Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Basketball

Summer can be busy ... but not too busy for basketball! Callahan did miss one game for the trip to Seattle, but he was happy to have basketball all summer long. The team was pretty much the same as Spring Season, (Roland took the summer off, so Joey joined the team). Cody broke a finger and was out for much of the season (so Parker got LOTS of extra playing time). Gotta LOVE the ORANGE and black right? Maybe they should have saved the color scheme for fall, as the kids looked a little like jack-o-lanterns! We had a good season, there were a couple of teams that made the boys work for the win (and lose one during the season) ... but they came back for the final championship game and won the team that had beat us, taking FIRST place! The final game was the ONLY one where we had a full team together to snap our traditional team picture.

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