Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nerf Mania

I guess it's my fault really ... a few months ago, I was shopping and I found some Nerf Dart Tag sets on clearance. I picked up a couple of boxes, thinking they would be good to have on hand for birthday gifts. They stayed in the gift closet for most of the summer ... then Landon stumbled on them. He bought them from me, opened them up and ... Nerf mania began ...

That first day, Landon's playmates were Colton and his buddies. Then when Callahan and Keaton returned home, I think it was probably just a day later before the boys talked me into taking them to the store so they could spend their money on more Nerf guns ... and it happened to be birthday time for Cooper, Keaton and Landon too ...

The hallway downstairs has become a battlezone ... the boys set up barricades (a card table, Callahan's old science fair tri-fold, etc) ... it makes it quite hard to get to J&G's gym, even if there isn't a game going on (it's almost impossible when they are in the middle of a battle, and they often aren't good at not shooting the mommy!). And several boys sweating in such a small space? It get's pretty stinky!

Sometimes the Nerf Wars move outdoors ...
Friends and neighbors join in
Can you say crazy?!

The boys have been watching several funny Nerf videos on YouTube as well ... here's one of their favorites ...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crash at Columbia

Yesterday, Colton and I had just returned from a trip to the grocery store. I was unloading when the phone rang. It was a nice, sunshiney day, so I really wasn't expecting a call from Cooper, but there it was, with him sobbing in the background. But it wasn't the office, it was my neighbor Shari (who was there prepping for the school carnival) ... and it wasn't a weather worry ... it was a plane crash!

It was a small plane, no real damage to the school (although as you can see in the picture above it was SO close to hitting it). No explosion or fire. No one on the ground was hurt, although the sixth graders were out to recess at the time and did witness the plane going down. The pilot was killed on impact.

I had a message from Keaton (they were having the kids contact parents to let them know they they were ok). Cooper's stress was more about how I was going to pick him up, as both parking lots were being roped off and no one was being allowed over on the South end of the school (which is where I usually pick up the kids). I did go in early to check Cooper out of school, as we had an appointment that we would be rushing to, even without any pickup delays.

While everything was calm and controlled, picking him up was still a bit of an ordeal. With police cars and emergency vehicles everywhere, cones in front of the school (prepping a place for the buses to park) I went ahead and left the car in the neighborhood on the other side of Bangerter Highway and the walked the rest of the way to the school. We had to show our identification, and only authorized people (who had been listed on the emergency release forms) were allowed to check students out. Once you were cleared, someone from the school went into the building (the checkout station was situated about 50 feet out, on the edge of the school grounds) to collect the student and bring him out.

As the school year starts, and parents are inundated with paperwork, I often gloss over some of the many forms that need to be filled out. But in an emergency situation, all the rules are followed to the letter. So it IS wise to take some time and put down the names of family members or friends and neighbors that, if there was an emergency, and you couldn't get to the school yourself, would be able to pick up your kids if needed... that's something I learned at school today.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty Piggies

It's a fairly new indulgence for me ... a pedicure. It started a few years ago, and it's not something I keep up constantly, but I love having a pretty paint job on my tootsies. I do like the pedicure itself, the soaking of the feet and the massage is relaxing (just stopping for an hour is nice) but mainly, I like the after effects. I always get the French tip painted on, and I certainly don't mind having smoother skin, removal of calluses, etc. Just looking down at my toes after a pedicure makes me smile ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Grayson works up in Davis county ... as he commutes on Legacy Highway, often his truck windshield comes back coated with bugs! As we've driven up to Maga's house, I've heard them hit and seen the suburban covered in bug guts as well. The other day, Grayson took an afternoon run on one of the Davis trails ... and HE became covered in bugs too! All those little black dots? Bugs! He took a picture to share with me ... and I share with you ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For the Birds

As you come into our neighborhood, you cross a canal. For several years now, a family of ducks has nested along it's banks. I think the ducks have always stuck around, but this year, they have really made a home for themselves right on the banks. We look for them every time we pass by, and we almost always see them there. I think many people have been feeding them, as they seem to have "expectations" when people walk by. Landon said as he would come home from school, they would come right up to him. One Sunday morning, we decided to go feed the ducks ... (picture above is in the Spring .... photos below are of the grown up ducklings).

Grayson can always get them to eat right out of his hand ...

Great Expectations ...

Landon walked backward along the canal path
All the ducks followed

Even Cooper came!

I've picked up some bread at the day old store
and we've been back a few times.
It's fun to have the ducks so close.
They are lucky ducks ... and fat ones!

Monday, September 12, 2011

SO Funny!

See Callahan
Callahan is Laughing
Callahan thinks he is SO funny
He locked Mom out of the car ... again.

It happens EVERY time ... if Callahan is in the car and I am not, he will lock me out ... and then he will laugh and laugh and laugh. Then he will unlock and relock it, seeing who is faster, if I'm able to get the door open before it locks again. If he wins, he will laugh and laugh again. As crazy as it makes me sometimes, it is hard not to laugh. Even after 100 times ...

Landon decided to be SO funny the other day too. We had gone to the store and I had him return the shopping cart while I started to back out. He walks back ... slams into the car and falls onto the ground. He was quite convincing, I'm sure many people around thought I had hit him... until he got up laughing. Again, it was hard not to laugh. Landon, like Callahan, has now started to pull this trick over and over again (I'm a little afraid one of these days he's going to actually get hurt in the process though, that would not be so funny).

I pull my own trick on these two boys. When we get home from school carpools, they have to come from the passenger side of the car, around up to the door to the house ... and I start closing the garage door on them (there is NO room behind the car once the door comes down, so they could conceivably be trapped). Landon has become quite adept at hopping over the the little safety laser light and ducking down, getting onto the other side of the garage ... Callahan still needs a little work (he trips the laser which makes the door go back up) ... but I think I'll keep pushing the little button and watching them scramble while I laugh and laugh and laugh ... I'm SO funny!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baptism Day

In the midst of birthday week, was baptism day ... it was not only Cooper's baptism, but also my niece Taylee's baptim. Her's was in the morning hours, so we headed out for that first thing, then came home to prepare for Cooper's baptism which wasn't until the afternoon.

We kept the program within the immediate family ... Landon and Callahan gave the talks, Colton did a poem and Keaton played "I am a Child of God" on bells. We had everyone over to the house after where we had the chocolate fountain set up. Cute Cooper ... Eight years old.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday Week

September 5th is the birthday of my brother Chris ... it was also the due date (very often, appropriately "labor" day) of three of my boys (Landon, Keaton and Cooper). None of them actually landed on that date, but with three birthdays so close together, it does make for a crazy week (well, a little over a week). This year, we started even earlier, with a Blackham Birthday bash at Maga's house on August 21, where we celebrated the three boys, and Aunt Courtney's birthday. Sam's Club didn't have our traditional chocolate cake in stock, so we had to settle for the white buttercream.

Cooper's actual birthday is August 28 ...
we DID get the chocolate cake this time.
Eight years old!

The next day (Monday) we invited a few friends and had a little party at Fun n Motion. We went as soon as school was out, and the kids (all except Cooper) lasted until closing!

Lots of lasers!
In the photo above, the flash is off ...
In the photo below, the flash is on ...
The boys got gifts (Keaton wanted to have a party with TWENTY friends, so he would get twenty presents) and Maga showed up too.
... and of course, more cake (oreo ice cream cake!)

Keaton's actual birthday was on Wednesday (Aug31).
Mom made lemon jello cake.
Eleven years old!

You may notice both Cooper and Keaton wearing a basketball jersey in their birthday photo ... yes, they each got one as a birthday gift.

Landon's birthday is September 7th, SIXTEEN years old. How did that happen? Chocolate cake again, if you look at other birthday posts, you'll see the chocolate cake from SamsClub is a family favorite! But I think we've had enough cake for a while!

I've compiled a photo album of each of the birthday boys, from baby to current birthday. Here are the links ...

Happy Birthdays Blackham boys!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wall Art

The other night, I came outside to tell Colton it was time to come in ... and this is what I found ... little artists, BIG artwork. We've lived at this house for over 15 years, and while there was been plenty of sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk, this was the first time the kids had taken their artwork vertical.
I thought it was pretty funny ...
there is Colton proudly pointing out his name ...

Now THIS "artwork" ... permanent black marker on the kitchen wall ... I wasn't so pleased with it! I asked Colton about it, he said "I didn't think anyone would notice". I noticed. :(

This is on our coffee table/chest ...
at least he's not trying to hide WHO did it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paracord Passion

Back in May, I did a post about PARACORD ... and since then, the passion for paracord has only continued to increase. All the boys are crazy about it. Pictured above is just a small sampling of some of the weave variations you can create. From left to right, they are ...
  • Trilobite Bar
  • KBK
  • T-Virus
  • Backbone
  • Cobra
  • Ladder Strap
  • Single Half-Hitch
  • River Bar
  • Zipper Sinnet
  • Larcks
  • Double Half-Hitch
  • Ripcord
  • Tire Tread
  • Rattler
  • Tire Track
  • Snake Belly Bar
If you want to see step-by-step instructions on how to make any particular weave, just search "TIAT" (TyingItAllTogether) on YouTube. That's where my boys got their info. These videos are playing almost constantly at our house!

Paracord has become so popular, it surprising it's still rather difficult to locate. If you can make the trek, Smith&Edwards seems to be the best place to purchase (both in quantity, selection and price). Gray and the boys have made several trips, and have gone ahead and bought the entire spool of several colors (see below). Yes ... that's a lot of paracord.

As you can see in the first photo, the kids now prefer buckles to simple knots on the ends. We found the best price for buckles was on Ebay. Gray is constantly finding new and better tools (for cutting and heating the cord) to make the creative process easier and better.

The boys almost always have a paracord bracelet on their arm ... I tease Landon that he has one to match all his clothes. If you glance back at the Back to School post, you'll see a paracord bracelet on the arm of each of the older boys. Older photos, and photos yet to come will be showing off a plethora of paracord as well I'm sure.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

The Blackham Boys at Back to School Night

Summer is over, it's time to go back to school! I could have done portions of this post several weeks ago, as the "back to school" situation has been spread out over several weeks. I just figured I'd wait until EVERYONE was back to school then do ONE post to catch you up :)

I have three kids in elementary school this year ... my Columbia kids. Back to School night was July 20 (that's SUMMERTIME). It was a simple affair this year, simply going and meeting the teachers, seeing the classroom and getting a treat. Cooper was a bit disappointed, because LAST year they had big inflatables and games and such (he and I went while the rest of the family was in Seattle). I was ok with the simple version of "Back to School" night, and there will be an upcoming carnival to fulfill Cooper's expectations.

The Columbia kids (being year round) were the first to go back to school, although being on "D" track, they had a few more weeks than kids on A,B or C ... Keaton is starting 5th grade, Cooper is going into 2nd. Colton, being in kindergarten, started a week later than his brothers, but he did have his kindergarten evaluation that first day too.

Colton was so disappointed that he had to stay home that first week (although Callahan and Landon were still around to help keep him occupied). Then the big day came ... love this last look back... (I remember Landon game me a similar look. His photo is here. You can also compare/contrast Cooper coming OUT on his first day here ... out of all the shirts in the closet, what were the chances they would both choose the EXACT same one!).

The first couple weeks of school have been pretty rough for Cooper though. I was hoping that with the return to routine and the structure of school, his weather worries would fade ... but they haven't. They've gotten worse. It's a phobia. The first day of school I did stop in at the office to let the women there know about his fears (if he showed up there crying or complaining of being "sick"). I also stopped and talked to the school psychologist. I did get a call the first day and went in, but we did get him to finish the day. There have been a lot of calls, a lot of tears, I've had to bring him home a couple of times, and once spent an hour sitting in the back of the classroom ... and we're only on week three ...

After quite a bit of rearranging, I've worked out a carpool so I only have to pick up after school. I have a car FULL of boys on the way home!

Callahan is starting 7th grade at West Hills Middle School ... no one else in the neighborhood is going there, but he's got several of his best buddies from basketball, and he says he's seen several more kids he knows. He seems to be making the transition just fine!

Landon is now in 10th grade at West Jordan High School. The middle school he went to (Elkridge) splits into FOUR different high schools, so his friends are heading in all different directions. He was happy to report that he did have at least one friend in most of his classes. There is a bus ... but it picks up the kids an entire HOUR early. He's been able to snag a ride to school (which is good, as it starts at exactly the same time as Callahan's school does, but is in the opposite direction!), but instead of taking the bus home ... he's decided to walk (it's got to be 2.5 miles!) We'll see how long that lasts when the winter weather kicks in.

As for ME? I love the return to the routine. We've adapted to getting up earlier again without too much trouble (I had been a little worried). So we're signing all the disclosures and paperwork that comes with the beginning of the year. Setting up a homework station and trying to get into good habits for reading and bedtime. And for three hours Mon-Thurs (two hours on Fri) ... I am ALONE ... and that's ok *Ü*

Daily Doings (Sep2011)

0930 (Friday) Late start, early out, always makes Fridays off-kilter.  Morning didn't start off well, as I asked the boys to do a little cleanup and they said no ... so no French Toast Friday for breakfast either. Just a bad morning. Did get in some cardio and mowed the lawn. Gray had written suggesting a possible RB date, but I had my doubts that he would have the energy when he got home ... I was right, which was ok too. Cooper had a bit of a hard time in the early evening, as a big cloud covered the sun. A little later, I coaxed him outside to look at the moon (he's been intrigued by it after learning about the phases at school) and there were a bunch of boys playing flies up on the front lawn. Cooper got his shoes and and joined in, even though it was overcast and there was even some lightening in the distance.

0929 (Thursday) Today just felt rushed ... not a great day. We needed some groceries, so I went to Walmart while the kids were in school. Got in some cardio, but no sun. The high school carpool, middle school carpool, for Columbia, I picked up Cooper and had Shay pick up the other kids. I had Colton come, dressed and ready for soccer, which we went to straight after Cooper's counseling appointment. We've had a good weather run, but next week will put us all to the test again (thunderstorms predicted).  Cooper wasn't very happy about going to the session, nor about having to go to the soccer game after, but he did fine at both. We grabbed some food at Wendys in between. We parked at Bingham as usual, but a big game was starting and the were actually locking the gates and we couldn't get back to our car after. So that was stressful, but luckily Clay had driven separately and was able to give us a lift back after the game. The game itself wasn't great either, the other team pummeled our kids (both in goals and physically, almost all our kids, including Colton got hurt).  Colton got two (the only) goals for our team. I had arranged for Callahan and Keaton to get a ride to practice, so they were gone by the time I got home. I went over to volleyball (at the South building) and it was fun, but the last time for awhile.

0928 (Wednesday) I had much of the day to myself. Colton had a playdate at Randon's after school, and after picking up the Columbia kids, Colton and Cooper went with Ridley to see his new puppies (I sent Callahan over too so he could walk them home). Keaton left right after school for a scout activity - he didn't get home until 9:30! Landon fell asleep, and then left with Gray for a derby. Callahan went to his scouts in the evening.

0927 (Tuesday) Gray was up early today. Got the kids off to school, got in some cardio and sun and did finances. When Colton got home from kindergarten, he and I went to Macey's for some grocery shopping and deposit at the bank. Carpools in the afternoon. Cooper had scouts after school, which he willingly went to, yea!

0926 (Monday) Back to the weekday routine. Gray thought he would be up uber early, but actually slept in (until 5:00 or so). Stayed pretty busy today, with cardio and weights, then made muffins and ziti, then carpool x3. Also dropped Landon off for a haircut, and took Callahan to basketball.

0925 (Sunday) Made more brownies (finished up the ones from yesterday, adding the frosting and prepping them on a platter) for the baby blessing later today. Made Sunday Circles. At church, Landon blessed the bread for the first time (he was nervous). Cooper had a bit of a hard time, there were some darkish clouds, and he was apprehensive about the trip out to Magas. There were some tears at church, and a major meltdown at home before we left. We got in the car and he calmed down and fell asleep. He was fine (the clouds went away). There was a pretty big crowd, many of the extended family we hadn't seen in a while. Gray gave the blessing.

0924 (Saturday) Cooper had a 9:00 soccer game, but he didn't want to go and I didn't force him ... as Keaton also had a 9:00 game (against Reggie, Micheal playing his actual age group, 5th/6th). Our kids got beat pretty good. Then I rushed home, picking up Colton and heading to Marv Jensen. We were 10 minutes late, but the game hadn't started yet ... which meant it would end late, AND it was picture day (which we didn't know ahead of time). This was a complication as Callahan's game started at 12:00. I had thought ahead enough to have his coach come pick him up, so Callahan made it on time. I actually left Colton with Clay (lucky to have family, even though it was out of their way) and headed to the game, I was late, missing a couple baskets, but getting there just in time to catch Callahan drain a three-pointer (one of many). They won. I left Callahan to hitch a ride home and went straight to the soccer fields for Colton's final game. Grayson was coaching, and doing a great job, so I pulled out the video and got some footage, before taking over at half. Passed out pictures and had been a LONG day, I hadn't eaten before I left in the morning. We didn't have much for the rest of the day, so I suggested to Gray would could take advantage of the afternoon and go out. We went to Rodizio. Back at home I made some brownies (to take to Maga's tomorrow) and some homemade oreos for the family. A run to the store for milk ... the day is done.

0923 (Friday) Late start for Callahan, Friday French Toast ... Early out for the Columbia kids. I didn't get any specific sun, but did mow the lawn. Landon wanted to go to the football game at the high school, and could get a ride home, but needed a ride there, so I did take him (with a promise of a journal entry from him). Then Gray and I went to Desert Star to see "Hunk-u-lese" with my folks.

0922 (Thursday) Bit of a down day, just felt emotions on edge. After getting the boys off to school I went to Walmart, for groceries for the family and also to pick up bbq fixings for Grayson's work. He's been hosting work bbqs fairly often. I need to arrange some playdates for Colton, he's quite bored after school. Today there was only two hours, as we were picking up Landon (we haven't had to other days this week, which gives us an extra 40 minutes at home). The Callahan carpool and Columbia carpool. Then... it was a busy evening! Gray and Landon left for a derby, I took Cooper and dropped him at Marc's house. The school carnival was tonight and Colton had a soccer game. Cooper REALLY wanted to go, so I was happy to find friends willing to take him. I also had to arrange for Keaton and Callahan to get picked up for basketball practice. Parking was crazy at the soccer game, nothing in the Marv Jensen lot, people were having to park on the grass. I drove around to Bingham Highschool and parked there. We had to walk at least a quarter mile, but there was parking. Colton started a little slow, but then got into the game and scored three (of the four) goals. As I'm not the coach of this team, I could get video. After the game we went straight to the elementary school to meet up with Cooper and give Colton a little time to play and get some treats (popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone). Cooper had done great with friends (always a worry) and had fun, but as it started to get dark, he was DONE (I was trying to hurry and spend the last of the tickets I had purchased for Colton). Luckily, Colton seemed content with just being there for 30 minutes. C&K got home just moments after we pulled in. Gray and Landon were a little later, and then Gray still had to prep his bbq. It was a long day!

0921 (Wednesday) Sun, cardio and weights today. Callahan had basketball practice at the park. I walked during in, getting in about four miles. Gray and the older boys had scouts, then they all ended up across the street helping Littlewood's unload, as the sale of their house fell through.

0920 (Tuesday) Got in some cardio and sun. Got a call from the district with a counseling appointment for Cooper today, so I arranged for Shay to pick up the other kids. I still went, picked up Cooper and we went straight. He talked to me for the first half hour, the to Cooper. He asked Cooper what he knew about tornadoes, and Cooper broke down completely. Hope we can get some help. Stopped at Wendys on the way home, then I grabbed Colton and went to the soccer game. We got beat for the first time, but still managed to get several goals. Gray and Keaton did a derby.

0919 (Monday) Weekday routine. It's a week of nice weather, which makes it easier on Cooper (and so easier for me too). Got in some sun and exercise. Went to Sam's with Colton in the early afternoon. Ribs for dinner. Callahan had basketball practice.

0918 (Sunday) Slept in ... did Sunday Circles, but they were a little off, so I didn't really eat a whole one, which is ok calorie wise. Nice day out, although Cooper still stressed, but he made it through church, even going to his class. Got in some exercise. Marinated chicken and Gray made yummy mashed potatoes.

0917 (Saturday) Keaton had a basketball game at 8:00 in the morning ... they won easily and Keaton had a good game. Colton had soccer orientation for Clay's team at Marv Jensen at 10:30. At 1:00, both Callahan and Colton had games. I know I SHOULD go to Colton's ... as I'm the coach, but I really wanted to be there for Callahan's game (to see the new kids, get a feel for the season and pass out the treat signup list, and of course to video the game). One of the other kids dad's was willing to coach the soccer game, and Gray took Colton, so I went to the basketball game. They won. I miss our players who left the team though! Keaton had a friend's birthday party at 4:30 at Classic, I had arranged a ride for him there. Callahan had a birthday party at Stockton's house ... Callahan had actually gone home with them after the game, so he was already there, but I did stop by and drop off a present and made a trip into the library. I was on pickup duty for Keaton and Co., Landon and I left a little early, stopping by Smith's Marketplace (grabbed a couple more Nerf guns, a frisbee and some milk). There was a lot of traffic, as a Real soccer game was going on, but we had parking at Classic and found the boys without a problem. Neither Gray nor I had eaten dinner, so I suggested we go out. We went to an Italian place I had a coupon for, and they had tvs there, so we watched a little of the U vs BYU football game (BYU got trounced). I was very tired and fell asleep, which I could do as I had arranged for Callahan to get a ride home from his party (they got out VERY late).

0916 (Friday) Stormy weather ... made for a very rough morning with Cooper. He cried from the moment he woke up until after the carpool left ... yes, I let him stay home. He didn't have his shoes on, lunch packed, no breakfast eaten (he hadn't been willing to come out of his room). For me, I just wasn't sure if they would be talking about yesterday's events at the school, if Cooper, seeing other kids talking about being scared about it, if that would make things worse. It wasn't too bad for most of the morning, I even got the lawn mowed. Then the clouds, then the rain, a little thunder and lightening. After I picked up Callahan, we continued onto the store, as I told him I'd buy him a reward for no cavities (cheaper for me than a return dental visit). We tried Shopko, but not only did they not have the nerf gun he wanted in stock, but prices were almost double that at Amazon and Walmart. We stopped at Smiths Marketplace, which not only had cheaper prices (not quite matching the aforementioned stores) but also a buy one get one half off deal, plus an additional 10% off toys, so I picked up a few for gifts and for the kids to earn.

0915 (Thursday) I've been glancing down at my toes with dissatisfaction lately ... so after the kids got off to school I went in for a pedicure. It must have been the day for it, because they were quite busy (glad I got there when I did). Made it home to welcome Colton from kindergarten, then we went to Smiths for some grocery shopping. I got a call from the district offering a counseling appointment for Cooper today at 4:30, which I could make if I didn't have to bring the other kids home from school. I tried calling Shay to see if she could pick up the kids, but she wasn't home ... and I soon found out why. I got a call from my other neighbor Shari, also at the school, with a hysterical Cooper on the line. It wasn't the weather. It was a plane crash. A small plane had crashed less than a foot from the school building, the school was on lockdown. Cooper wasn't so upset about the crash, as about the fact that he didn't know how I would get to him to pick him up. I did end up going in early for him (I did have to pick up Landon and Callahan) and it was a bit of an ordeal. We had to park on the other side of Bangerter and walk over the bridge, show ID and then school personnel (it was Shay ... she was stuck at the school) would go get the child. I just took Cooper, and Shay said she would get Jacob, Keaton and Cade home (Ridley also checked out).  So Cooper and I headed to his appointment. It was mostly me talking today, getting history/background. Hopefully some future sessions will help Cooper and me more with coping techniques and such. The school carnival had been scheduled for tonight, but it was postponed due to the crash. I dropped K&C at Gene Fullmer for basketball practice (nice and convenient to have them both at the same time!) and had asked Klint if he could give them a ride home, which left me open to go to volleyball. Have I mentioned that I enjoy volleyball? I'm not sure if it's going to work out in the coming weeks ...

0914 (Wednesday) Good day, got in some sun and exercise (cardio and weights) and resisted Tootsie Rolls, which helped keep the calorie count down. Colton was bored after school, even though it's only two hours from when he gets home to when we pick up Landon. Crazy carpool afternoon, after picking up Landon, then Callahan, I took Callahan to the dentist, left him there while I picked up the Columbia kids, then went back for him. Callahan had basketball practice scheduled, but it was canceled, which he was actually ok with, as he had such a busy day and did want some down time. Cooper had a soccer game at 5:00, which I again "encouraged" him to go to, he did NOT want to and had a complete meltdown. But we went, and he scored a goal, although he wasn't into it like on Saturday. This might have been his last game ... he does have a few more, but they conflict with Callahan and Keaton, so it would be hard to get him there (although if he does want to, I'll make it the priority). Keaton's scouts was canceled (although Landon didn't pass along that message until after Keaton had walked to the church). Gray was too tired to go (he had a bad night last night, up at 3:00), so Landon came home early too. Callahan did stay for "The Amazing Race" activity.

0913 (Tuesday) Weather looks clear for the next couple days. Cooper got off fine. I even got in some sun :) I really feel like I need to be getting more done (housework, etc) it just never seems to be enough. Did get out shopping with Colton after kindergarten, barely getting back in time to unload before heading out for Landon, then Callahan, then the Columbia kids. Cooper had scouts. They had come to pick him up last week, but he cried and I didn't force him (I had forgotten about it and hadn't prepped him at all). He was better prepared today. His leader had come yesterday to introduced herself and mentioned a fun activity (smoreos) and I was ready to go with him, but he was ok going. I had Colton's soccer game at 5:30 ... I forgot the bag of balls (and Colton's water) but Shari hadn't left yet and was able to bring it. Callahan had basketball practice at the park, I arranged for a ride there for him (as it was when I was going to soccer) but Colton and I went there straight after to pick him up and then drop him off at the neighborhood park for a church activity. Gray was home pretty late.

0912 (Monday) Very stressful morning ...There had been a storm forecast for the day, so Cooper (and I) had been worrying about it for days in advance. He had a horrible morning, crying and moaning nonstop. I was supposed to have a playdate after kindergarten, but I wasn't sure if I could commit, or if I'd need to be going to the school for Cooper. After all that anxiety, it all turned out ok, no storm, it was actually quite nice. I went to the school for kindergarten pickup and checked on Cooper, then brought Randon and Ambree over to play. Carpools in the afternoon. Callahan had basketball practice in the evening, but I arranged a ride for him.

0911 (Sunday) 10 years since the attack ... I do remember the day. I was driving Landon to school, picking up Rachel next door, when Shari mentioned it to me. I caught a little on the radio and then on the tv once I got home. Gray was busy working, and although he knew what had happened, he hadn't really seen the footage and such until he got home. I remember Keaton took his first steps that day. Today ... Cooper was quite stressed about the weather, again almost working himself into being sick. I wasn't sure what to do, as I had committed to leading the music, and Gray was teaching as well. We ended up just going ... Cooper and I walked even, as my car wouldn't start and we don't all fit into the truck. Cooper calmed down enough to get through Sacrament meeting. He tried to go to his class but had to join me in the primary room halfway through, but was fine for senior primary. We walked home again, and then went to feed the ducks after church. Dark clouds did roll in, so he took a shower and went to bed early.

0910 (Saturday) Rain had originally been forecast for the day, but it turned out quite nice. Cooper was down at a neighbor's garage sale, so he was already outside playing. I decided to push him to go to his soccer game ... basketball starts up again this coming week,  but today, Cooper's game was the only thing I had in the morning. He was pretty upset about it. I told him to get dressed and we'd just go cheer his team on (I didn't know if I'd push him to play), but once we got there, he went in and seemed to have a good time. He was really into the game, and wanted to go back in when he had to take a turn sitting out. He scored two goals! The team scored several (the other team managed to get in one). It was all I could have hoped for, and I'm crossing my fingers that it might be a turning point (but one the way home he starting moaning again how he wasn't sure he wanted to play again ... I don't get it!). Colton had his game at 1:00. Grayson came to watch. The kids won, although it wasn't quite as much of a runaway (8-3 or something like that). Pictures after. We had talked about going to Texas Roadhouse, Gray had wanted to on Wednesday but the boys had dodgeball, which they like. It was looking a bit stormy out, so Cooper didn't want to go, and Keaton said he wasn't hungry, so we left those two home. It was yummy. Gray and I watched a DVD.

0909 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... and late start for Callahan/early out for the Columbia kids. Colton was quite bored after kindergarten today. I left to pick up kids at 1:45 ... and didn't get home until 3:30. Cooper had a birthday party to go to in the evening, but then a thunderstorm rolled in, which of course ended any idea of going out. Landon had wanted to go to the football game (Herriman vrs CopperHills) but didn't have a ride. Gray ended up going to a movie with Joe.

0908 (Thursday) Because the high school does an A/B day schedule, it was another "first" day for Landon. Colton had a playdate after school, so I had most of the day to myself. Callahan forgot his book though, so he said I NEEDED to run it to him. As I got to the school, I could see the kids were out of class ... just my luck to have to hit the halls when they were full. But then I WAS lucky, as two steps into the school ... there was Callahan. I gave him the book and was out again without having to stop in at the office. I dropped off some donations at the DI hit the bread store. Did some cardio and got a little sun. Picked up Landon and Colton, then Callahan, then the Columbia kids. Volleyball in the evening. The boys had it too, but Gray and Landon didn't feel like going.

0907 (Wednesday) Happy Birthday Landon. SIXTEEN. He went to his first day at the new school today. I had given him a nerf gun a couple weeks ago for his main present, but I had a couple other small things (a cap gun, Reeses). Feels like a regular "routine" day which is nice. Nice, relaxed morning with everyone up early, no rushing. Got in my cardio, weights and some sun. After Colton got home from school we went to Sams and picked up some milk and a chocolate cake for Landon. First day of high school carpool pickup, dropped off a DVD and drycleaning on the way. Just have time to drop the boys off, then I'm off to get Callahan, then just a 20 minute break before I head to Columbia. Today I took Landon and dropped him at WJ for a driver's ed course (he has a few to finish up). So LOTS of time in the car in the afternoon. Gray and the boys headed to the church (Keaton's scouts is Wednesday at 7:00 now too), dodgeball night. Maga had stopped to wish Landon a happy birthday and did see him for a minute, but she and I chatted most of the evening.

0906 (Tuesday) So glad the storm forecast for today didn't happen. I had enough going on without having to worry about Cooper. I went ahead and had Landon go to school (he walked), and as soon as the Columbia kids were off, I headed out to Herriman. I made sure Landon got approved for a permit, got the paperwork, then went to West Jordan to withdraw him. He had to go around and get signatures from all the teachers and turn his books back in. Then we needed to wait until Colton got home (I tried unsuccessfully to find someone to watch him after he got out from kindergarten). As we had the time, Landon and I stopped at Dunford for bread and donuts. Once Colton got home and had a little lunch, we went back out to Herriman. Attendance office to registrar, to main office to pay fees, to the counseling center to get a schedule. It took a while, and although I brought stuff for Colton he was pretty bored. BUT ... we got it all done. Pretty much all the same classes. It sounds like at Herriman they really let the kids have their choice as far as periods and teachers, but as we didn't really have a lot of knowledge going in (which teachers are best, which classes friends were in) we just let the counselor and computer choose (although Landon did push for gym LAST, instead of at the start of the day). So anyway, first day of school tomorrow on his birthday! Colton had a soccer game at 5:30, another win for our team.

0905 (Monday) Labor Day, so Gray and the boys were home. Gray and Callahan did flags in the morning. We didn't have any particular plans for the day. I ran some errands (Kohls, Sams, Blockbuster, gas in the car). Gray fixed Colton's bike and took the boys to Walmart, where they spent birthday money on more Nerf guns, which of course was followed by a huge Nerf war in the front yard. The storm forecast for tomorrow has gone, it was cloudy today, but I was worried about Cooper for tomorrow, as I have a lot on my plate getting Landon transferred from WJ to Herriman. I sure hope it's the right decision.

0904 (Sunday) Being Fast Sunday, I told the kids we'd do Sunday Circles after church. Gray took Colton up to see the ducks at the canal, and we all ended up joining them. The ducks came right up to us to eat bread. Cooper was stressed about church, even though the weather couldn't have been nicer! Frustrating. I waited outside his class and sure enough he had a meltdown. Gray helped out in sharing time. After church we did our belated breakfast, and I made homemade oreos in the evening.

0903 (Saturday) Taylee's baptism was first thing, at 9:30. After, we came home and cleaned our house to prep for people coming over after Cooper's ... cleaning always causes some stress, on an already down day. Cooper's baptism was at 3:00. Stephanie Cooper (a friend of mine from elementary-high school) was there as a stake primary representative. Landon and Callahan gave the talks and Keaton played a song on the bells. We had the chocolate fountain back at the house, but once again were having trouble with the chocolate melting properly, so that was an additional stressor. Glad to have it done.

0902 (Friday) Late start for Callahan, early out for the Columbia kids ... but Cooper made it through this entire week (the weather was pretty good, but still an accomplishment). Did get a call that he's been approved for some counseling, so I'll have to follow up on that. Landon texted from school that he wants to transfer to Herriman High ... so still some school drama today. I guess after looking at all the aspects I am considering it, although committing to driving there each day stresses me out some. I had the kids do some cleaning, as tomorrow is pretty booked. Gray and I went to a movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" which I hadn't really been keen on, but it was quite good.

0901 (Thursday) Felt a bit off today, didn't feel like I got much done. The kids had a huge Nerf war after school. In the evening it was volleyball over at the church (for Gray and Landon too). I enjoy volleyball, after a few people left, we ended up going two on two. I didn't eat much today. Hope it reflects on the scale soon.
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