Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Soccer (PreK)

For the past several seasons, Colton has attended many soccer games. He is such a good boy, sitting on the sidelines cheering his brothers on. This summer, it was finally his turn. Uncle Clay was coaching a team with Cousin Addie and asked if Colton would like to join them. Pre-K at Marv Jensen, early in the summer mornings, the Green Monkeys came to conquer. Colton missed the first game, as he was in Seattle, but the second game ... Colton was ready to play! He scored several goals. The next couple games were a little tougher, but then the Blackham Cousins came back in full force for the final game (although the other team managed to get several goals too ... the way kid soccer should be. Fun for all!) I took all the photos and videos from the season and condensed them into a three minute Muvee ... take a look *Ü*

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