Saturday, August 4, 2012

Packed Bags and Empty Beds

This was an interesting week at the Blackham home ... lots of packing people up and off for various adventures. We were close to running out of sleeping bags and duffle bags! Monday, Callahan took off to scout camp, a week at Bear Lake. One empty bed. Wednesday, Landon was off for four days on a pioneer trek. Another empty bed. Thursday morning, Gray went up and joined Callahan at camp. Just me and the three little boys left. Friday, Maga picked up Colton and Cooper and took them to her house for a sleepover. Just me and Keaton, home alone ... I asked him if he wanted to go on a date (out to eat, a movie) but he was content to just relax at home. Saturday ... everyone was back! We're all together again! But I can't remember ever having so many Blackham's off to different locations at the same time before!

I'll try to update the blog with individual posts about everyone's experiences ...

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