Sunday, August 1, 2010

Splash Park

I'd heard neighbors talk about going to local "sprinkler pads" or splash parks, but we had never been to one before. Last week, when Cooper and I were on our own, we looked up the addresses to a couple and made the trip out. We wanted to go back with all the boys ... so we did. Sans Callahan, who for some reason wasn't in the mood to go, but in his place we took a couple neighbors and had a blast!
The first time Cooper and I went out, one of the parks didn't seem to have any water running. This trip however, the H2O was going full force. These "cannons" blasting water were one of the favorite activities.
The boys have been watching "The Last Airbender" (both the movie and the animated series) quite a bit recently, and they had fun pretending to use their "waterbending" skills. I took loads of photos, and posted some of them here if you wanted to see more *Ü*

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