Thursday, May 23, 2013

Topaz Mountain

I think the scouts go to Topaz Mountain every year. Four Blackham boys went this year ... Gray, Callahan, Keaton and Colton (he was just along for the ride, the kid likes camping). Unfortunately, it was a RAINY night, and unfortunately, neither Grayson nor I had double checked Colton's bag when he SAID he had packed a jacket.

Luckily it was nice the next day ... (back at home, we were hit with rains on and off all through the morning). The boys collected rocks and even found a horny toad. 

I have the boys write in their journals each week ... 

this was Colton's entry:

"I went to camp it took 3 hours to get to the campsite we went hunting for rocks but they were special rocks they are called tapas they are crystals I don't think they are volable you could find clear ones and some in rocks."

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