Saturday, January 1, 2005

Picture Books

As we read books from the library (or our own collection),

I thought it would be fun to keep track of some of the ones we enjoyed here ...

Books We've Read Lately ...

Very quick and easy read (meaning there aren't many words at ALL!) but the little boys really thought this was fun and "read" the book over and over. Emphasis on sharing and manners :)  *added 02/2012

If this list were solely up to me, this book wouldn't have made it onto the blog. I guess I just like the rhyming books with a storyline. This one was actually difficult to read out loud, there was the story text, then words as parts of the illustrations. I guess it was more the idea of the story and pictures, but the kids liked it. After Colton and I were done with storytime, I noticed he was going over the book again himself, then sharing it with Keaton. It caught Cooper's attention, and he read it to himself. Colton shared it again with a friend over for a playdate ... so while I didn't love it, I think the kids enjoyed it ...

The "story" here is not new, although I don't know that my boys had heard it before. As the title indicates, this "old lady" sticks to swallowing bugs. Instead of the traditional illustrations drawn by hand, these appear to be pieced together from felt or craft foam (reminiscent of something I might have created during my scrapbooking days). Reading specialists indicate that repetitive text is a good learning tool for young children ... this book certainly had plenty of that! Colton was joining in as the book went on. It's not often that a book catches me by surprise, but there was a twist at the end that had me laughing *Ü*

Is it a duck? Is it a a rabbit ... cute little story!

Family Favorites
This was one of Keaton's favorite books when he was little ... and he still likes it! A cute story with fun rhymes. There are a couple other "Bear" books, but this one is the first, and the best!

We love Boynton Books! The catchy rhymes, the cute illustrations and just fun little "stories" ... there are MANY more but these three are our family favorites! ... I happened to showing this post to Landon and he brought up "Dinosaur's Binket" as another favorite ... how could I have forgotten that one???

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