Friday, February 27, 2015

Blackham Basketball 2015

If I posted all about the boys and their basketball, it would overwhelm this family blog, especially during the Winter months! Years ago, I created a basketball blog to put updates on, a blog that is completely sport-centric. It's nice to have all the basketball blogging there in one spot. But still, as it is such a big part of the Blackham Bunch life, it does deserve an update here every once in a while. Here's a quick recap, with some links to the other blog posts (for video links, photos, and more in-depth reading if you so desire) ...
  • Callahan spent the summer playing basketball. This year went go to the Dixie summer camp ... that was heaven for Cal. Basketball and buddies 24/7 for a week. Back at home, Callahan and his friends got three month passes to Gene Fullmer and spent hours there during the summer days playing basketball. In the Fall, he played on a team in the Salt Lake County league. Then, it was time for tryouts! We were pretty sure Callahan would make the team, but he was still so nervous. Happily, he did make the team and had a great Sophomore Season. I went to all the home games and made lots of highlight reels. 
  • Keaton played Fall Ball as well, and then Winter season. Two leagues, so a mid-week game and a Saturday game  (Keaton 8th Grade). He also was asked to join the 9th graders in their mid-week league, so that was another weekly game and he'd often go watch them play in their Saturday district games. All the games and practices kept him pretty busy!
  • Colton played Junior Jazz. Luckily his practices and games didn't really conflict with any of the other boy's stuff. It was really nice! You can read more about his season and see some links to highlights here

Luckily, I really LOVE watching the boys play basketball. Also ... no injuries this year! Spring Season will still be busy. Callahan will be playing in a Spring league, and also a Spring tournament. Happily, almost all the games are close, at CHHS. Keaton's team did not continue to play in Spring, and he didn't want to go back to rec, so no official basketball for Keaton come Spring. Colton debated between soccer and basketball for a while, then decided on basketball, so he'll be on a 3rd/4th team at Gene Fullmer. Check back for Spring updates!

... and to keep up on a more current basis, I've incorporated more social media! An Instagram account to share pictures and quick video clips, and Twitter where I post the links to the highlight videos. So follow if you'd like updates other than the blog posts at the end of the season!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A License, A Ticket

... another teenage driver in the house. Unlike Landon (and Mommy back in her day), Callahan was very anxious to obtain his driver's license. Grayson took him in just a couple days after his birthday, and the deed was done. 

The timing all worked about almost perfectly. Landon left for his mission on Feb 18. Callahan's birthday was on the 21. Callahan could take over the truck, and our insurance stayed about the same, as we swapped one child off (Landon is just walking all over Mexico these next two years) and added another one on.  

The nicest thing, was that Callahan could now drive to school, saving me a trip in the morning. Unfortunately, the high school is so crowded, that sophomores can't qualify for a parking permit. The streets outside the school are lined with cars ... "Sophomore Way". Callahan parked in a nearby neighborhood. Callahan got a parking ticket for parking in said neighborhood. There are restrictions against parking too close to a driveway or mailbox, and the nearby neighbors are fed up with cars in front of their houses and do call and report them. I guess we are lucky he didn't get towed.

Callahan is pretty happy to be able to have a little more freedom that driving himself allows ... just hopefully no more tickets!

Grayson actually got a new license himself the same day Callahan did. He hated his picture that much! Just a bit later, both my boys had their new, official licenses in hand.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Birthday Cake for Cal (x2)

Someone had a birthday! Our man Callahan has now turned SIXTEEN years old! I must admit ... I didn't have anything for his birthday. Bad mommy! Life has just been a little crazy getting Landon off on his mission and doing the great room rearrange. Callahan is such a sweet kid, he just said "that's okay, I get to play basketball". I did end up getting him a few things after the fact (a Nike belt, a lanyard for his keys, some new shirts) but nothing wrapped up for him to open on his birthday.

For birthdays, we usually buy one of three cakes. I haven't been able to find the cookies and cream icecream cake for months ... that was a favorite. The other two options are the triple chocolate fudge, or the white with buttercream icing (buttercream, NOT whipped cream, there is a huge difference) from Sam's Club.

Callahan wouldn't commit to what kind he wanted ... 
So I got both.

We had the Blackham side over on one day, and enjoyed the chocolate cake. We had the Westra side over the next day (we also invited Callahan's girlfriend out, she had been gone on his actual birthday) for the white cake. Grandma Westra and Mommy LOVE the white cake!

As always ... I updated the Little Callahan Facebook album with recent pictures, 
but it's looking back at those baby photos that makes everyone say "ahhhhh" ... *Ü*

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Airport, and He's Off

The day started about 3:00 in the morning. We loaded everyone up and were off to the airport. In the picture above ... everyone in the car, not sure if everyone is actually awake (just kidding, it was pretty easy to feel awake under the circumstances). This is the last time we'll pack the seats in the car for a couple of years ...

Gray offered to drop us off, but I thought it might be fun for the boys to experience the complete airport experience, with the wait for the shuttle and ride to the terminal. It was a little chilly in the early morning February air ...

 Holding on ...

Maga met us there at the airport. She beat us there ... by quite a bit (generally we tease Pammy for being late). We got in a final family photo! There was another elder leaving at the same time, a companion for Landon as he traveled to the Mexico MTC (or CCM). We were there plenty early for all the check-in and everything, so there was just some chatting and hanging out until the final goodbye hugs.

I think it was all okay until the hug between Landon and Callahan.
Then the tears started to flow ... 

... and then he was off ...

Read all about Elder Blackham's Mexico Mission on his blog. 
Weekly updates. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Guns Before Going

What do you do on your last day before leaving on an LDS mission for two years? 
If you're Landon Blackham, you go to a shooting range. 

It was some good Father/Son time ... really!

The boys brought home their two targets. I hung one downstairs in the hallway, in an attempt to cover the big hole in the wall (which incidentally, is now much worse than when it appeared in my Oops post). The lovely zombie bride, I hung in the laundry room behind the door ... so we do see it whenever we leave the house.  Reminders of our gun loving Landon currently preaching the gospel! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Last Supper

Before Landon leaves for Mexico for two years, the Blackham Clan got together for "the last supper" per say.  Many years ago, we'd had a fun celebration at Bucca De Beppo's Pope table, and Grayson reserved it again for this event. 

Landon and the Pope.

Of course it was a bit of crazy chaos, as it always is when all the Blackhams get together. Plenty of Italian yumminess. Cheesey bread, cheese sticks, pizza, chicken alfredo, macaroni rosa, baked ziti ... I can't remember what all else. Served family style, just help yourself! Uncle Clayton took a panoramic video, I'll try to link to it HERE

... and the traditional selfie, only capturing a glimpse of Gray.

Ah ... the last supper.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Farewell

The day of departure was fast approaching ... and before leaving, Landon needed the traditional "farewell" talk in church, and last celebration with family and friends. We decided on February 8th, so that Landon could attend his buddy Tyler's mission farewell the following week (they'd gone through the process of putting in papers together, got their call the same day, etc.) 

Thanks SO much to Aunt Alicia and Grey Wren Photography, as she squeezed Landon in for some last minute pictures! When Landon got outfitted with his new duds and received his brand new camera, he had his own little photo shoot (see below). 

Landon's Self-Photoshoot

Gray stressed a bit about the open house. He really doesn't think our house it set up for hosting a large gathering. And it isn't great. There was some talk of having it at Pammy's, but we ended up just sticking with home. But Grayson did make sure there were some improvements before everyone was over ...

New carpet, new couches, new chairs ...

Landon did great with his talk. Callahan was the youth speaker beforehand too. I was actually very glad that the parents don't give talks like in the "olden days" ... *Ü*  Back at the house after, we'd had both our fountains set up. One traditional, chocolate, with all the dippers. For the smaller fountain, the boys had a brainstorm to try nacho cheese and chips. It was a hit as well. We also served chicken salad on croissants, and had a fruit and veggie tray.  The weather had been SO nice! Happily it stayed that way for the farewell, and people could comfortable sit outside in the sun as well.

Most of the people left after a couple of hours ... 
of course the Blackhams were still around. 
We took a group shot of all the cousins
(missing the Seattle gals)

Callahan came in and tried to get a little rest ...
It turned into a big ol' Blackham dogpile!

Gray and I are glad to have it over ... 
It had been stressing us out a bit! 
Now for the final countdown ...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl Traditions

As Superbowl Sunday rolled around, Gray and I hadn't really had it on our radar. Usually, we have a big feast. Steak, marinated chicken, mashed potatoes ... yummy. We just hand't really thought about it this year. But Keaton? He thought about it. He insisted on it. So we had our traditional Superbowl Smorgasbord. I just forgot to take a picture. 

I had planned on making the superbowl sugar cookies. The cookie cutter Gray and I found several years ago is SO big. And the cookies just get bigger when baked! The cookies actually outdid some of the boys ... they couldn't finish!

Landon is missing from these pictures ... 
he was down the street watching with friends.

Normally, Daddy says NO THROWING BALLS IN THE HOUSE but on this night, he was the one throwing. It was fun to watch the boys and their daddy! It was a pretty exciting Superbowl game. Unbelievable ending. Because of the Seattle Blackhams, we were rooting for the SeaHawks ... 
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