Saturday, May 18, 2013

Return of the Jedi

... it all started with Origami Yoda. That's a book I picked up for Keaton to read. He read it, he folded the Yoda, and the Darth Vader, and even the Fortune Wookie (you can see the post about Origami Keaton here). We ended up buying all four books in the Origami Yoda series. But it didn't end there. Star Wars made a complete comeback at the Blackham house, all thanks to Keaton ... and Origami Yoda.

First Keaton pulled out all the DVDs, and watched all six movies. The other boys watched them too. Then Keaton pulled out the old lightsabers, and  lightsaber wars were happening daily. Unsatisfied with the saber situation, he used his hard earned money to buy more, including the cool double sided Darth Maul saber. We had trouble finding a "green" one, but then found one at a yard sale. Keaton has also brought out all the Star Wars games (on the PSP, Wii and we even got a new one for the Kinect). It really is the return of the Jedi!

Let there be Light(sabers) ...

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