Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caught on Camera

What a cute picture of my baby ... except I didn't take it. I pulled the card from one of the digital cameras to upload some pictures I DID take and found a whole set of "mystery" pictures.

... just a small sampling. As I looked and laughed, I remembered coming home a while back, and Keaton telling me that Colton and Reagan (a little girl who lives next door) had been caught playing with a couple of the digital cameras. I think I did a quick check to see that the cameras weren't broken and didn't think much of the incident ... until I found these photos. We tracked down the second camera (the one in the above pictures) but alas, it didn't appear to have had a memory card in it during the "photoshoot". It would have been fun to catch the other culprit on camera as well, and see how Colton's photography skills compared *Ü*

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