Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gray Goes to NYC

Gray had been discussing making a quick trip to New York City to take in the sights ... talking with his friend Rob (who he worked with at Symphony Homes) they decided to make it happen. There were many who were a little upset with Gray that THEY were not invited along (Landon, Keaton, Olivia, Maga ... I was actually NOT upset in the least. I am "easily overwhelmed" and if NYC is anything, it is overwhelming!) Kolby and Clay were both chiming in about where Grayson should get a pastrami sandwich for lunch.

Gray took a boat tour ... unfortunately the Statue of Liberty was closed, so this was a close as he got (Colton asked, he has learned in school that there are steps inside and you can climb all the up and look out the crown). The didn't make it to the Empire State Building, but went up 30Rock. They also took a bus tour. They enjoyed the food, visited the M&M and Hershey's store (and brought back some goodies). While on Broadway, the went to see a show ... The Book of Mormon (Gray said it was extremely irreverent *Ü*). He said it was a great trip and I was really impressed with his picture taking. He really documented his stay so we at home could see it vicariously.

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