Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seeing Spots

As Landon and Callahan returned from their various adventures, they both brought back BUMPS! Grayson had called me Friday from Bear Lake, saying Callahan had a rash all over his stomach and back. Little dots that were itching. He still had them on Saturday (when I took this picture, below). Landon's bumps were bigger! They were really odd looking. On his elbow and arm. Some were circular, others were longer strips. He said they itched as well. He couldn't remember getting bitten by anything  or touching any plant ... in fact being the pioneer trek, he'd had long sleeves on, so he'd actually been covered up and protected a bit. His lasted a few days before starting to fade as well.


  1. Hi, my daughter has the same bumps from here and your "itchy bumps" posting. Did you ever find out what it was causing such a reaction?

  2. We never did, we just treated topically with hydrocortisone cream and internally with Benedryl and they faded without complications.


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