Sunday, August 5, 2012

Callahan's Camp

Last Monday Callahan left for his week long scout camp at the Bear Lake Aquatic's base. A FB friend had kids working there and let me know the camp actually has a FaceBook page and would post pictures during the week (here). I looked through them, but Callahan managed to stay out of thier camera lens. I do think one of the leaders was taking pictures, so if I get more, I'll update. Grayson went up Thursday to join the group. Callahan had his final rec basketball game on Saturday morning. Gray and Callahan decided to leave a little a little early (heading out late Friday night) so that he would be able to make his game. They pulled in around 1:00 am Saturday morning. Tired boys!

Callahan wrote in his journal about camp ...

  • 0730 (Monday) Went to Bear Lake today. My iPod got some use on the car ride there. I was planning on falling asleep but it was so loud that I couldn’t sleep. We had to go do our cold water checks right when we got there. Then I had Archery. It was boring today. We had to talk about the bow and the string and scoring our points. We finished early so we got to leave early.
  • 0731 (Tuesday) I had the swimming Merit Badge this morning. The first hour we talked about First Aid. Then we had to jump in the water with long pants on and make floatation devices with the pants and shirt. It was really hard but Kaid and I finished before everybody else. Then Small Boat Sailing was boring because we talked about First Aid and Knots. It was really windy so we went in the water. The waves were huge! It was so fun.
  • 0801 (Wednesday) My first class on Environmental Science was today. My teacher is awesome so it was fun and easy. My class was with Sam. The teacher plays basketball for Bingham High School. He was a 9th grader and played 10th grade and 11th grade basketball. Then we had Wilderness Survival later. That class was boringer than En.Science. Then Travis and I went to get some jelly and bread at the Dining Hall.
  • 0802 (Thursday) We had Small Boat Sailing today. It was really easy. We got done an hour and a half early. Then we had Archery which was fun because I rocked! You had to get 160 points with 30 arrows. I got 204 points. You shot 5 arrows at a time and you can get a high score of 50 points at the most. I got 45 points in one round. Then we hiked up a mile up the mountain and had to sleep up there for Wilderness Survival.
  • 0803 (Friday) The hike up seemed like it took 2 hours. We had to get up at 5:30 in the morning. The hike down took like 10 minutes. We made a big breakfast today. It was so good. Then I had Envirn. Science again. It was easy … again. Then we went lunch. We had a 28 inch pizza  and amazing Raspberry shakes. We couldn’t get into the caves for an hour and a half so we didn’t go. Then Dad, Travis and I went home because I had a game on Saturday. We got home at 1 in the morning.

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