainly at the older three boys, I told them that I wanted them to do five THINGS each day. I asked that they do one or two "jobs", but the remaining items could be productive items that they normally might not do without a little prodding ... exercise (lifting weights, jogging or WiiFit), playing a card or board game (no... video games do NOT count), reading, writing in a journal ... At the end of the week, we would add up their daily activities and average them (actually, doing THAT would count as a job), and that would be their allowance. Five items a day would equal $5 a week.

So, as summer comes to a close, I have to say this system was pretty productive. Callahan was the most invested, followed by Keaton ... and lastly Landon, who wasn't very motivated by a measly $5 a week (the threat of me taking away the Xbox if he didn't do at least three a day was a little more effective). Some days the kids would get up and get all five things done before 10:00 am, other times I had to nag and they still didn't have their items by the end of the day.

As for recording and keeping track. I posted a white board in the kitchen with their names and five boxes, which I or the boys could write the items they would do and then check them off. Then at the end of the day, we recorded them on the blog (in our Daily Doings, at the bottom of the daily journal entry), so we would easily have access to them. The journal entries for Landon and Callahan are here on the blog as well (I love reading their postings, but while Callahan will write quite willingly, it's like pulling teeth to get Landon to do it. I required it from him once per week). I write the daily recap ...the kids can't say I'm asking them to do anything I'm not willing to do myself.

So, we're not stopping with summer, but will keep going as long as the kids keep it up. SCHOOL counts as one item, and homework and reading count too, so the boys really only have to do a couple other "jobs" to earn their allowance. I'm always interested in other incentives, so if you have something that works for you, share away!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Columbia Kids

It's back to school for the Blackham boys ... at least it is for the middle ones. #1 and #5 still have a couple of weeks before middle school and preschool begin. But for the "Columbia" kids (that's the name of our school), it was time for school to start. We take a traditional picture each year, with the kids holding up the number of fingers to represent what grade they will be going into.

For Cooper ... it's a big change from half-day kindergarten to a full day of first grade. The bathroom is down the hall, they go to lunch and have recess on the big playground. I hope he makes the transition ok. I know at home, Colton and I will miss him very much.

Keaton is starting fourth grade. His teacher will be Ms. Burnside, who was one of Callahan's favorite teachers, so he's looking forward to this year.

We don't have a bus to school, but we've worked out a carpool with the neighbors (they boys get a ride to school and Mom picks up). Of course, being the FIRST day, and needing to be at the school anyway for Cooper's orientation, I was driving the boys today. Callahan went ahead and jumped in the carpool early and took off, before I got his picture ... no problem ... we just tracked him down on the school playground before the bell rang and took his picture in front of all his friends! Callahan will be in sixth grade this year ... king of the school. He even admitted he was ready to go back to school (to see his friends), although with track changes, a couple of the boys best buddies aren't on D track, so that is a little sad :(

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I Did on my Summer Vacation ...

If I had to sum up summer ...
I'd have to say, it was was swimming, Seattle, Sports and Scouts

  • Swimming: There was a LOT of swimming ... multiple lessons for the little ones, the neighbor's pool, and we discovered Kearns!
  • Seattle: A family vacation ... minus Mom and Cooper
  • Sports&Scouts: Callahan did summer basketball, but Colton, previously only on the sidelines, was now a summer soccer star! And the three older boys (and Gray) did scout camps.

Friday, August 13, 2010

End of Summer Breakfast

We have a little Blackham breakfast tradition ... the "end of summer" breakfast. As the elementary school kids start school on Monday, Friday was the last official day of "summer" and we celebrated summer with breakfast at Virg's. The portions are pretty huge. Mom and the three little boys shared a triple-stack of pancakes (and really only needed two). Landon actually ate his entire meal (pancake, eggs, sausage & bacon). As we left, the waitress commented on how well behaved the boys were ... it's always nice to hear. They are good kids! Bye summer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I know I'm a bit biased ...
but isn't that the CUTEST little face?

Swimming Lessons are done for this summer! Preschool got out quite a bit earlier than the elementary school did, so Colton got in two full sessions before "summer" even started for the other kids. He did two sessions with his cousin Addie, and then two sessions with Cooper. He got in a LOT of swimming. He really did progress quite a bit. The first three sessions he was in level 1, and then he moved to level 2 for the final session. He's doing a bit of swimming on his own and is pretty fearless in the water. He LOVES to jump, and near the end he was doing these funny twirling twists as he plunged in (his teacher doesn't even need to catch him). The last day, he surprised me (and his teachers) by DIVING off the platform ... and it was a pretty decent dive too! Colton's favorite is the "free time" at the end of the lesson, where the kids get to play with the noodles. Colton loves to have the teachers throw him high, high up to come down with a splash.

Cooper took a total of three sessions (each "session" is two weeks, Mon-Thurs for one hour each day). Kindergarten ended up being out one week for testing, so I put Cooper in the second week of level 1 with Colton and Addie (he had passed level 1 last year). When he was out of school, he did a full session of level 2 and surprised me when he passed it after just taking it the one time. We did a half week at level 3 while the brothers were in Seattle, and then another full week at level 3 to finish up the summer (and again ... he passed! Although he's still so little that the teachers and I agreed he'd be best served to repeat level 3 next year).

It's SO wonderful to see my little boys swimming, I love it! Cooper especially ... when he was a baby/toddler, he HATED the water. He would SCREAM if we ever tried to take him swimming (or even in the bathtub). I would often take the boys swimming, and Cooper would just walk around the pool and wait for us to be done, not even willing to dip his toes in. I could tell the other mothers were a little worried about me letting my baby wander down by the deep end ... but I KNEW he wasn't going anywhere near the water. A few years ago, when we tried swimming lessons for the first time (and this was after Cooper had conquered his initial water fear) both he and Colton SCREAMED the entire lesson, each requiring an individual teacher to just hold them in the water. I think the poor teachers had marks around their necks my boys were holding on so hard! I felt so bad and offered to pull them from the swimming lessons, but the pool director encouraged me to wait it out and gave us family passes to the pool so that we could come and get them used to the water while safe in the arms of Mom and Dad ... and it worked. Both little boys LOVE to swim and seem to be pretty dang good at it too!

The older boys showed no interest in lessons this year ... "Mom ... we KNOW how to swim!" The West Jordan Middle School Pool is one of the cuts the Jordan School District is making, I really hope some magical money appears and they keep the pool open. It's been a big boon to our family!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Athletic Supporters

Way back when the older boys started sports (about kindergarten age) the entire family would bring chairs and treats and come to watch the games. As the boys got older, and more of them involved in sporting events, and life got busy ... Well, it just didn't happen as much. Most of the time, it's just Mom going to watch the games while the other boys stay home. I was happily surprised when the brothers agreed to come watch Colton in his season of summer soccer. The brothers have been cheering him on from the sidelines ... and I'm not sure why, but Callahan got dog piled after the game (see below!)
The two little boys don't like going to basketball games, as the loud buzzers tend to scare them (what would they do at an actual Jazz game?) ... but it had been a while since I'd tried taking them, so on Saturday (I also didn't have Daddy or Landon home to tend) we all went (even Jacob from next door) ... all cheering Callahan on (his team won easily).
The boys were pretty well behaved, but I think I actually PREFER leaving them all home *Ü* but it was nice to have the brothers being athletic supporters for one week anyway!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center (KOPFC) isn't very far away from our house, yet we had never been there. We'd seen it as we visited the Olympic Oval, which is right next door, or went to Callahan's soccer practices at the nearby fields. The water park just looked a little overwhelming, big and busy. Then we got an invite for a birthday party there. Cooper was the one who was actually invited, but there was also a note that if everyone in the family wanted to come, we could take advantage of the group rate (15% off). As I figured I would probably have to attend to get Cooper to go, I decided to just take everyone. The boys had a blast. There are FIVE different pools, one is indoor. There are huge diving platforms, a lazy river, multiple slides, a splash pad section and the real eye-catcher
... the BUCKET ...
The bucket collects water and tips over, drenching everyone below. There is a warning bell shortly before, so those who do NOT want to get wet can get out of the way, and those who DO want to be there can hurry and gather underneath. Yes ... my boys are under there (the big ones anyway). Unlike many public pools, tubes and floaties are allowed (Landon even got the ok to take a tube down a slide), the little ones can go down the slides in life jackets, and while there are concessions for sale, you can bring your own food and drink. I definitely think we'll be going back! It was really reasonably priced and provided hours of fun.

The hardest thing was trying to keep an eye on both Colton and Cooper, who wanted to be in different pools doing different things. Cooper is a little fish, he wants to SWIM ... without a life jacket. Colton loved the slides in the shallow pool. Up and down, up and down, over and over. Keaton and Callahan helped me keep on eye on the little guys. I didn't see Landon much, he was off with the birthday boy's older brother. I did see him after he tried a flip off one of the high platforms that ended in a belly flop, a bruised tummy and a bleeding lip. I didn't get in the water much myself ... but I did get a sunburn on my shoulders!

Mr. Mantis

Last Saturday, all the brothers (sans Callahan, who was at a basketball practice) came to watch Colton play in his first soccer game (I will get a post on this, but if you just CAN'T wait, there is a post and a couple great videos of Colton scoring goals on his cousin's blog). As Landon's eyes strayed from the action on the field, he noticed something moving in the grass ... it was a praying mantis.
Of course, the boys HAD to show little cousin Will, who LOVES "frogs" ... C&C posted a cute video of Will and his last praying mantis encounter on YouTube here. Will liked Mr. Mantis ... as did several of the little soccer players (yes, the bug was a bit distracting).

Landon has always been a bit of an entomologist, so I wasn't surprised when he wanted to take Mr. Mantis home. He emptied out one of the water bottles as a carrier and then transferred it to the old hermit crab tank back at the house. Landon and Keaton were quite good at going out back and catching bugs and spiders to put in the tank, so Mr. Mantis would have plenty to eat (Mr. Mantis HAD been happily munching on the spider in the photo above before I startled him with my camera). We found another praying mantis (in the house no less!) and so a smaller, whiter one joined him in the tank. Catching flies gets a little wearisome after a while, so Landon let them go in the garden, where they can catch their own meals. Hopefully we'll see them again *Ü*

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caught on Camera

What a cute picture of my baby ... except I didn't take it. I pulled the card from one of the digital cameras to upload some pictures I DID take and found a whole set of "mystery" pictures.

... just a small sampling. As I looked and laughed, I remembered coming home a while back, and Keaton telling me that Colton and Reagan (a little girl who lives next door) had been caught playing with a couple of the digital cameras. I think I did a quick check to see that the cameras weren't broken and didn't think much of the incident ... until I found these photos. We tracked down the second camera (the one in the above pictures) but alas, it didn't appear to have had a memory card in it during the "photoshoot". It would have been fun to catch the other culprit on camera as well, and see how Colton's photography skills compared *Ü*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Splash Park

I'd heard neighbors talk about going to local "sprinkler pads" or splash parks, but we had never been to one before. Last week, when Cooper and I were on our own, we looked up the addresses to a couple and made the trip out. We wanted to go back with all the boys ... so we did. Sans Callahan, who for some reason wasn't in the mood to go, but in his place we took a couple neighbors and had a blast!
The first time Cooper and I went out, one of the parks didn't seem to have any water running. This trip however, the H2O was going full force. These "cannons" blasting water were one of the favorite activities.
The boys have been watching "The Last Airbender" (both the movie and the animated series) quite a bit recently, and they had fun pretending to use their "waterbending" skills. I took loads of photos, and posted some of them here if you wanted to see more *Ü*

Daily Doings (August)

0801 (Sunday) Being Fast Sunday we didn't do our usual breakfast before church, but waited until after. Mom and the little ones walked to and from church. Landon and Mom filled out his registration for Elkridge. Scott and Amy stopped by to pick up a registration for a half marathon that Daddy had won in his race yesterday. Mom cleaned the big tub then let the little boys take a bath in it with their goggles on. The boys had a video chat with Uncle Clay. Landon: Church, Breakfast, Journal, School Registration, Trim Tree Callahan: Flowers, Church, Journal, Read, Wii Fit, Little Fidge Refill, Garbages, Keaton: Bedroom, Church, Dishwasher, Trim Tree

WEEKLY TOTALS: Landon 18 ($2.50), Callahan 36 ($5+), Keaton 19 ($2.50)

0802 (Monday) Back to routine ... two more weeks until the Columbia kids start school, Landon gets a little longer. The little boys started swimming lessons again. At first, both complained, but they seemed happy once they were there. B&J and other friends weren't around, so the boys were a bit bored. But then they actually got jobs done ... even Landon! That made Mom happy. It was overcast and then rained again, then the sun came out making it humid and muggy. B&J came home (finally!) and the older kids played "Clue". Mom vacuumed the kitchen and almost sucked up a little praying mantis that was wandering the house. Landon caught it and put it with the other one. He and Keaton have been busy catching bugs for them. We've seen them munch on several flies and spiders. Daddy brought home pizza, breadsticks and cinnasticks from Dominos. The pizza had white sauce, so even Mom ate some. Landon: Workout, Wii Fit, BG (Clue), Laundry, Allowance Callahan: Laundry, Bedroom, Wii Fit, Flowers, BG (Clue) Keaton: Wii Fit, BG (Clue), Bedroom, Dishwasher

0803 (Tuesday) Landon was up and at it early today, getting jobs done before anyone else. Mom took the little boys to swimming lessons, then it was time to go to Jaxon's birthday party. It was at the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. It is right next to the Olympic Oval where we had gone ice skating, but we'd never been to the pools. There were FIVE pools, diving platforms, slides, sprinklers and a HUGE bucket that would dump water on anyone underneath it. The kids had fun, it was just a little hard for Mom to try and watch both Colton and Cooper, who wanted to be in different pools and parts. Landon: Weights, WiiFit, Flowers, BG (Sorry), JobList Callahan: Colton's Laundry, BG (Sorry), Weights, WiiFit, Read, Journal, Load Dishwasher, Garbages Keaton: Bedroom, Diswasher, BG (Sorry), WiiFit, Journal, Colton Pool Tend, Read to Boys

0804 (Wednesday) The little boys had swimming lessons in the morning. The older boys were busy doing jobs again today *Ü* It was overcast and raining again. Clay & Courtney got hail, but we just had a quick, heavy shower. Callahan was all ready for basketball practice when the call came that it was canceled. Colton still had soccer. Landon and Callahan had scouts in the evening. Landon: Kitchen Sink, Cooper's Laundry, Scouts, Learning Game, Board GameCallahan: Flowers, Wii Fit, Run, Solitare, Scouts, Journal, Garbages, Reading, Malt Keaton: Dishwasher, Laundry, Bedroom, Board Game, Wii Fit, Clean Basement, Solitare, Reading, Clean Yard

0805 (Thursday) Swimming lessons for the little boys again. The older boys FINALLY played the Monopoly card game that we've had for a while now, and they thought it was really fun. Mom went out for some shopping, trying to find some brown collar shirts for a big family picture on Monday. Callahan's friend Stockton came over for a while, and we all went bowling then played a few games in the arcade. Callahan had basketball practice and Keaton had scouts in the evening, Landon hung out with friends. Landon: Workout, WiiFit, JobList, CG (TS UNO), Tend Callahan: Weights, WiiFit, Flowers, CG (TS UNO), Journal Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher, CG (TS UNO), WiiFit, Garbages, Scouts, Tend

0806 (Friday) Mom took off in the morning to drop off Landon's school registration and pick up Dad's drycleaning ... she picked up some donuts too ... we love Dunford Donuts ... and fudge brownies. Played some more Monopoly Deal today. In the early evening, Mom and Dad went to a movie. Callahan had basketball practice. Landon:Workout, WiiFit, CG (Monopoly Deal), Tend Callahan: Wii Fit, Flowers, CG (Monopoly Deal), Journal, Reading Keaton: Wii Fit, CG (Monopoly Deal), Journal, Read, Bath for Babies

0807 (Saturday) Dad and Landon had a youth service project in the morning. Mom, Callahan, Keaton and Cooper got up and off early to Colton's soccer game. We were in charge of bringing the oranges for the halftime snack. There were two really good kids on the other team and they creamed our little guys, but Colton did get one goal. They took team pictures after the game. Callahan had his basketball game at noon at Taylorsville. Keaton, Cooper and Colton (and Jacob) came to watch. They won. Landon and his friends went to KOPFC. When it was time to pick them up, Mom had to have Jacob tend Cooper and Colton. Dad, Callahan and Keaton had a derby ... outside ... and it rained! When I went to pick up Landon&Co it was pouring! But the boys had fun, even though it was super crowded with a big festival going on there today. The little boys got to go swimming next door, and there was the usual soccer game in our front yard in the evening. Daddy brought home some Wendys for dinner. The boys were a little too busy today to get jobs done. Landon: Youth Activity Callahan: Garbages, Dishwasher, WiiFit, Little Fridge, Derby Keaton: Flowers, Derby

Weekly Total/Averages:
Landon: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 1, 4 = 30 ... $4
Callahan: 7, 5, 9, 9, 6, 5, 5 = 46 ... $7
Keaton: 4, 4, 7, 9, 7, 6, 2 = 39 ...$5 + pack

0808 (Sunday) Sunday Circles ... Mom made Aunt Jami's syrup recipe. Cooper and Mom walked to church. Mom did lots of cooking after church, made baked ziti, lentil soup and apple zucchini muffins. All five boys played Toy Story Uno. Made made brownies for dessert. Landon: Church, Journal, CG (TS UNO) Callahan: Church, Journal, Flowers, WiiFit, Allowance Add Up, CG (TS UNO) Keaton: Church, Dishwasher, Garbages, CG (TS UNO)

0809 (Monday) Today the date is 8-9-10 ... swimming lessons for the little boys. Cooper got invited over to a friend's house (Matthew) and Colton went too. Mom took the older boys and went and got a haircut for Landon and then dropped them off at NickleMania. In the evening we all got dressed up in levis and brown shirts and went to Wheeler Farm for a family photoshoot. Landon: Photoshoot, BG (Clue), Malts Callahan: Weights, Flowers, BG (Clue), WiiFit, Photoshoot Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher, Solitaire, BG (Clue), Photoshoot

0810 (Tuesday) Landon and Callahan were both up early working out. The little boys had swimming lessons, it was safety day for Cooper. Luckily, Mom had thought to take his life jacket (Cooper and Colton like their own jackets). The boys are doing so well with their swimming! Landon trimmed the grass and Mom mowed (the front anyway, the back doesn't grow as fast and isn't visible to everyone). There was lots of playing today, legos, soccer, basketball and swimming. Landon went to Hayden's for quite a while (but he had gotten his jobs done first). Mom made french toast for dinner. Yum. Landon: Weights, Lawn Edging, Colton's Laundry, Wii Fit, CG (Monopoly Deal) Callahan: Run, Wii Fit, Flowers, Journal, CG (Monopoly Deal) Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher, Lego Room, CG (Monopoly Deal), Wii Fit, Puzzle, Read, Journal, Play with Colton

0811 (Wednesday) Landon got invited to go to KOPFC ... the other boys just didn't think that was fair. They wanted to have some water fun too. I had been thinking we would try to go back before summer ended, and with school starting next week ... well, we packed up and went out too. It was very windy. The boys had fun playing. We stayed for over three hours. Callahan didn't have his usual basketball practice in the evening, but Colton had soccer practice, and Cooper did too (at the same time!) so Cooper went with a friend on his team. Landon went paintballing with his scouts, Callahan went to scouts but it ended up being canceled. Landon: Weights, Garbages, WiiFit, Scouts Callahan: Bedroom, Flowers, Weights, WiiFit, Scouts, Tend Keaton: Bedroom

0812 (Thursday) Last day of swimming lessons for the little boys. They have really progressed this summer! Colton took four sessions (two with Addie, two with Cooper), and Cooper took a total of three (two were half sessions ... he went through level 1, level 2 and level 3 ... and he passed level 3!). Colton was being silly jumping into the water, doing a little spin each time. Then he surprised me and his teacher by DIVING in ... and it was a pretty decent dive too! We took little gift bags to all the teachers the boys have had this summer. After swimming, Mom dropped the older boys off at a movie (Despicable Me) and then went to Walmart with the little boys. Cooper was SO sad they didn't have any basketball card packs :( After we picked up the boys from the movie, we went out to Kearns, to a 7-11 where Landon had left his wallet after yesterday's activities. Then we dropped Callahan off at Stockton's house. Mom had thought ahead enough to bring him some food, and his basketball stuff as he was going straight to practice from there. Landon took off to friends and Keaton had scouts. The babies went swimming at Lavalee's right when Mom had to go pick up Callahan, so she had to get Landon to come tend ... he wasn't too happy about that, even though it was only 30 minutes or so. Mom had to go TO Hayden's house to get Landon though, as Landon didn't have his phone and Hayden wouldn't pick up his phone, and there isn't a regular phone in the house to call. Mom says Landon HAS to have his phone if he wants to go to Hayden's house again ... she has to be able to reach him. Picked up Callahan and then Keaton, and the boys all played out until pretty late. Landon: Garbages, Tend Callahan: Wii Fit, Flowers, Read, Journal, Laundry, Little Fridge Keaton: Bedroom, Dishwasher, Scouts, Yard CleanUp

0813 (Friday) It's Friday the 13th ..... oooooooh ..... it was also the last official day of "summer" as the elementary kids start school on Monday. We went out for our traditional end of summer breakfast at Virgs. Landon actually ate his whole breakfast (HUGE pancake, eggs, bacon and sausage). Colton and Keaton hardly ate anything. The lady at the restaurant told Mom that her boys were very well behaved ... they are good boys. It was a bit of a boring day ... we should have done something fun, being the last day of summer, but Mom's tummy was feeling a little off. Landon's friends had gone to KOPFC again but hadn't offered to take Landon. He wanted Mom to run him up there, but she wasn't feeling up to it and didn't think it would be fair to have to send friends home and load up the little ones to just drop him off. Callahan had a birthday party that started at 4:00 ... and didn't end until 10:30! That's past Mom's bedtime! Mom and Dad didn't go out for their usual Friday night date, Mom pretty much just lay in bed all night (she finished the "Underland" series books). The little boys played outside until quite late, and Landon ended up playing a game he borrowed from Hayden for much of the day. Wasn't a very good "job" day ... Landon: Weights, WiiFit, Laundry, CG (SET) Callahan:Journal, Flowers, WiiFit, CG (SET) Keaton: CG (SET)

0814 (Saturday) Colton had a soccer game at 9:30, Daddy was able to come watch, but Colton wasn't quite able to perform like he did the first game. Colton's primary teacher, Sister Burton came and watched too. Maga was also there, but none of the brothers decided to come today. Mom went shopping at Sam's Club and stocked up on Doritos. Callahan had a basketball game. Landon was gone to Hayden's house, so Keaton watched the little boys. Callahan's team won easily and Mom got some jogging in. Mom and Dad went out on a dinner date, Callahan tended for a bit and then had Landon take over ... so all three big boys helped with tending today. The boys stayed out late, Landon back to Hayden's and the others out front playing "Capture the Flag" Landon: Colton's Clothes, Wii Fit, Tending Callahan: Flowers, Garbages, Journal, Wii Fit, BG, Tending, Read Keaton: Dishwasher, Tending, BG

Weekly Total/ Averages
Landon: 3, 3, 5, 4, 2, 4, 3= 24 ...$3
Callahan: 6, 5, 5, 6, 6, 4, 7= 39 ...$6
Keaton: 4, 5, 9, 1, 4, 1, 3= 27 ...$4

0815 (Sunday) Landon was up and at it early. Mom and Dad could hear the weights and treadmill while they were still in bed. We had Sunday Circles for breakfast, then went to church. After church Landon and Dad had home teaching. The little boys were really good playing legos ALL day. Callahan has been wanting an Ipod Touch SO bad. We tried bidding on some on Ebay today but didn't ever win. Daddy made yummy BBQ roast beef and marinated chicken, plus mashed potatoes. The boys start school tomorrow! Landon: Weights, Cardio, WiiFit, Read, Church, JobList, Allowance, Home Teaching Callahan: Flowers, WiiFit, Read, Church, Journal Keaton: Church, Laundry, Garbages

0816 (Monday) First day of SCHOOL! Landon and Callahan were up and at it early, in fact the three of us all wanted to use the gym downstairs at the same time. We are carpooling with Lavalee's again, as Jacob's mom works at the school and has to go there each morning anyway. She does have to leave early though. Mom was driving today, to take Cooper to his first grade orientation, but Callahan still hopped a ride with the carpool. First grade will be a change for Cooper ... the full school day, the bathroom is down the hall, lunch, and recess on the big playground. Mom and Colton will miss him at home too. After the orientation was done, the two little boys and Mom went to Maceys. They had some good deals on fruit snacks, chips and muffin mixes, so Mom loaded up. Landon helped unload the car. Mom mowed the lawn and Landon took off with friends. In the evening we went over to the Burton's for a dinner. The boys walked on stilts, played soccer and frisbie and buired Colton in the rubber shavings on the playground. Daddy and Landon liked the tutti-frutti ice cream. Landon: Weights, Cardio, Journal, Groceries Callahan: Weights, Flowers, SCHOOL, Homework, Read Keaton: Dishwasher, Bedroom, SCHOOL, Read, Garbages

0817 (Tuesday) Cooper's first official (loooong) day of school. He said it was long. To keep Colton busy, Mom planned a playdate with cousin Addie. Aiden was there too. The kids got to play for a couple hours at Courtney's house. Then Mom picked up Colton (he was sad to come home to an empty house) and dropped Landon off to do some work around their yard (Clay said he would pay him). Mom went back later to pick Landon up and then went straight to the school to pick up the kids. Callahan's basketball practice got moved from 5:00 to 4:30, so that was a bit of a rush, but we made it. Landon went out with his friends (5 guys) to 5Guys for dinner and stayed out late. Landon:Mow(Allie), Clay's House Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Little Fridge, Homework, Read, BG (Monopoly), Journal Keaton: SCHOOL, Dishwasher, Bedroom, BG (Monopoly), Read

0818 (Wednesday) Mom had to wake up all the elementary school kids, they were all sleeping in this morning. Landon had an ortho appointment during the day, then Mom dropped him and friends off at KOPFC, even though it was raining a little. Callahan had basketball practice. Traffic was really bad trying to get home, so Mom was rushed trying to get Cooper to his soccer practice. There was a HUGE tournament going on there and it started raining ... practice was canceled. Callahan had scouts, and Daddy and Landon prepared for their scout camp tomorrow. Landon: Read, Weights, Run, Bedroom, Journal Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Scouts, Homework, Read, Journal Keaton: Bedroom, SCHOOL, Dishwasher, Tend, Garbages, Newspaper Recycling, Read

0819 (Thursday) Dad and Landon were off early to their scout camp at Pineview. The other boys got off to school and then Addie came over for a play date. Will wanted to stay too, so he did. The cousins had fun playing together. There was a big rainstorm! After Addie left, Colton went to Reagan's house to play. Mom got a call from the school that Cooper wasn't feeling well, so they went and picked him up. He seemed fine though. The weather turned out nice enough that Callahan did still have his basketball practice at 4:30. Keaton went to a birthday party for Jake Sexton at 5:30, they went to Chuck-E-Cheese. Mom couldn't get back in time to pick up Callahan, so he just went home with Stockton and Mom picked him up later. Mom had ordered an Ipod Touch and it came today. Callahan was super excited about it, but Mom ordered the second generation and it's only a first generation (no external speakers) so ... Hope Landon and Daddy aren't cold and wet up camping! Landon: SCOUT CAMP Callahan:Weights, Flowers, SCHOOL, Homework, Little Fridge Keaton:Bedroom, SCHOOL, Tend

0820 (Friday) Short day at school for the kids. The boys played with friends after school until around 6:00, when Mom took Callahan to basketball practice and had Keaton tend the two little boys. Hope Daddy and Landon are having fun at Pineview. Mom put up a white board job chart for Cooper and Colton too (but won't record them here). Callahan: Dishwasher, WiiFit, SCHOOL, Bedroom, CG (UNO), Read Keaton: SCHOOL, Laundry, Tend CG (UNO)

0821 (Saturday) Soccer games in the morning. Colton's at 8:30 and Cooper's at 9:00. Mom took Colton, and Callahan stayed with Cooper and they got a ride to the game with Shaw's. Colton and Co did really well in their game, got their pictures and trophies. We hurried to Cooper's game, but it had just ended. Cooper got a goal and did well. Callahan had white board practice and then went to a teammate's home to hang out until the game. Callahan and Co won their game, the championship ... 1st place for Summer Season. Daddy and Landon got home from scout camp, and Dad had a derby, and took Keaton as Callahan wasn't home from basketball yet. Everyone was quite tired! Landon: Scout Camp, Tend Callahan: Flowers, SoccerGame, Journal, Weights, Read Keaton: Basement, Tend, Derby, Read

Landon: $3
Callahan: $6
Keaton: $5

0822 (Sunday) Gray and Landon had talks in church today, so they were a little busy in the morning prepping for that. Mom made Sunday Circles ... we are almost out of our favorite waffle mix. Mom tried to order more but the company said they didn't have any more and weren't sure if they were getting any more ... why do our favorites always get discontinued? At church, Landon's talk actually ended up getting postponed a week, which was actually too bad as Maga, Rex and Olivia came out. They still got to hear Gray and he did great as usual. After church Mom did lots of cooking, finishing up with homemade oreos. Yum. Landon: Talk, Church, Read to Brothers Callahan: Flowers, Church, Laundry, Dishwasher, Read, Weights, Allowance Add Up Keaton: Dishwasher, Church, Garbages

0823 (Monday) Lots of kids over after school. Landon went to a movie with friends in the evening. Mom took Colton and Cooper to the library to see a magician. Landon: Reading, Laundry, Journal, Vacuum, Carpool Call Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Homework, Read, Weights Keaton: Bedroom, SCHOOL, Dishwasher, Homework, Read, Weights

0824 (Tuesday) Addie came over in the morning for a playdate. Then Randon came over, so Colton wasn't bored today. Landon was invited out to Cowabunga Waterpark with friends. Keaton had pack meeting in the evening. Landon: Read, Garbages, Tend Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Homework, Weights, Read Keaton: SCHOOL, PickUpToys, Scouts, Homework, Weights

0825 (Wednesday) Landon starts school tomorrow ... he spent his last "free" day lounging around and just playing video games. Colton went to Randon's house for a playdate. The Columbia kids crossed the bridge after school to get home a little sooner. Lots of friends over after school. Mac and Cheese for dinner, then Cooper had soccer practice. Daddy, Landon, Callahan (and even Keaton) went to the church for scouts and young mens. Dad made malts for everyone. Landon: Little Fridge, Garbages, YM Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Scouts, HW, Read, Weights Keaton: Bedroom, SCHOOL, Dishwasher, HW

0826 (Thursday) Landon's first day back to school ... 9th grade. Colton slept in until late, and then went to Addie's house for a playdate. Mom picked him up and then stopped at Landon's school to pick him up ... it was very crowded with cars! Callahan and the little boys went to Shaw's after school, so it was a little quieter in the afternoon. The little boys had a bath and it was an early night for all. Landon: School, Basement, School Work Callahan: Flowers, School, HW, Read Keaton: Dishwasher, HW, School, Read

0827 (Friday) Mom and Colton hit a store for groceries and then stopped at Dunford Donuts. Yum. Callahan did make it on student council. The new Ipod Touch came, so now both Callahan and Keaton are up and running. Mom and Dad played racquetball in the evening. Landon: Job List, Journal, SCHOOL, Tend Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Read, Weights Keaton: SCHOOL, Dishwasher

0828 (Saturday) Cooper's birthday! 7 years old. Dad was off early running a 5K ... he took 2nd place. Cooper had a soccer game and team pictures. It was really windy today. Callahan had his team party at the WJ pool and then to the coach's house. We were going to go out to SubZero, but it was really crowded, so we went to Red Robin instead. The air conditioning made it cold and everyone was tired because it was pretty late. Landon: Weed Wacker Callahan:Flowers, BG, Back Seat Driver Keaton: Dishwasher, Groceries, BG

0829 (Sunday) Church ... Landon gave a talk. After church Mom and Cooper worked on his "Star Student" poster. We went up to Maga's for a family party with Daddy's cousins. We sang Happy Birthday to the three birthday boys and ate cake! Landon: Garbages, CHURCH, Pictures Callahan: Flowers, Job List, CHURCH, Pictures, Allowance AddUp, Weights, Read Keaton: CHURCH, Backseat, Pictures

0830 (Monday) Early in the morning, a huge hailstorm hit! Mom was surprised the little boys were able to sleep through it. The boys all got off to school, and Colton had a preschool evaluation. Then Addie came over to play. Then it was in the car dropping Addie off and picking Landon up, and then the Columbia Kids. Landon:School Callahan: Bedroom, School, HW, Read, Little Fridge, Job List Keaton: Dishwasher, Bedroom, HW, Laundry, School

0831 (Tuesday) Keaton's 10th birthday. He got a couple new baseball caps, a hacky sack, a magic 8 ball ... all the boys got off to school, Colton too, his first day of preschool. After it was done he went to Randon's house to play. Keaton got a couple more gifts after school (Wii Sports Resort and some Legos). We all went to SubZero for birthday ice cream. Landon: SCHOOL, Dishwasher, Garbages Callahan: Flowers, Breakfast, SCHOOL, Homework, Weights, Read Keaton: Birthday, Bedroom, SCHOOL, Homework, Weights

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