Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Seven candles on the cake. Happy birthday to Cooper! Each one of his brothers gave him a pack of basketball cards (his latest obsession) and then he ended up getting LOTS more packs too (don't ask). He also got a red light saber and some Legos.

The Bishop came and gave Cooper (&Colton)
a ride in his Mini Cooper.

The coming week, Cooper will also be STAR STUDENT in his first grade class. We made a little poster with photographs and pictures to let his class learn more about Cooper. He loves basketball, baseball and soccer. Cooper is a great artist (he colored the Spongebob picture). His latest favorite show is "Avatar" ... we glued on a pack of the basketball cards, and Mario fruit snacks (as Cooper loves both) ... and of course, ICE CREAM.

So ... Happy Birthday Cooper, hope you had a good one! We don't do "friend" parties every year, but we had a family celebration on the Blackham side this Sunday and will have one on the Westra side next Sunday. Yea ... more cake! To remember the last seven years, I put together a slide show of favorite photos featuring the birthday boy!

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