Friday, August 20, 2010

More Misc Swim Stuff

For the past several years, swimming has been a big part of our summers. This year was no exception. The West Jordan Middle School Pool, the pool in my parents neighborhood, KOPFC, and a real favorite this year was the pool set up in our neighbor's backyard. Doesn't Cooper look relaxed? I thought I'd just take a moment to record some of the small swimming stuff we might not remember in future years:
  • Yellow Jackets: We picked up a couple yellow life jackets back when Landon and Callahan were young, and they have been in constant use ever since! These have truly been "lifesavers" ... because then Mom could take all five boys swimming, even by herself! But this year ... the little ones have probably spent as much time out of their jackets as in them, and Mom is actually comfortable with that.
  • Goggles: The boys LOVE their goggles. We bought new ones for Landon and Callahan last year, but the ones Keaton had been using broke, and the little boys didn't have their own yet. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find ones that fit, are comfortable, and actually keep the water out. We recommend sticking with "Speedo" brand. All the boys are set with their own individual goggles this year.
  • Swimsuits: The kids are often in and out of suits several times a day (especially the little ones). Cooper and Colton both have ... about 10 different swimsuits. Whereas most kids at swimming lessons would wear one (maybe two) suits during the course of the lessons, my boys would model a different one every day. Landon and Callahan have a few to choose from, but Keaton is picky ... only one works for him!
  • Towels: We've got several fun beach type towels. The "game" ones, that look like a checkerboard or Twister. We have the "Dead Man" towel (with a chalk outline of a body on it) ... but the kids always fought over who got the "Pokemon" towel (even the 14 year old!). Then I picked up a Phinneas and Ferb towel, and all the kids fought over that ... until I picked up a Toy Story 3 towel ... and then they all fought over that (yes, especially the 14 year old!). Except Callahan ... Callahan doesn't care about which towel he has.
  • The Drying Rack: You know the handrail common in hallways separating the stairs ... this is our drying rack. When the suits come off and the towels need to dry, everything gets spread out along the long railing ... you rarely see the actual wood during the summer season, there is always something spread out over it. And the banister at the end ... that is where the goggles hang.
  • Gadgets: And of course, the Blackham family wouldn't be complete without a couple of water gadgets, right? Grayson had requested an underwater Ipod shuffle holder/headphones, and I got him it last year for Christmas. Gray has yet to try it, but that hasn't stopped Landon from swiping it for his own personal use. We also have an underwater digital camera, which is great to get unique swimming shots (see below).

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