Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Keaton!

Happy Birthday to Keaton ... 10 years old ... Yes, there was just a birthday post for Cooper, and guess what ... there will be another one for Landon right around the corner. All three boys actually had Sept. 5 as their due date. Cooper and Keaton came before, and Landon later. I makes for a busy birthday week. But as I have really like both the chocolate cake (pictured above) and the white cake (in Cooper's birthday post below), with THREE birthdays, I do figure I'm justified in getting them both! The chocolate cake seemed to be the family favorite.

Lighting multiple candles can be a bit of a chore ... have you seen these "fast light" ones? It's a package of 10 ... so PERFECT for Keaton this year. You just light one ... and then they are all aflame! My boys love them! Here's a quick video (it's just a few seconds) *Ü*

For his actual birthday, Keaton took Airheads (candy) to school to share with friends, and we went out to SubZero for ice cream in the evening. He got a couple new caps (maybe you'll see something OTHER than the yellow big bird one on his head in future photos), Wii Sports Resort, a hacky sack, Legos and a Magic 8 Ball.

Often at the family parties, we pull out the scrapbooks, photo albums and family videos featuring the birthday boy. Keeping that tradition alive in blog format, here is a slide show of favorite photos from the last 10 years (you can also scroll through them here).


  1. Those pictures are SO precious! I love the one with you holding him by the flowers!

  2. Oh I forgot ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEATON!!!


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