Friday, May 3, 2013

... a BABY in the House!

Landon is taking Child Development in school. Last weekend, he brought home a BABY. Now this was a little more advanced than when he had to cart around a 4-pound bag of sugar everywhere during elementary school. This "baby" had specific needs. Landon had been fitted with a wristband that connected digitally with the doll. He did have an extra wristband for the occasional "babysitter" but he was to be the primary caregiver for a few days. She would cry and need (1) to be changed (2) to be fed (3) to be burped, or just rocked and comforted. The baby came with a full diaper bag of supplies and a car seat.  Landon named her "Peepa" (I'll have to check with him on the spelling) ...

It was an interesting weekend. Everyone (especially Landon) was totally in tune to the cry of the "baby". Luckily we couldn't hear the baby cry during the night (Landon kept her in his room so we weren't subjected to her wail at all hours ... and yes, she was programmed to cry and require care during the night). 

Sunday presented a bit of a problem - I thought it would be fine to take Peepa to church and care for her there (and the chances that she'd sleep the entire time were pretty high). I think this "baby" assignment is pretty well known and accepted. Grayson on the other hand didn't feel it was appropriate to take a "toy" and a distraction, so Landon stayed home. 

Peepa was pretty fussy Sunday evening, but the teacher had programmed the baby to turn off around 9:00, so the kids could actually get some sleep before returning to school on Monday. 

It was rather fun to have a "baby" in the house again ... only for the weekend though!

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