Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mr. Mantis

Last Saturday, all the brothers (sans Callahan, who was at a basketball practice) came to watch Colton play in his first soccer game (I will get a post on this, but if you just CAN'T wait, there is a post and a couple great videos of Colton scoring goals on his cousin's blog). As Landon's eyes strayed from the action on the field, he noticed something moving in the grass ... it was a praying mantis.
Of course, the boys HAD to show little cousin Will, who LOVES "frogs" ... C&C posted a cute video of Will and his last praying mantis encounter on YouTube here. Will liked Mr. Mantis ... as did several of the little soccer players (yes, the bug was a bit distracting).

Landon has always been a bit of an entomologist, so I wasn't surprised when he wanted to take Mr. Mantis home. He emptied out one of the water bottles as a carrier and then transferred it to the old hermit crab tank back at the house. Landon and Keaton were quite good at going out back and catching bugs and spiders to put in the tank, so Mr. Mantis would have plenty to eat (Mr. Mantis HAD been happily munching on the spider in the photo above before I startled him with my camera). We found another praying mantis (in the house no less!) and so a smaller, whiter one joined him in the tank. Catching flies gets a little wearisome after a while, so Landon let them go in the garden, where they can catch their own meals. Hopefully we'll see them again *Ü*

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  1. Be careful- or the smaller, white one will be gone soon. :) They will eat each other- we had it happen when we put two in a jar together (although, there were no other bugs so maybe if there is other food to eat, they won't eat each other).


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