Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center (KOPFC) isn't very far away from our house, yet we had never been there. We'd seen it as we visited the Olympic Oval, which is right next door, or went to Callahan's soccer practices at the nearby fields. The water park just looked a little overwhelming, big and busy. Then we got an invite for a birthday party there. Cooper was the one who was actually invited, but there was also a note that if everyone in the family wanted to come, we could take advantage of the group rate (15% off). As I figured I would probably have to attend to get Cooper to go, I decided to just take everyone. The boys had a blast. There are FIVE different pools, one is indoor. There are huge diving platforms, a lazy river, multiple slides, a splash pad section and the real eye-catcher
... the BUCKET ...
The bucket collects water and tips over, drenching everyone below. There is a warning bell shortly before, so those who do NOT want to get wet can get out of the way, and those who DO want to be there can hurry and gather underneath. Yes ... my boys are under there (the big ones anyway). Unlike many public pools, tubes and floaties are allowed (Landon even got the ok to take a tube down a slide), the little ones can go down the slides in life jackets, and while there are concessions for sale, you can bring your own food and drink. I definitely think we'll be going back! It was really reasonably priced and provided hours of fun.

The hardest thing was trying to keep an eye on both Colton and Cooper, who wanted to be in different pools doing different things. Cooper is a little fish, he wants to SWIM ... without a life jacket. Colton loved the slides in the shallow pool. Up and down, up and down, over and over. Keaton and Callahan helped me keep on eye on the little guys. I didn't see Landon much, he was off with the birthday boy's older brother. I did see him after he tried a flip off one of the high platforms that ended in a belly flop, a bruised tummy and a bleeding lip. I didn't get in the water much myself ... but I did get a sunburn on my shoulders!

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