Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book of Mormon Chant

Many years ago, the kids in my parent's ward presented a unique version of Book of Mormon Stories during the annual primary program. My mom was so impressed she asked the music leader about it, and received this copy of "Book of Mormon Stories" ... it's just the regular version, with a descant added. The "new" portion is simply a listing of the books in the Book of Mormon. My mom passed the music on to me, and soon I was in a position to introduce it to our primary. It was an instant hit. It's been several years since I was chorister, but as I'm back in primary now (behind the piano) the song is often requested when the kids are asked for a favorite song. And you can't just sing "Book of Mormon Stories" ... you have to do the chant (split the room, one half doing the melody, the other half doing the chant, then switch).

Our kids have enjoyed it so much, as I was going through my things and found the sheet music, I thought I'd scan and share it for any others out there who might want to introduce it to their primary. I'm not sure who to credit with coming up with the chant, I don't mean to violate any copyright, if there's anyone who has more information on where this song is currently available for purchase I'd be happy to update the info here.

And just a note, while the music above shows a counter melody (it really is just a basic chant) ... I DID try to teach it but that really didn't work out. The kids sing the new words to the regular Book of Mormon melody, not the notes written in the music above, but it still sounds great.

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  1. This is really neat! I can't figure out how to print it out. Could you email me the file? I would really appreciate it. I want to teach it to my primary tomorrow. emily (underscore) schaumann (at) hotmail (dot) com


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