Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Doings (Sep2010)

Going in reverse order for the month ... 

0930 (Thursday) Mom ran to Kohls, Target and Smiths while Colton was a preschool today. Got some cute plaid shorts for Daddy and Landon. Home just in time to walk to preschool pickup. Randon came over for a playdate today. They watched the Power Rangers Turbo movie and got out all the action figures. Daddy and Keaton went to a derby, Mom took Callahan to basketball practice and Landon tended the little boys. Mom had volleyball in the evening.  Landon: Joblist, School, HW, Tend  Callahan: Dishwasher, School, HW, Malt, Weights, Read  Keaton: Bedroom, School, HW, Derby

0929 (Wednesday) Colton and Mom ran to Walmart in the morning, got Colton a bank for all his coins. Colton didn't have a friend for most of the afternoon, but he seemed ok today. Mom had ordered some baseball caps at the request of the boys and they came today (Sesame Street Oscar, Elmo, Ernie). Dad was home early again prepping for Court of Honor. Cooper had soccer practice. The boys had COH.  Landon: School, HW, Scouts Callahan: School, HW, Scouts, Read Keaton: Bedroom, School, Tend Colton, Laundry

0928 (Tuesday) Preschool and a playdate for Colton. Callahan seemed off after school, but perked up enough to go to basketball practice. Mom stopped off at Blockbuster on the way home and got a game for Landon and some Crazy bread from the pizza place next door. Daddy had the young men over for malts in the evening. Callahan fell asleep in the upstairs bedroom.  Landon: School, Homework   Callahan: Weights, Dishwasher, School, HW, Read  Keaton: Bedroom, School, HW

0927 (Monday) The cable was out again this morning :( ... was hoping for a fix (it stayed on for several days after the tech came out). Mom rebooted the box and it came back up. After the boys left for school, Mom and Colton went to Maceys for some groceries. Then Colton had a playdate at Addie's house. It was a hot, sunny day. Lots of friends over after school. The boys tried to play a new Clue game but it was too hard. Dad came home early and went out to Clay's house to help prep the yard for sod.  Landon: School, Homework, Garbages  Callahan: Dishwasher, School, Homework, Little Fridge, Battery Drawer, Read  Keaton: Room, School, HW, HW Helper

0926 (Sunday) Sunday circles for breakfast ... used up the last bacon. It's been so expensive lately, Mom keeps hoping it will go on sale so she can stock up again, but no ... Cooper got left at church AGAIN ... he was delivered to Daddy but then must have wandered off. Dad was very busy after church with home teaching and scouts. Landon and Callahan both had a board of review. Mom made muffins and gingersnaps. Landon: Church, HT, Scouts, Sugar Fill   Callahan: Church, Journal, Scouts, Read, Flour Fill  Keaton: DW, Church, Garbages

Landon: 3,2,3,3,3, 2,1  Total: 17    Average: 2.43  Allowance $2
Callahan: 5,4,4,6,3,4,1  Total: 27   Average: 3.86   Allowance: $4
Keaton: 2,4,2,5,3,3,1   Total: 20   Average: 2.85   Allowance $3 

0925 (Saturday) Both Callahan and Cooper had 9:00 games today. Dad went to watch Cooper's soccer game (they won, Cooper got two goals) and Mom went to watch Callahan's basketball game (they won and Callahan got several baskets and assists). They picked up donuts on the way home ... no maple bars for Landon though. Landon took off for the day, hiking Timp with friends. He was gone ALL day.  Callahan had a birthday party with a dunk tank, he said it was a lot of fun. Mom went to the store and the library. Dad went to the BYU game with Uncle Clay. Callahan was play fighting with Parker and gave him a big goose-egg on his head ... hope he's ok!   The boys didn't really do any jobs today!  Landon: Journal   Callahan: Read Keaton: ??

0924 (Friday) Late start for Landon, so Mom made a big breakfast (french toast) for everyone. Colton was very bored once the brothers left for school, no friends were around, so Mom called and invited Randon over to play. After school, Landon left with friends to go see the high school football game. Callahan and Keaton (and the two little boys too) went next door to a birthday party. Mom and Dad did a little date to a frozen yogurt place then watched a movie.  Landon: Dishwasher, School   Callahan: Flowers, School, Bedroom, Read   Keaton: Bedroom, School, Yard Cleanup

0923 (Thursday) Mom drove Colton to preschool today, because they were going on a field trip to the library and he needed his carseat dropped off. Mom did a run to Target to look for baseball caps but they didn't have the Elmo one Keaton wanted. Mom did pick up a couple shirts for Landon, some socks for the little boys and a lot of other unnecessary stuff. Colton had a playdate at Randon's house after he got home from school. Mom walked him there and back as he rode his bike.  After school, Landon wanted to go "hang" with friends (he even wrote in his journal to get permission to go), Callahan had basketball practice, and Keaton was gone playing, so Mom got Bailey to come watch the little boys. Usually Mom walks the park during the practice, but today she stayed and chatted with Stockton's mom. One of the other good teams practices at the same time on the other half of the court, so the coach didn't want to let them see our secret "plays" so they just did drills and then actually had a scrimmage. The boys said it was the best practice ever! Mom went to play volleyball at the church after ... Landon was there with the young men and walked Mom home (it is DARK at 8:30!)  Landon: Journal, School  Callahan: School, HW, Read   Keaton: School, HW, Read

0922 (Wednesday) Colton slept in today, but it was ok, because it was a day that he could. Mom and Colton headed out to G&G's house. Mom and Grandma (and Danielle and baby Ani) went to lunch and Colton stayed with Grandpa. They played downstairs, which was just a little scary for Colton ... he thought there might be zombies. It rained and hailed today, so although we didn't get a call or email, we assumed soccer practice was canceled and didn't go. Callahan and Daddy went to do a derby for a youth activity. They did crazy stuff after with the super loop. Landon went to mutual and the little boys had baths.  Landon: School, Garbages, YMs   Callahan: Dishwasher, Flowers, School, Derby, HW, Read   Keaton: Garbages, School, HW, Puzzle, Read

0921 (Tuesday) Colton rode his bike to preschool today. We've been having problems with the internet going out, so Comcast came and looked today for a couple hours in the morning. Didn't really find anything :( Picked up multiple preschoolers, dropped one at his house and brought Randon and Bryce over to play. They played together well. Callahan had basketball at the park after school, and Keaton went with Dad to help with a derby. Mom did Dominos for dinner.  Landon: School, HW, Read to Brothers  Callahan: Dishwasher, School, HW, Read  Keaton: School, Derby

0920 (Monday) After the boys left for school, Mom and Colton went to Walmart. They got a couple character baseball caps that Keaton had requested (and was willing to pay for) ... Landon and Callahan LOVED them too. We had Addie over for a playdate during the day. Chicken for dinner and Dad went to the store and got him a new wallet ... his still hasn't shown up, although Landon's did the other day (in a pocket of shorts going through the wash).  Landon: School, Homework  Callahan: Dishwasher, School, HW, Read  Keaton: Garbages, Bedroom, School, HW, Read

0919 (Sunday) Sunday Circles ... Yea ... back in the Belgian business with our waffle mix! It was a good batch of bacon too. Cooper had a talk in primary this week. After church, there was a mixup and Cooper got left alone, poor kid. Callahan and Mom went back for him pretty quick but he was crying. We had spaghetti for dinner, and Skookie for dessert. Mom and the little boys put together a SpongeBob puzzle. There was a big fire on the mountain, we could spell the smoke in the air. Landon: Church, Homework, Laundry  Callahan: Church, Dishwasher, Little Fridge, Weights, Read   Keaton: Dishwasher, Church

Landon: 2,1,5,3,4,4,2      Total 21    Average 3         Allowance $3
Callahan: 5,3,5,5,7,5,6,   Total 36    Average 5.14    Allowance $6
Keaton: 4,1,4,2,4,3,2,      Total 20   Average 2.86    Allowance $3

0918 (Saturday) Callahan had white board practice at 8:00 and then got a ride to the game with the coach. Mom took Cooper to his 9:00 soccer game. He played the whole first half and cried when he had to take a turn sitting out. He got a goal, kicked from center field. Cooper got a ride home with Ridley and Mom hurried to Callahan's game. The team did good. Callahan wanted to stay and watch the came after, between Cole's team and Reggie's team (Reggie's team won). Mom got lots of jogging in. Picked up donuts on the way home, but they didn't have our favorites, so we just got a half dozen ... and brownies and pumpkin cookies. It was a pretty mellow day at home. Lavalee's were gone, but the boys played with Ryland and Ridley for a while. Daddy came home from his race and rested (Colton came home with him). Mom mowed the lawn and then went to the library.  Mom made toasted cheese sandwiches and Landon made malts. The boys played Uno and watched "Magic School Bus."  Landon: Tend, Malt  Callahan: Laundry, Journal, Flowers, Uno, Read  Keaton: Brother Walk, Basement, Yard PickUp, Uno

0917 (Friday) We made waffles again for breakfast ... after Landon got off to school, Colton spent the morning playing with Bradly. Maga was taking Colton for a sleepover, so Mom dropped him off at Addie's (where they both met up with Maga and took the train back to her house). Keaton had a rough day at school, a friend with a skull fracture. Dad went straight from work to Logan to a hotel to be ready for the marathon tomorrow. Mom got Dominos for dinner.  Landon: School   Callahan: School, Dishwasher, Read  Keaton: School

0916 (Thursday) Colton didn't have preschool today, but he was busy playing with Bradly in the morning, and then went to Randon's for a playdate later. Landon had an ortho appointment after school, Keaton had scouts and Callahan had basketball practice. Mom jogged the park during the practice and then came home and went to volleyball at the church.  Landon: School, Garbages, Ortho, Tend, HW Helper  Callahan: Dishwasher, School, Homework, Malt, Read   Keaton: School, Scouts, Laundry, HW

0915 (Wednesday) Colton and Mom ran to Walmart for some shopping, then Colton went to Bryce's house for a playdate. In the evening, Cooper had soccer practice, Callahan had scouts ... they ended up playing football in the gym with the older group. Gray and Landon were at the park for a stake youth activity, a flour fight and dutch oven cooking.  Landon: School, YMs, HW  Callahan: School, Flowers, Scouts, HW, Read  Keaton: School, Garbages

0914 (Tuesday) Comcast, the cable company, just did a digital switch and now to get lots of our favorite channels (Dis, Nick, TNT, ESPN, ComedyCentral, VH1), we'd have to pay more and get a box for each tv ... we don't watch a lot of tv (especially now with Netflix) but there are a few things (Jazz games being one). The boys got off to school, Colton to preschool, then Randon was over for a playdate. Callahan had basketball practice after school, Dad and Landon ran to the store to pick up some stuff for young men's tomorrow night. Mom and Dad went out on a mini.  Landon: School, HW, Read, Journal   Callahan: Flowers, Dishwasher, SCHOOL, HW, Read, Malt, Tend   Keaton: Yard Pickup, School, Read

0913 (Monday) The boys had school. Colton and Mom went to Maceys to get MILK ... the fridge is full again, yea! Colton had a playdate at Addie's house. Mom got Dominos for dinner again!  Landon: Joblist, SCHOOL, HW, Reading   Callahan: Dishwasher, SCHOOL, Little Fridge, Homework, Read   Keaton: Dishwasher, SCHOOL, Read

0912 (Sunday) Didn't even try making waffles today ... french toast instead.  Keaton had a talk in primary. Dad and Landon had a priesthood meeting in the late afternoon. Mom did some cooking in the kitchen, the hit being homemade oreos ... BUT ... we ran OUT of MILK! Not good.  Landon: Church, Priesthood Callahan: Journal, Church, Allowance, Workout, Flowers, Wii Fit Keaton: Dishwasher, Church

Landon: 2,3,2,4,3,1,1,     Total 17   Average 2.4   Allowance $2
Callahan: 4,4,5,5,5,6,4,   Total 33   Average 4.7   Allowance $5
Keaton: 1,3,2,5,2,2,3,      Total 18   Average 2.5   Allowance $2.5

0911 (Saturday) C&K (and Dad) were up early to put up flags with the scouts. Then Dad went on a trail run and Mom took Cooper to his soccer game. Maga came to watch and stopped by the house after to say hi to the other boys. There was a garage sale across the street, and the boys (and even Maga) did some shopping. There was a nice new fuseball table that they were selling raffle tickets for ... Maga bought one, and she won! It will go perfectly in her big new basement. Dad can't find his wallet, everyone looked and looked for it all day :(  Landon made a solar oven for school and tried "cooking" nachos and a hotdog. Callahan took a tumble on a scooter. We did Dominos for dinner. Landon: Lawn Mower Away, HW   Callahan: Flags, Flowers, BB, Read    Keaton: Flags

0910 (Friday) Colton was still feeling a bit sick. He took some medicine and felt better, so he and Mommy went to the store. He fell asleep right before it was time to go pick up the kids from Columbia. Mom had to wake poor baby to put him in the car. A gazillion kids were over in the afternoon, chasing each other through the yards, hopping fences and climbing on the trailer, which Mom has said NOT to do over and over and over again! Dad was home late, so everyone just stayed in for the evening.  Landon: Laundry (finally!), SCHOOL, HW  Callahan: Dishwasher, SCHOOL, LegoRoom, Read  Keaton: Bedroom, SCHOOL, Garbages

0909 (Thursday) Cool and rainy this morning. We still walked to preschool, but it did sprinkler on the stroller a bit (Mom leaves it there at the preschool and just walks home and back for pickup). Had Bryce over for a playdate. Mom had volleyball in the evening. Poor Colton fell asleep on the couch and woke up sick.  Landon: SCHOOL, HW  Callahan: Dishwasher, SCHOOL, HW, Read, Dishwasher  Keaton: SCHOOL, HW

0908 (Wednesday) Daddy was up UBER early. Callahan had an ortho appointment in the morning, it took a lot longer than Mom had thought, as they put in back braces and a retainer for the roof of his mouth. It will take some getting used to. Mom dropped Callahan off at school and then she and Colton hit Walmart for a little shopping, and bought a new bike for the little boys (the tiny old one just wasn't working, even though Daddy put the training wheels back on it). Addie came over for a playdate. We dropped her home and picked up Landon, and Colton fell asleep in the car. Mom left Landon tending him while she went to pick up the other boys ... Landon LEFT him and went to hang out with friends ... so he's grounded! Cooper had soccer practice, Callahan had scouts and Landon had mutual, which was a "Fear Factor" thing ... yuck!  Landon: JobList, SCHOOL, HW, YMs   Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, HW, Scouts, Read   Keaton: Yard Pickup, SCHOOL, HW, Garbages, Laundry

0907 (Tuesday) Happy Birthday Landon! His main gift was making Dad's old Iphone officially his, but he got a few small things too (a couple hackysacks, legos, a new UofU backpack). Picture day at school. Colton had preschool and then a playdate. For dinner we had french dip and then yummy cookies and cream ice cream cake. Landon: Turn 15, School, HW Callahan: School, Dishwasher, HW, Read Story, Weights Keaton: School, HW

0906 (Monday) Labor Day. Gray and Clay went for a long run in the morning (20miles). Landon went to hang out with friends all afternoon and evening, while the rest of the family went to Tepanyaki for an early dinner.  Landon: Journal  Callahan: Journal, Flowers, Little Fridge, Read, Read to Brothers  Keaton: Flag, Dishwasher

0905 (Sunday) Callahan bore his testimony in church today. In the evening, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a birthday bash ... celebrating Rella, Taylee, Cooper, Keaton, Landon and Chris. We had the chocolate cake and white cake and ice cream and cookies. Landon: CHURCH  Callahan: CHURCH, Dishwasher, Garbages, Allowance Add Up  Keaton: Flowers, CHURCH, Bedroom

Landon: 3,1,3,3,2,3,2  Total 17, Average 2.43 Allowance $2.00
Callahan: 7,6,6,6,5,4,2 Total 36, Average 5.14 Allowance $5.00
Keaton 3,5,5,1,5,4,1 Total 24, Average 3.43 Allowance $3.00 

0904 (Saturday) No sports today, so Mom and Dad went out to breakfast. Dad gave the little boys much needed haircuts, then Mom gave them a bath and the tub was filthy after. Dad took the older three boys to see a movie in the afternoon (Sorcerer's Apprentice). Callahan got invited to a Real soccer game, and Landon went back to the movies with friends (Dad had to drive and pick them up).  Landon: Tend, Lawn Edge   Callahan: Bedroom, Flowers   Keaton: Lego Room

0903 (Friday) Late Start for Landon, Early Out for the other boys. Mom and Dad went to Desert Star in the evening. Landon: Job List, SCHOOL, Tend   Callahan: Flowers, SCHOOL, Garbages, Read   Keaton: Yard Pickup, SCHOOL, Dishwasher

0902 (Thursday) Colton had preschool and then Randon came over to play. Keaton had scouts in the evening, then Dad took him to look for a sleeve for his Ipod (but nothing fit it). Mom went and played volleyball.  Landon: Laundry, School Callahan: Flowers, School, Laundry, HW, Read Keaton: Bedroom, School, Dishwasher, Scouts, HW

0901 (Wednesday) Mom and Colton went to Walmart in the morning and got some school supplies for Landon. The middle school doesn't let the kids carry backpacks between classes, so he needed a nice, big binder. After shopping, Colton went to Addie's house for a playdate. Cooper had soccer practice in the evening, and Callahan had scouts, and Landon had mutual.  Landon: SCHOOL, HW, YMs  Callahan: Flowers, Journal, SCHOOL, HW, SCOUTS, Read to Little Boys   Keaton: SCHOOL

Landon O'le

Landon's Spanish class made a little music video ... I guess Landon DID inherit some of my dramatic flair ... who knew? My kid is the one in the hat and mustache!

... and then they did it again ...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fear Factor!

During the month of September the youth had several "fun" activities ... one week for mutual it was ... Fear Factor! The above picture is Landon in the "Ice Cream Drop" portion of the activity. One kid would lay on the ground holding a cup above their face, while another youth would climb a ladder and drop ice cream ... trying to get it into the cup. There were other gross activities ... one was swallowing a live goldfish. YUCK! But I think the youth were entertained.
Then at the neighborhood park, the kids were given nylon stockings filled with flour ... you can see the results! And a couple weeks before that, it was paintball (below) ... I guess it all keeps the kids coming!
The month culminated in a Court of Honor where Landon received his "Life" ... next up, Eagle.

Family Photos

The family was all in town, so the entire Blackham/Bailey clan got together for a family photo. We went to Wheeler Farm, and although I've been there before, I hadn't really noticed that it has a ton of nice picture places. Of course getting everyone there was the challenge. You should have heard my boys moaning and groaning ... "Why do we have to go take pictures?" "Do we have to smile?" "We have to wear PANTS? It's HOT!" I'd had to run around in the days preceding to locate brown shirts for everyone, the boys did NOT want to wear brown socks and shoes. I brought my own camera and tried to take a few shots of the boys myself ... they were less than cooperative and then the camera battery died. But it is good to have a nice family photo *Ü*

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alarmed *Ü*

Every weekday at about 3:00, we pick up Landon (and company ... carpool) from the middle school. We get home and have just 45 minutes or so before it's time to head to the elementary school to pick up the Columbia Kids Carpool ... during those 45 minutes ... Colton takes off. He's usually fairly close, downstairs, or at one of two neighbor's homes ... but trying to locate him quickly so that we can leave has proved problematic (he's always the last place I look!). So I bought him a watch and set the alarm. Every day at 3:55 the watch starts to beep, and Colton knows he is supposed to come find me because it's time to leave. I'm SO happy to report, it's been a couple of weeks since we first bought the watch, and it's working like a charm!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Games on the Go

While we're out driving in the car, we play many of the usual travel games. The boys have been spotting VW Bugs for as long as I can remember... I do try to discourage the "slug" part of that game (don't the kids hit each other enough?) When Cooper noticed certain little cars carried his name, we started to point out Mini Coopers as well. As the older boys got interested in "cool" cars, they would oooh and ahhh over as we would see them on the road (cool cars being a Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Charger, Corvette, etc.) I have to say I'm pretty good at pointing them out now too *Ü*

I know there are many variations of the "License Plate Game" ... spotting all the letters in alphabetical order, making words from the letters, sighting different states ... Cooper especially LOVES finding plates from different states. The boys also call out patterns in the numbers or letters ... if they are double or triple, or "skippy" (the same number or letter with one number or letter in between).

So if you're ever in the car with us, don't be surprised to hear the kids (or me) calling out "Mustang" or "Skippy Two" or "Look, Texas" ... in fact, the picture at the top I took because I Cooper had fallen asleep during our drive and I happened to have my camera on my lap ... I knew he would be sad if he missed the "Triple O from Idaho" ...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon!

We don't have "friend" birthday parties every year, but we do usually get together with family to celebrate the boy's birthdays. Last Sunday, the Blackham Bunch got together, and this Sunday, it was the Westra side. We celebrated Cooper, Keaton and Landon (as Cooper and Keaton blew out candles last week, we let Landon have the honor this week). We also celebrated cousins Rella and Taylee, and Uncle Chris. The end of August/first week of September is busy for birthdays! Just like last week (and last year), we brought the two yummy cakes (one white buttercream, one chocolate fudge) and like last week, the chocolate cake was almost gone, while there was still half the white cake left. We didn't bring any leftovers home with us this week though (too tempting). Landon's actual birthday was today, and Landon got lots of Facebook birthday wishes. His main gift was making his ownership of Dad's old Iphone official (no service, so basically an Ipod Touch ... Landon had absconded with it when Gray upgraded to the Iphone4). He also got a couple hackysacks, some Silly Bandz, and a UofU backpack. For dinner he requested french dip and of course ... we finished up with MORE cake (this time, an Oreo Ice Cream cake ... yum!). Here's a look back at the last 15 years!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last but not Least

Colton and his new Buzz Backpack

The Columbia kids started school first, then Landon was off to Elkridge ... and last but NOT least, Colton started preschool. He's back at Ms. Cindy's, where he went last year. This year, it is three hours twice a week (last year it was just two hour days). The preschool is right in the neighborhood, so (weather permitting) Mommy walks Colton there in the stroller. Colton loves school, loves seeing friends and just really does NOT like being home alone with just Mom. I was worried about how he would do, now that Cooper is in school ALL day (instead of the half day kindergarten like last year) and it is tough. As soon as the brothers are gone, Colton wants to check with the two nearby neighbors to play, and if they aren't home ... it isn't good. So I have arranged set playdates four afternoons each week, and that is helping. I think Colton will be very ready for kindergarten next year.
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