Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Go BIG at the Blackhams!

At the Blackham home, we go BIG ... especially when it comes to sugar (or so it seems by the picture above)! Can you say sugar coma? While on his trip to New York, Gray brought home a couple of the huge Reeses (the peanut butter cups were a 1/2 pound EACH) and a FIVE pound chocolate bar.  And while he was gone, a box came from Vat19 and we've ordered from them before ... it it was a FIVE pound gummy bear and a three pound gummy worm! (You can also tell that the first couple pictures were taken BEFORE the haircut post, as the boys are still shaggy in them). 

Whenever we get a box delivered, the boys are always anxious to open it up ... especially if it is from Vat19! I didn't take any pictures of the eating of the big gummies, but I did in a previous post (here). That post also spotlights some of the other fun treasures from this unique online store. 

Callahan and Landon both ate their Reeses Cup ... I think Callahan managed it in one sitting (although I can't say he enjoyed it by the end.)  Keaton and I are still hanging on to ours. The gummy worm got attacked after that, followed by the gummy bear. The last to be opened was the chocolate bar. Callahan looks pretty content, doesn't he? That first night, we just made a dent in the side. The kids hacked off chunks to add to their school lunches over the next several days, and friends would help eat after school. It's actually not quite gone yet ... but almost.

If you are what you eat ... then MY boys are sweet!

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