Friday, May 17, 2013

Phone Home

For months now, our old kitchen phone has been on the fritz. The display is for the callerID and the answering machine (showing the time and date of the call) and lately, it hadn't shown much! Sometimes it would just seem possessed, scrolling through or flashing random numbers. If we unplugged it, it would seem to reset ... for a minute or so anyway. I'm not one for change ... but it was time.

Now I know - many people don't even have a home phone in this day and age. Grayson was all for dropping it completely, but I still like having the basic landline and a number of cordless phones around the house. This old phone was actually an answering machine too, and  I even wanted that again (yes, we do have voice mail as part of our phone service, but I like the basic answering machine more). 

So ... we're all set up again. 
I wondered how long it would take 
for the kids to notice the change (it didn't take long). 

So call us maybe *Ü*

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