Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It's haircut time AGAIN ... I really wish the boy's hair didn't grow SO fast. They were so shaggy. We were having a big Blackham bash, and we asked Aunt Olivia if she would bring her shears and give the boys a trim. And she did ...  Landon was up first.

 Landon After 

Cooper does NOT like getting his hair cut. But he also doesn't like getting his hair combed. I told him it was one or the other (and the combing wasn't really working at this point) ... so actually he didn't have a choice. It was time for the hair to GO ... 

And it's gone ... 

Callahan was up next ... 

Callahan's Cut 

 Then Keaton

Olivia had been making funny faces in all the photos ... 
Colton decided to give her some competition!

I forgot to snag an "after" picture of the last two boys, but here they are.
From shaggy to shorn!

If only it would last!

Thanks Aunt Livi!

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