Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scout Camp(s)

Summer had barely begun, when it was time for scout camp! First up, the 11-year old boys (that would be Callahan). They went up July 9-10. Just for the day on Thursday, and then overnight Friday to Saturday. Grayson was able to go up and join Callahan Friday and they got home early enough the next day that Callahan still made it to his basketball game (luckily it was later in the afternoon). Callahan's favorite activities at camp were shooting guns, archery, rock climbing and carving with his pocket knife ... that's what it's all about.

Next up was Keaton, the following Monday and Tuesday (July 12-13). I can't believe how DIRTY the kids get while up at camp! I didn't get much feedback from Keaton on camp activities ... his favorite part was the trading post, and purchasing a couple "flash" balls that crackle and make a smoke smell when cracked together. This was Keaton's last activity before he moved from Bears to the Webelos ...

At the very end of summer (the elementary kids had already gone back to school), the Varsity Scouts got out for their "camp" ... the quotations indicate that this was more FUN than scout function. The crew camped at Pineview Reservoir. It was actually pouring rain the morning as they got there, but then the weather cleared up allowing for the tubing and waterskiing (those are scout requirements, right?)

Grayson is one of the Varsity Scout leaders, so he and Landon were both gone August 19-21 for the camp. Gray took up our BIG tent and it was packed full of 14 and 15 year old boys. Landon said he didn't wear a shirt the entire time, and the sun on his shoulders seems to validate that.


  1. Funny those were all of Stocktons favorites too.. :) They are so much alike. :)

  2. Looks like a great time! I love the underwater shots you have a few posts back. Was that camera expensive?


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