Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Maga

May is a fairly busy birthday month. It's Maga's birthday on May 3 (as well as my brother Shane, and my Uncle Merrill). Derek has his birthday a couple days later, and my dad has his at the end of the month. Unfortunately both family parties fell on the same night. We had our RSVP into the Blackham side before we knew about the Westra gathering. We were sorry to miss it, but still had a blast with the Blackhams. 

There was a pinata

 ... and the traditional chocolate cake. Maga is laughing because we used trick candles on her! Even with the wind and her blowing (and the kids helping) those candles kept coming back. Landon finally pinched them off. (If you missed Gray's birthday with the trick candles, it is worth checking out, I have video here). 

 Clay pulled the ol cake in the face trick on Colton

We gave Maga the game Ticket to Ride (European version). She actually gave US the regular version a few years ago and was always telling us to bring it to her house to play. Now she'll have it (in case we forget) and we can learn some European Geography too.

We didn't see Maga on her actual birthday, but the boys drew pictures and we posted them to her Facebook page. Happy Birthday Maga!

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