Saturday, August 7, 2010

Athletic Supporters

Way back when the older boys started sports (about kindergarten age) the entire family would bring chairs and treats and come to watch the games. As the boys got older, and more of them involved in sporting events, and life got busy ... Well, it just didn't happen as much. Most of the time, it's just Mom going to watch the games while the other boys stay home. I was happily surprised when the brothers agreed to come watch Colton in his season of summer soccer. The brothers have been cheering him on from the sidelines ... and I'm not sure why, but Callahan got dog piled after the game (see below!)
The two little boys don't like going to basketball games, as the loud buzzers tend to scare them (what would they do at an actual Jazz game?) ... but it had been a while since I'd tried taking them, so on Saturday (I also didn't have Daddy or Landon home to tend) we all went (even Jacob from next door) ... all cheering Callahan on (his team won easily).
The boys were pretty well behaved, but I think I actually PREFER leaving them all home *Ü* but it was nice to have the brothers being athletic supporters for one week anyway!

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