Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colton's Coach

Through the years, as we've had the boys in various sports, I've thought about trying my hand at coaching. For the younger kids, you really don't need to know that much about the sport, but soccer actually is something I have some experience in. I played it all through my elementary and middle school years, and even spent a summer in an adult league a couple years ago. I almost volunteered during Keaton's last soccer season, but the main thing standing in the way is scheduling conflicts. With FOUR boys in sports this Spring, I was sure there would be some scheduling conflicts. And I'd purposely signed up Colton and Cooper with friends, so that I could just send them if Callahan and Keaton's basketball games overlapped with scheduled soccer. Our mornings were crazy, with Callahan, Keaton and Cooper all having overlapping games somewhere between 9:00-12:00, but Colton's games were during the week or later in the afternoon on Saturday. So after the first couple games, when the coach asked for someone to take over the team, I thought this would be a good time to try it out.

It was a good experience. Often from the sidelines I know I've thought "Oh, the coach isn't giving the kids equal playing time" or "he should pull out our best kids and give the other team a chance to score" ... so now I got a chance to do just that. Trying to rotate the kids in and out? That was hard to keep track of, everything was hard to keep track of there in the middle of it all ("oh, you just scored a goal, good job!") Sometimes I do get frustrated with lack of communication (practice/games being canceled and not getting a call) and felt like I did well there ... maybe I'll offer to be TeamMom, get out the treat schedule and be in charge of reminder calls and such. While I've been slow to start texting, I can see that texts are a wonderful way for a coach to contact the team.

So, the final game was the final day of May, and I have to admit being a little glad it's done *Ü* It was fun, but I think I'm ready to return to the sidelines ... with camera in hand of course! Here's one more little soccer video, Callahan was behind the camera as I was on the field, only fair as I've filmed a TON of his games!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paracord Projects

Have you heard of Paracord? Until a few weeks ago, I hadn't ever heard of the stuff, but now, it has completely overrun the Blackham household! Several years ago, Grayson invested in some boondoggle, introducing it to the scouts during campouts. While it had been a hit, he wanted something new this year ... and he discovered paracord. It is a nylon rope originally used for parachutes during World War II ... now one of it's uses is for crafts. It can be woven or braided into bracelets or lanyards, and let me tell you, the kids think they are pretty darn cool!

It took a while for Grayson to even find the stuff, none of the local craft stores carried it. He finally ordered some online and it took forever to come. But once in hand, the kids (and Grayson) went a little crazy! Paracord Passion took over. Every time I turned around, Gray or the kids were looking up websites finding new weaves and projects. The kids would be busy working on wristbands and showing off their completely work. We did find a couple stores that did carry paracord in every color imaginable (Smith and Edwards, Army Surplus) and it wasn't long until WE had lengths of colored cord which soon made it's way into a variety of wristbands, not only for MY boys, but for pretty much all the neighbor kids as well. I'd come home to find a dozen or so kids gathered around Grayson in the garage ... and he has yet to even introduce the stuff to the scouts!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wrapping Up Spring Sports

It was actually a sunny Saturday! After so many rainy ones, it was very welcome. Today WOULD have been Cooper's last game. He only played two (and a half). We had been told eight games when we signed up, then only seven were scheduled... then with the soggy spring, I think the team only got to play six. But friends were nice enough to bring Cooper his trophy at the end of the season, and he was thrilled to get it!

It was a busy sports day again. Keaton's Game was at 11:00, Callahan's Game was at 1:00. They both won. Callahan's team was 8-0, Keaton's team was 7-1. These were the final games of the spring season for the basketball boys, but both of them are signing up for summer. After basketball we rushed right to Colton's soccer game at 2:00. Today WOULD have been Colton's last game too, but Gene Fullmer did reschedule the poor game that was rained out THREE times. It will be May31 to finish up that season *Ü*

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyond Basic Bowling

I've posted previously about Blackham Bowling ... off-track time or as a family, it's something we've enjoyed. Recently, we've had other "bowling" opportunities too, beyond the basics. While at Grandma and Grandpa's house, the boys started up the WiiSports. Cooper was pretty impressed with his score here (a strike, followed by all spares) and wanted me to take a picture. Since then, the boys have come home and started playing WiiSports here too. I don't think they had played it in over a year, but it's once again a favorite for everyone. Funny, the cycles kids go through.

For Easter, we got this little bowling game, and the kids (and friends) have really enjoyed it. I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet! It's been out since Easter and is in daily use.

And then back to Allstar Lanes ... not for off-track bowling, but to try their "After School Bash" which is quite the deal! Available Mon-Fri from 2:30-5:30, for $7, kids get two hours of bowling (including the shoe rental), a small drink AND a card to use in the arcade with $5 worth of credit on it! Callahan commented "I don't know how they make a profit" ... then he went to play in the arcade, came back just a few minutes later saying he had spent all his credits and could he have more money, and could I buy everyone something to eat. Therein lies the answer, but it still is a great deal. The kids really only did one and a half games of bowling. The half was because there was an error and we had to start over. Callahan was NOT happy, because he had started on a streak, a TURKEY (three strikes in a row). As we moved to the new lane and started over, he didn't do nearly as well and he was pretty frustrated. It's just a game ... I pretty much just aim to break 100 if possible *Ü*

Just one final "beyond bowling" tidbit ... if you haven't seen Jim Gaffigan's bit on bowling, it's pretty funny (and he's quite clean for a comedian!) Gray and I went and saw him a couple years ago when he came to Utah.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Riding a Razor

Colton has a little friend named Randon ... now this can be a bit confusing for our family, as we have a Landon, and as Colton still has trouble pronouncing many letters ... he says both names exactly the same (Wandon). Anyway, Randon and his dad (and his dog ... see Daisy there in the back), came over in the four wheeler and offered Colton a ride. I was inside and it was about time to pick up the boys from school when Colton came in and asked if he could go for a ride with Randon. I said no, as I had to leave and I'm not comfortable with him riding his bike unsupervised. I didn't realize he meant a ride in their cool little car. Colton was SO sad, and SO mad at me. After we returned with the boys, I texted Randon's family saying IF they were out and about again, Colton would love a ride. They were so nice and came back over. So much fun!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sports

Go Colton!
Love the tongue hanging out *Ü*
Here's the weekly update for our sports filled Saturdays ...
  • First up was Callahan, with a 9:00 game. He LOVES the early games ... he hates waiting. In the first moments of the game, the other team was actually ahead! We had made one basket, then the other team made a three. That was the first time the entire season the opposing team has lead. It didn't last long though, it was an easy win for the team. Highlights here.
  • Keaton's game was at 12:00. For the first time, I used my new video camera I got for Mother's Day (I didn't use it for Callahan's game, as I have been using a program to make his muvees which can't handle the advanced files the new HD camcorders produce ... I have been using an alternate version for Keaton's games, trying to get used to the new program, in anticipation of needing to make the switch). Anyway, they won ... highlights here.
  • Colton had his soccer game at 2:00 and another on Monday at 5:30 (it was a little chilly!). Colton is a really good little soccer player. He does need to learn to control the ball a bit (sometimes it gets away from him when he's on a fast break), but he's got the dribbling and shooting down and always knows which way to go. I really love watching him play, which ironically as coach ... I actually don't see as much, being right in the middle of the action and trying to keep track of all the kids. I went back and took the video I had taken of the first couple games (before I took over coaching) and made a little muvee ... so Colton's Soccer is now on YouTube as well. *Ü*

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Elmo Attire

Hey everybody ... it's Elmo's World! I'm really not sure where my kids learned to love Elmo. In this world with Disney Channel and Nickleodeon (we actually don't have these channels now, but we did a few years ago), I don't know that they've really watched much, if any Sesame Street. But they still LOVE Elmo. The hats, the shirts ...
Colton even has elmo socks!
and while I'm NOT including a photo here on the blog...
Landon has some Elmo underwear too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fairies and Facebook

So ... Cooper lost another tooth. It was one of the top, front ones ... it had been hanging on for a while (much to Mommy's chagrin ... "Wanna look at me twist my tooth Mommy?" .... no thank you!) Anyway, as mentioned in previous posts, we've had a little trouble with our tooth redemption. We have one flaky fairy! She forgets, puts the money in wrong places ... really, I'm not sure what her problem is. This time however, she actually delivered! Not only money ($1) but also a pack of basketball cards! How did she know that Cooper loves those? Now ... I happened to post on Facebook the evening of the lost tooth. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy has Facebook, and if that is what helped remind her of her job that night? Hmmmmmm .... *Ü*

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ah Mother's Day ... I'm not a big fan (the same goes for birthdays and other similar stuff ... sorry. I do really like Christmas and Thanksgiving though *Ü*). I got cards from the kids and flowers from hubby (aren't they pretty? I have to take pictures, as the flowers fade but the floral photo will always be around).

Another gift from Grayson was a new video camera. If you follow this blog, you're probably aware I enjoy making muvees, especially of the kids sporting events. Grayson doesn't quite understand the need to capture EVERY game ... so I laughed a little that he got me something that will encourage me to do that even more *Ü* I had just been using my digital camera for videos (not even a camcorder) ... I went around the house giving my new gadget a quick test run ...

Landon spoke in Sacrament Meeting. The kids sang a couple songs (I was the substitute chorister for the day). We got our yummy truffle at the end of the meeting. Colton had the talk in Primary. We had seen Pam yesterday at Thanksgiving Point, so we went out to visit my folks Sunday... played some games and ate brownies. Happy Mother's Day!

Tulip Festival

Every year, Thanksgiving Point hosts their Tulip Festival. Gray and I always talked about going, but this was the first year we actually made it (we'd been to the gardens once before, but not during tulip time). Maga was the one who initiated it, we met her and Aunt Ana and cousin Aiden there. We took all the boys except Landon, who was working on a school assignment at a friend's house.

The flowers were fabulous ...

The kids enjoyed seeing the HUGE carp swimming in the lake ... Colton is smiling in the forefront of the picture above, but if you look in the upper left hand corner of the photo, you might be able to see Aiden sprawled on the wood deck looking down at the fish, with Callahan right there keeping an eye on him. Callahan was the official "Aiden chaser" and it was quite the job! "Quick Callahan, go grab him before he falls in the water. Get him before he runs down the hill. Oh dear, he's climbed onto someone's golf cart ... Callahan, go grab him before he hits the gas ..." *Ü*

It was a lot of walking, but the boys seemed to enjoy it. As we had purchased the entrance tickets, I noticed that you could rent wagons, strollers, wheelchairs ... a golf cart ... and a SEGWAY (if you've seen Arrested Development or Paul Blart Mall Cop, you know what I'm talking about). As we walked, I was wishing we had rented a segway ... not so much because the walking was too tiring -- but how often would the kids get the chance to ride on a segway? And it was only $20 for the rental (Grayson laughed SO hard when I pointed that out, as I had complained about the $10 entrance fee ... but come on, a segway!). Had Landon been with us, I think the segway would have happened, as it would have been too unique an experience to pass up. Of course, it wouldn't have helped on the stairs in the picture above ...

Callahan was always on the look out for drinking fountains ... and here at the falls, he wanted me to take a picture that LOOKED like he was taking a drink. I'm not sure that it really worked out ...

Oh ... such cute flower faces ...
(those are really big head holes!)

Of course we had to stop for snacks at the food vendors ... Grayson bought churros for everyone (except Colton, who wanted a ring pop). Everyone complained a bit as they weren't ready immediately ... but then commented that they were best when made fresh ... worth the wait.

In the children's garden, there were little iron animals all around, in the picture above, Colton is reacting to a snake, while Aiden attacks at coyote in the background. In the picture below, Colton gives a little love to a rhino on Noah's Ark ...

A final floral family photo
(sans Landon ... and a segway)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Another busy Saturday ... full of not only sports, but also scouting activities! Callahan was up and off early (before 7:00) to go with the scouts to the West Jordan museum for some service. Keaton had the first game at 9:00 ... they won. You can see the highlights here. After Keaton's game, he and Dad went on a scouting activity to the Great Salt Lake and were gone most of the morning.

Callahan had taken all his basketball stuff with him to the scout activity, and it was within walking distance of the rec center, so he just headed over himself when it was time (10:00 game). I was late getting there from Keaton's game, so his video is the shortest one yet (I missed almost the entire first quarter ... Callahan kept track of his baskets though, saying he did make four points not captured on film). Again, an easy win, although it was the best team we'd played this season (Cole and Hunter).

If it weren't for the broken arm, we would have then been rushing from Callahan's basketball game to Cooper's soccer game ... but alas, I don't think Cooper will be getting any more games in this season. We went to the doctor on Thursday, I'm no expert, but the x-ray didn't look good :( They changed out the cast, so Cooper is now sporting a bright green one (still a long arm cast above the elbow).

We did have Colton's soccer game in the afternoon. Colton's coach got a promotion at work and wasn't going to be able to be at the remaining games, so they had asked for someone to take over. I volunteered ... and boy, it's harder than it looks! Trying to keep track of all the kids so they get equal playing time, some didn't want to play at all, giving high fives, getting kids in position ... I think we won ... it's amazing how much you miss when you are right in the middle of it all. Both teams got several goals in though, so I think all the kids had fun. Pictures afterward ... maybe I'll update this post when I get them back *Ü*

Friday, May 6, 2011

Off Track Activities

Bowling Boys
Off track ... this Spring it was for FOUR weeks! But we kept busy. Of course there was off-track bowling. The Blackham Boys ALWAYS go bowling when they are off track. I'm not sure how many years we've been doing it now, but it's been several. In addition to the three Blackham Boys, we took friends Travis, Ryland and Ridley. For Cooper, it was broken arm bowling AGAIN (he's getting good at his bowling left handed). This will be Callahan's LAST time participating in the off-track bowling as he will be going to middle school next year (but Colton is looking forward to joining his older brothers ... he did get to go with them on the first day as his preschool had a break).

Park Play
We also went to the park to play. Again, we took friends Travis and Jacob, and met friends Mara, Marc and Tony there. It was wonderful weather, not too hot, and not too crowded.

Inflatable Fun
And then there was Jump and Bounce (previously "JumpingJacks ... we hadn't been since it changed ownership and we were surprised at all the changes). I had purchased a Groupon for a month pass a while back, and thought this off-track time would be the perfect time to redeem it. We went the first week the kids were off track and the boys had a blast. We planned to go several more times ... then Cooper broke his arm :(

We did still make a couple more trips in ... once taking Travis (above), another time taking Jacob and Bailey (pictured below). Even Landon went ... he's not in the picture below because he is an ornery teenager and doesn't always obey his mommy, especially when it comes to cameras. Just FYI ... when we went a couple years ago, Landon broke HIS arm jumping off one of the large inflatables. This was the first time Landon had gone back... luckily, without incident.

We also went once in the evening, meeting friends Mara, Marc and Tony there... it was less crowded than during the day, which was surprising to me. Our month pass still has a week left, so hopefully we'll get in one more visit after school hours.

Cooper still went with us after he broke his arm. He was a good sport, and sat waiting with Mom in the lounge. I brought books, puzzles, Ipods, etc. to help entertain (yes, in the picture above he's playing a game on one Ipod touch while a movie is playing on another one). To reward him for his patience, Mom and Cooper went out to lunch at Golden Corral, one of Cooper's favorite spots ... although I think he'd be happy with just the dessert bar (just the ice cream in fact!).

So, we probably would have done a little more during the off-track time, if we didn't have the broken arm to deal with. I did drop off the older boys (plus Ryland and Travis) at Nicklemania one day. We thought about a movie, but that didn't materialize. The kids were pretty happy just playing and hanging out. The Wii got a workout, and the basketball hoop was in fairly constant use. And while the boys are great kids and I don't mind having them around, it will be nice to get back to school and back to a routine to finish up the year. I just hope we can get up in the mornings after sleeping in!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bicycle Boy

Teaching a child to ride a bike ... this has NOT been a strong suit for us. I remember when Landon was little, I saw others his age out riding, but we just hadn't made it a priority. He did eventually get there. I do distinctly remember Grayson running behind Callahan, teaching him, (probably because I took pictures and made a scrapbook page, see it here). For Keaton ... it was actually our babysitter who ran behind him and got him going (I was pregnant and Gray had just had surgery for his Achilles, so neither of us were really able to that summer). With our last two little boys, the belated-bike riding has been even more pronounced, as ALL the little neighbors have been out on bikes at very young ages (the boy next door was riding without training wheels at age two or three!). The original bike used by the first three boys had fallen apart, so I had purchased a new one last year. Both Cooper and Colton had ridden some, with the training wheels, but hadn't had a lot of practice. This past week, Colton came home from a friend's house and said he wanted to try his bike without the training wheels. I wasn't sure we were ready for that step, but Colton proved me wrong. He borrowed a neighbor's bike ... and he was off. I have to admit I was a little surprised! Daddy did go ahead and take off the training wheels ( ... Cooper has yet to master bike riding, but with a broken arm, it isn't in the immediate future) and Colton LOVES going out and showing off his new skills!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

America's Funniest (Scariest?) Videos

America's Funniest Videos ... it was a bit of a family tradition, we would gather on Sunday night to watch and laugh. That is, until Cooper developed a completely irrational but uncontrollable fear of the host, Tom Bergeron. Yes, that's right ... the face to the left would send my young son screaming from the room. If you are familiar with the show, you might remember when one of the showcases was taking regular funny videos, and superimposing Tom's enlarged head onto the subject. He'd make funny faces and it was supposed to cause laughter ... but for some reason it completely freaked Cooper out! We tried to capture his reaction on video, thinking THAT footage would very likely make it onto the show (I'll have to go through our old video files, I can't remember if we were successful). While it was funny, it was also quite sad. Ultimately, we gave up watching AFV, as if it was on, poor Cooper wouldn't dare enter the kitchen/family room area.

Last week, my mom forwarded an email saying a distant relative had a clip on the show. When Sunday rolled around, I went ahead and turned on the tv and for the first time in years, AFV was on. The older boys were laughing ... oh how I love to watch them laugh. Cooper came upstairs and we all watched for his reaction with bated breath. He gave a small start when he saw what show it was ... we encouraged him to give it a try, and he did!

Cooper watching AFV with his brothers ... it doesn't sound like much of a milestone, but actually, it is! We'll have to see if AFV returns as a family tradition ...

Daily Doings (May2011)

0531 (Tuesday) Busy day! Last day of the month. Mom took the car in a couple of repair places (the first place said it would be $450, the second did it for $130), then back to the inspection place and the car is legal. Insurance stuff still too ... was able to pick up some paperwork Humana had asked for (physician's findings from the stress test), so that is now scanned and emailed in, although who knows if it will make a difference. Gray had an episode during work, had to lay and rest for a while. Made it home ok and still did the derby in the evening, with Callahan and Keaton both helping. Mom and Colton went to his last soccer game, up at Kearns, as the WJ fields are "closed" during prep for a big tournament coming up. Pictures and trophies handed out ... actually a little relieved it's over (coaching) ... Colton may play summer with Clay. Landon went over to the church for Jacob Adam's Eagle presentation.

0530 (Monday) Memorial Day, but the guys didn't get to sleep in because of course they had flag duty. Daddy then made the boys clean (bathrooms even). Mom ran to the store (Cooper and Keaton went too) then Dad and Landon went carp fishing, but didn't see any fish.

0529 (Sunday) Sunday circles for breakfast. Church. Gingersnaps for the Sunday treat.

0528 (Saturday) Busy Day. Dad and Landon left early for a bike ride with the scouts. Mom and Callahan went to his 9:00 AAU game. They got beat again (a team from Idaho), had an ok game ... next game will be the hardest, as that team has beaten both teams that beat us. Stopped for donuts on the way home. 11:00 it was Colton's preschool graduation at the library, Daddy and Cooper came too. Back home and to Callahan's game at 1:00 ... there was a kid on the team who looked like he was in high school, had to be 6". It was pretty discouraging for our boys. Callahan took a hard fall near the end of the game and was out. Well, this tournament has been an experience! Dad worked in the garage, Mom mowed the back lawn, then they met the Westra Clan for dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse. Rain again! Heart.

0527 (Friday) During the day, Mom and Colton went to get the car inspected, unfortunately it didn't pass (brake lights) so there's one more thing on the to do list. A little sun today, Mom mowed the front lawn. Callahan had an AAU game in the evening. They lost but Callahan had a great game and it was good to see the boys challenged a bit. Mom and Dad went to Sam's Club after.

0526 (Thursday) Last day of preschool for Colton. Mom dropped him off then went to The District to fax some paperwork in, but the place wasn't open. Came home and scanned stuff in to fax from here. Colton had playdate after school. Mom got a little sunshine. Callahan had basketball practice in the evening. The younger boys  came and played at the park during the practice. Then we went to the school for an ice cream party. Dad and Landon had a derby.

0525 (Wednesday) Colton got to sleep in this morning :) There weren't any friends around, so he was pretty bored. Mom and Colton went out to run some errands (post office, Gene Fullmer). Randon called and invited Colton to go with them to the park, so that saved the day. Mom was busy with insurance paperwork and stuff. In the evening, Dad and Landon went on a bike ride with the scouts. Callahan went with his scout group to do a service project.

0524 (Tuesday) Again, Mom had to drag Colton out of bed. He was dropped off early at Randon's house as Mom took Cooper to the doctor. There, they took off the cast and were going to send us home, but Cooper said his arm still hurt and Mom was worried about it being unprotected (it's just been five weeks, he had a cast on for eight weeks with the last break, which wasn't as bad). Also, maybe we weren't ready to SEE the arm again, so thin and it didn't heal straight. There is an obvious bend and bump. The doctor says it will straighted out with time as the body "remodels" ... we hope so! Seeing our apprehension, they did recast the arm for a couple more weeks (still above the elbow) - florescent yellow this time. Playdate here today, then Dad and Keaton went to a derby. Callahan had basketball practice at the park.

0523 (Monday) Colton was so tired this morning. Normally he could sleep in, but Landon had a dentist appointment early, so Mom had to wake Colton and take off as soon as the boys left for school. Colton had a playdate with Addie today, he took his bike and loved going over a little ramp at the house next door there. The big tv in the family is broken. It's quite old and has had weird lines on it for a while, so it's not really a surprise. Mom and Dad went out in the evening to check on new tvs, but it's overwhelming, they didn't buy anything. Spaghetti for dinner.

0522 (Sunday) Sunday circles then church. Raining again! A bit of a frustrating evening with homework issues, insurance paperwork, bills, etc. Mom made cookies for Landon's devotional tomorrow.

0521 (Saturday) Daddy went into work for the morning. Mom started the day with four miles on the treadmill then mowed the lawn. Keaton's game was at 11:00, Callahan came to watch, then Mom dropped them both off at Gene Fullmer (Callahan's game was at 1:00). She ran home for a few things and then back for Callahan's game (against Steve's team). Then it was off to the soccer fields. Maga had dropped Colton off but then taken Cooper home. It was actually a pretty day with sunshine! So nice.

0520 (Friday) Keaton and Cooper headed off for school, Landon had late start, and Callahan stuck around too, because it was Lagoon Day (for DARE graduates). The weather actually wasn't too bad (we had worried it would be raining all day). Early out for the Columbia kids. Maga called, picking up Addie for a sleepover (Clay is running the Ogden Marathon tomorrow ... Gray had signed up but ...) and wanted to know if Colton wanted to go too. He did, so did Cooper. Mom hurried and packed them bags and they were off. With only Keaton and Landon home, the house was very quiet! Mom took Keaton to get a video game, as he was pretty bored without brothers around. Date night, but Daddy got home late and was tired.

0519 (Thursday) Colton had preschool then a playdate, so Mom went in for a pedicure! It rained almost the entire day. So soggy. Dad stopped at a store and picked up more paracord, many colors, the kids are excited. Mom went to volleyball in the evening and came home to find multiple neighbor kids in the garage making parachord bracelets.

0518 (Wednesday) Richard Hansen came over in the morning to fix the hole in the wall downstairs. Mom and Colton went to Walmart, then Colton played with Bradley. Left a little early for Middle School Carpool and exchanged some movies at Blockbuster and grabbed some crazy bread. The older boys and Dad had mutual, skits with MormanAds and random props. Mom made homemade oreos (successfully this time).

0517 (Tuesday) After getting all the boys off to school, Mom picked up some groceries. Preschool pickup, then a playdate here with both Randon and Jeffery. Insurance stuff, muvee making ... Keaton had both basketball practice and pack meeting tonight. Dad made him go to pack meeting, but he ended up having a great time as there was an Xbox Kinect to try.

0516 (Monday) The repairman for the A/C came in the morning and worked for a couple of hours ... although it has cooled down a lot and who knows when we'll want the A/C ... we've had to turn the heat back on. Colton was a little bored after the kids left for school. He did play with Regan and Bradley a bit, then they had to go. We ended up inviting Randon over to play. Colton had a soccer game at 5:30 ... he was dressed uber early for it though! Callahan came and videotaped it with Mom's new camcorder. It was pretty cool. Colton scored several goals and was unhappy when he had to take a turn being out. Mom made some muffins and homemade oreos today ... and goofed them both up! Leftover frenchdip for dinner. Dad had a dizzy spell :(

0515 (Sunday) Sleep in ...Sunday Circles. Windy day! The men (Daddy, Landon and Callahan among them) sang "Priesthood Men" in Sacrament meeting. After church we went up to Maga's for Adrian's birthday. We brought Colton's bike, and Addie brought hers too, so they went on a bike ride with Maga.

0514 (Saturday) Busy day today. Gray was off early, helping out with the "neighborhood cleanup". Mom took Callahan to his basketball game at 9:00. Maga showed up, Callahan ended up staying later and then coming home with her. Mom stopped for donuts on the way home. Cooper's soccer team was playing at 10:30, Mom asked if Cooper wanted to go cheer them on and say hi, but he didn't want to. Keaton's game was at noon, Maga came to watch and Mom tried out her new video camera.  Then it was home for just a bit and then off to Colton's soccer game. We were missing a few (Randon was gone, plus the other two coaches kids), one kid was there but refused to play. Colton did great, getting in several goals. We got rained on a bit. Back at home we prepped for Grandma and Grandpa coming over (belated Mother's Day BBQ). As usual, it was yummy! We played games afterward (spoons, Farkle and Progressive Rummy).

0513 (Friday) Friday the 13th, oooooohh. Friday French Toast for breakfast. After the boys were off to school, Mom took Colton up to the soccer park and let him ride his bike around while she tried to keep up jogging. Back at home, Colton got in a swimsuit and ran through sprinklers while Mom mowed the back lawn. It was a HOT day and out AC doesn't work, makes for a hot house. After getting the boys home from school, Mom took Callahan, Keaton and Colton (and friends Jacob, Baily and Travis) to Jump and Bounce. It was hot there too. There were a bunch of older teenagers running around, the the friends had money stolen, too bad. Back home in time for Callahan's 7:00 basketball practice, only to find out it had again been changed to 6:00. Callahan was SO mad/sad about missing it. Mom and Dad went to a movie "Source Code".

0512 (Thursday) Mom dropped Landon at a dentist appointment at 8:00, came back home to get the other boys off to school, then got back just as he finished up. Dropped him off at school then ran to Savers (had a 30% off coupon, found some jerseys for the boys) and walked through Quilted Bear.  Mom went and played volleyball in the evening.

0511 (Wednesday) Ran to Sam's Club then had Randon over for a playdate. Bradley and Reagan were around too. Lovely day out. The boys and Gray had scouts in the evening.

0510 (Tuesday) Got all the boys off to school, then Mom went shopping at Walmart. At home, she it was time to fill out the health insurance application ... it took two and a half hours! Then Cooper called from school saying his arm was hurting. Mom went to take him some medicine, but ended up bringing him home (and he seemed ok enough to play the rest of the day). Colton played at Randon's after school. Mom usually picks him up on the way to get Landon, but today he stayed until late! Mom took his bike up and had him ride home. Keaton had basketball practice. Mom filled out the paperwork for taking over as coach for Colton's soccer team, then jogged the park. Daddy didn't get home until late, after 8:00.

0509 (Monday) Back to school for the Columbia Kids. Everyone was up early, which was a concern after sleeping in for several weeks. Colton was a little bored after brothers left, but luckily had a playdate at Addie's house. It rained ALL day. Colton was supposed to have a soccer game, but it was canceled due to the weather. Landon's Iphone got dropped at school and seems to be out of commission. Chicken Pillows for dinner, but Daddy was home late and then still had work stuff. Poor Daddy, he works so hard!

0508 (Sunday) Sunday sleep in ... Usually the boys do a Mother's Day breakfast in bed, Landon was a little miffed when Mom was out of bed and the bed was made. We did do our usual Sunday Circles. At church, the kids sang, and Mom, subbing for chorister lead the music. Landon gave a talk in Sacrament meeting. Colton gave a talk in primary. Mom did more music and Dad had a lesson. It was raining after church, cool down from yesterday! We went out to Grandma's house for Mother's Day.

0507 (Saturday) Busy day. Callahan was off early with a scout service activity at the West Jordan Museum, which is close to the Gene Fullmer Rec center. That was a good thing, as when it was time for his game (10:00 start) he just walked from where he was at to his game, having taken all his basketball stuff.  Mom went to Keaton's game at 9:00. It went until about 10:00, then she had to run him home (as Dad's truck wouldn't start) and made it to Callahan's game as the first quarter was coming to an end. If Cooper didn't have a broken arm, he would have had a game at 10:30 ... but we're not sure if he'll get to play any more this season. After Callahan's game (both he and Keaton's teams won) he and the rest of the team stayed for Tanner's birthday party. Swimming then pizza. Luckily he was able to get a ride home, because neither Mom nor Dad were around later. Dad and Keaton had left for a scout activity to the Great Salt Lake. Mom and Colton had a soccer game. Mom was the coach. It went fine. Landon had to get together with friends for a school assignment. Again, with the car situation and Mom and Dad not around, luckily he was able to get a ride. Dad had a mobile mechanic come look at the truck, and he was able to fix it easily. Yea! Maga called suggesting an outing to Thanksgiving Point and the tulip festival there. It was a nice evening. The family came home and grabbed Landon then went to Mountain Mikes for dinner. There was a Camero convention going on ... well, eight or nine Cameros gathered right there. Yummy pizza, then home to bed.

0506 (Friday) Mom wanted to get out and run some errands, but friends came over ... it's hard to leave when friends have come over. She did go grab some Dominos before picking up Landon. Then everyone (sans Landon) went bowling with Allstar Lanes "After School Bash" ... bowling and tokens for the arcade. Home again to get Callahan to basketball practice, held earlier tonight at 6:00 instead of 7:00. Back home for French Dip Friday. Daddy's truck is being bad ... not starting, not good!

0505 (Thursday) Preschool for Colton, bowling for the boys. Callahan's LAST off-track bowling day, as he'll be going to middle school next year. Mom tried to discourage friends from coming over, as she had to take Cooper to a doctor appointment, but friends came anyway, and stayed even after Mom left. Got new xrays on Cooper's arm, it didn't look like it had healed that much :(   They took off the cast and put a new one on. Still an over the elbow, long arm cast. Green. In the evening, Cooper had a birthday party. It was at Jump and Bounce, so he couldn't participate really. As we have the family pass, Mom brought the other boys to play too and stayed with Cooper, reading and watching Netflix until gift giving time.

0504 (Wednesday) Callahan had a doctor's appointment in the morning, had to get his immunizations for 7th grade. Keaton tended the little boys at home. Mom and Callahan stopped at the Dollar store on the way home, to get Callahan more silly string (Colton had used up CJ's Easter one). Jacob's family is gone to California this week, but Travis was over all day.  Mom ran the soccer practice for Colton's team in the evening... the coach has work conflicts so isn't going to coach anymore. Mom said she would take over, but there may already be someone. Whatever ... Mom likes videotaping the game too, and can't do that if coaching. The older boys and Daddy had scouts in the evening.

0503 (Tuesday) Preschool for Colton, then bowling for the boys. After dropping them off, Mom ran errands . Went to WJ High to sign up Landon for driver's ed, library, then bread store (we'd been out of bread! Now restocked, and treats too). DI for some shorts for the little boys and picked up a desk for Landon's room. Pushing it on time a bit, but hit the $1 store too. Picked up the boys, then Colton and Randon, it was a full house at home. Mom mowed the lawn. The kids wanted toasted cheese sandwiches (now that we had bread) and there was baked ziti for dinner.  Keaton had basketball practice in the evening, Mom jogged the park (very busy with baseball and such, even though it was still cool). Not quite as nice a day as yesterday. Daddy was silly, teaching the boys how to "throw" a ball (the Blackham way) and playing games. He cooked up the marinated chicken, which had been marinating since yesterday. The boys still liked it.

0502 (Monday) We had appointments at the dentist for the three youngest, just their bi-annual checkup, although because of the insurance situation (ending this month) and a cancellation there at the office, they went ahead and did some work too (sealants on Cooper, small cavities on Keaton and Colton). So it was a rather long visit, two hours. It was a nice day out, Mom put on a tank and pulled weeds, getting a little sun on her shoulders while making the flower beds and lawn look better. Got a blister in her palm from the dandelion digger. KFC for dinner, Cooper had been wanting it for a while.

0501 (Sunday) Got the little boys baths before church. Keaton had the talk in primary. Mom lead the music. Homemade oreos for the Sunday treat. In the news ... Bin Laden is dead.
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