Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got Games?

I'm a sucker for games ... can you tell? Unfortunately, we don't play them as much as we could or should. During this past summer, as I instituted allowances, I tried to encourage their use saying that playing a board or card game would count one of the possible "jobs" each day. The kids would have to play different ones each day (not just the same one over and over). I just wanted these games to get some use, and figured playing them would foster some intellectual and social development. There was a lot of game playing over the summer. Monopoly is always a favorite (not MINE, but for the boys it is). Many games that hadn't been played in quite a while were rediscovered. Some games were played for the first time ... although there are still some in there that have never been played yet. The picture doesn't really even show all the various card games (which are in the big box there). Probably the ultimate family favorite is UNO, and the little boys can play on their own without any adult help. Colton will often approach other family members asking plaintively "you want to play UNO?". There is the basic game, and the variations. We have Uno Spin and Uno Attack, and I just recently picked up the ToyStory3 version (just the basic game with the familiar characters, one new card for a new twist). What are your family favorites?


  1. We love The Farming Game! It's is a great game, but, like Monopoly, it takes a very long time to play. We also like Who Nu? and Apples to Apples. Uno, of course, is a favorite, and Set.

    I was just reminiscing recently about our Progressive Rummy games - I really miss those evenings! Maybe we could start that again? ;D

  2. We've got several Apples to Apples (Jr., Kids, Disney ... in addition to the regular). Remember we used to play "cheat" Uno ... where you could play out of turn if you had an exact match (pending you beat the next player). And of course I remember rummy! It would be fun to get together for games :)


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