Friday, May 31, 2013

Miscellaneous May

Bruised Boy
Time for the random pictures post ... Miscellaneous May stuff. Keaton had to show off his bruised and banged up leg. I guess it's pretty par for the course with a house full of boys.

Cutting Crusts
While we're concentrating on Keaton ... shall I admit to cutting off the crusts of his sandwiches? And not only do I cut off the crusts, but I actually cut them into cute little dino shapes with a cutter made just for such a purpose. When Keaton takes cold lunch, a PB&Honey Dino Sandwich is always in there. Many days he has one for breakfast too. 

Memorial Memories
Gray went with his mom down to Granny Goose's Grave.
Cute picture of these two!

Sibling Sandwich
We also went up to Maga's for a family party (Adrian's birthday) and I caught this on camera. Gray and Clay catching Ana in a loving hug. 

Bird Babies
And while on the topic of loving families ... starlings have once again nested in the cinder block pillar in the backyard. I've posted about this a few times in the past. They are very noisy little birds. This year more than most, I noticed the fledglings make it up the pillar and come out, waiting for their parents to return with yummy bugs. 

I tried collecting on my "Frustration Free WakeUps" coupon from Callahan ... the mornings were often better, but still not completely frustration free. School finally ended though, so now the kid can sleep in.

... and that's May.

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