Friday, August 24, 2012

Columbia Carnival

Every year the elementary school hosts a fund raising carnival. Bouncy houses, games, treats ... Grayson and the older boys were gone to a scout campout, so I packed up my three Columbia kids (and Jacob) and we headed over.

The thing Cooper had been the most excited about, was winning some goldfish. They have this booth often, and it seems to be very popular with the kids (I'm not sure how the parents feel about it).  We haven't had fish for a while,  but we did have a bowl at home, so I gave him the green light. I did try to prep him for the fact that "carnival" fish have a high mortality rate ...

We had purchased "wristbands" which were good for 10 "things" (activities/food) ... the kids really weren't drawn to too many of the games. They did a few, but we were pretty much done and they still had several options left. I had the kids load up on bags of cotton candy to take home ... I should have grabbed a picture, as we had about 10 of them! They didn't last long.

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