Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Seattle Blackhams

Grayson's brother Kolby and family moved to Seattle a while back, we had yet to make a trip to visit. This year, Grayson and four of the boys made the trek out (Cooper and Mom sat this one out, see the "Homebodies" post below). So, from the pictures and stories told me, I'll try to provide a recap ...
  • Friday the boys finished packing up the car and headed out. They drove most of the day and stopped in Ontario, which was about half way. They stopped at a hotel, ordered some pizza and went swimming at the hotel pool.
  • Saturday they drove most of the day and reached Kolby and Jami's house in the late afternoon. The boys vegged and got reacquainted with their cousins while Maga and Jami planned menus and did some food shopping.
  • Sunday everyone was off to the island. Being an ISLAND, the kids (and cars) boarded a ferry to make the trek across the water. When they got to dry land again, they set up camp. A campfire and smores (made with BIG marshmallows) completed the evening.
  • Monday everyone did a little exploring ... they hiked a trail and found a waterfall and a great fallen tree ... they also visited a "castle" ... and then of course swimming in the lake.
  • Tuesday they rented a couple of kayaks and paddled around the lake. They discovered a cool tree, overhanging the water. Perfect for climbing up and jumping into the water. Even Colton did some "cliff" jumping (it was about a 7 foot drop!).
  • Wednesday everyone went out to breakfast at a cute little cafe on the water. The kids immediately took off to the beach, finding crabs and starfish (and snakes!). Then it was time to break down camp and head back to Kolby's house.
  • Thursday ... on the road again ... the boys drove ALL DAY and made it home just shortly before midnight (it was the 18th Anniversary for Gray and I ... we got in an anniversary kiss with a couple minutes to spare).
So, the boys had a lot of fun, made many memories, and got a lot of pictures. Between Gray's camera, Jami and Pammy (who Landon said kept her camera on constant "burst" mode) even the Blackham's who didn't make the trip got a glimpse ... and so can you, here's the link to the album in my facebook account *Ü*

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  1. We loved having your boys up here! They are great kids, and we had a blast with them! Looking forward to seeing you all again in another week.


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