Monday, August 16, 2010

Columbia Kids

It's back to school for the Blackham boys ... at least it is for the middle ones. #1 and #5 still have a couple of weeks before middle school and preschool begin. But for the "Columbia" kids (that's the name of our school), it was time for school to start. We take a traditional picture each year, with the kids holding up the number of fingers to represent what grade they will be going into.

For Cooper ... it's a big change from half-day kindergarten to a full day of first grade. The bathroom is down the hall, they go to lunch and have recess on the big playground. I hope he makes the transition ok. I know at home, Colton and I will miss him very much.

Keaton is starting fourth grade. His teacher will be Ms. Burnside, who was one of Callahan's favorite teachers, so he's looking forward to this year.

We don't have a bus to school, but we've worked out a carpool with the neighbors (they boys get a ride to school and Mom picks up). Of course, being the FIRST day, and needing to be at the school anyway for Cooper's orientation, I was driving the boys today. Callahan went ahead and jumped in the carpool early and took off, before I got his picture ... no problem ... we just tracked him down on the school playground before the bell rang and took his picture in front of all his friends! Callahan will be in sixth grade this year ... king of the school. He even admitted he was ready to go back to school (to see his friends), although with track changes, a couple of the boys best buddies aren't on D track, so that is a little sad :(


  1. Love the idea with the fingers.. Going to try that this year.. Counting down the days for my kiddos to start.. Handsome boys.. :)

  2. Cute boys! I like that tradition of holding up the fingers too!


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