Thursday, April 4, 2013

Origami Keaton

I'm always on the lookout for books my boys might like. They are all very reluctant readers, and nothing much seems to appeal to them. I saw the book "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda" and thought it might be worth looking into. I checked it out of the library (in both physical format and audio book) and gave it to Keaton to read/listen to. Although he seemed to like it, it did take him FOREVER to get through. In the evenings as he'd be watching TV or playing games I'd ask him "Origami Yoda???" and he'd sigh and go off to put a few minutes of reading in.

At Parent/Teacher conferences, he had a surprise for me. He had picked up book 2 (Darth Paper Strikes Back) from the school library, and had made a little origami Yoda himself! I went ahead and bought book 3 (The Secret of the Fortune Wookie) for him, as at this he seemed quite interested in the series.

While he has continued on with his reading (he just finished book 2!) he's gone crazy over the little origami critters featured in the books. Each book has step-by-step instructions on how to make them, and Keaton has been folding away! He even requested I buy the 4th book (Art2-D2), which is more of a how-to book, and included some specialty origami paper, perfect for making these Star Wars creations. He'd practice a few times with scrap paper, then he'd try with the specialty stuff.

The little boys and I are now reading "Origami Yoda" for our reading time ... we're listening to the audiobook (so I'm not really reading TO the boys, we're all listening together) but it's really cute, different voices and such.  As for Keaton, he's taken his StarWars stuff to school and several kids there are now interested in the series as well. I've ordered another StarWars Origami book for him too.  I know many of these aren't true origami, as you are instructed to cut and paste parts (cousin Corin is a true origami master!). It's been fun to see Keaton excited about his paper projects!

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